Raid The Cellar V2 Tournament Mode

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Sat 07 May 2022

Raid The Cellar V2 – Tournament Mode

Gilbert Wine in the Great Southern region of WA is issuing a fun challenge for would-be wine tasters.

Although their Raid The Cellar V2 – Tournament Mode knockout wine tasting doesn't have quite the stringent guidelines of Hallidays, Clint Gilbert promises it will be a lot of fun. The event on May 7, is being held as part of this year's food and wine festival Taste Great Southern which runs from May 5 to 15.

People attending the event will get to taste 16 aged, current, and limited-edition wines from Gilberts which has now been operating for more than 36 years. While Clint says the wine tasting will aim to teach guests something about the wines they are drinking and voting for, it will also be a lot of fun.

Clint has always loved his sport and thought it would be good to create a consumer-oriented wine show where they, rather than a wine judge, decides the winner.

He has devised a knockout style game a little akin to the knock-out style of the Australian Tennis Open where you have 16 rounds of competition. Starting with 16 different wines from the Gilberts cellar, split into red and white categories, guests will blind taste the wines in a series of rounds where one wine makes it through to the next round and the other is eliminated.

Clint says guests will get to find out a good deal about different wine styles and some of the prized wines from the Gilberts cellar.

The blind tasting will mean people won't know what they are drinking so will have no pre-conceived ideas about wines they think they might or might not like. They will vote for their favourite wine in each round which will then progress through to the next round, from 16 wines to eight and down to four for a final tasting.

Tasting boards featuring local produce like oysters and Mt Barker chicken and locally sourced lamb, will be matched to the wines being drunk.

Vegetarian and gluten-free options will also be available.

Clint says that while guests are having fun, they will also be absorbing a fair bit of information in the way the tasting is structured. They will be sampling Riesling, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Cabernets, and blends, with both new and older vintages.

At the end of the tasting, everyone will be given a copy of what wines have been sampled to be able to make notes of their own favourites.

People don't need to have any in-depth knowledge of wines, or need to justify their reasoning for one wine over another, but simply vote for the wine they like best.

A bus service will pick people up in Albany and then Mt Barker on the way to Gilberts and will drop them back after the event.

All up there will be around 30 wine tastings and at the conclusion of the event, guests could choose to buy a glass of wine if they want to.

Clint says the wines being chosen will come from the pick of the cellar with highly rated wines, including trophy winners and highly reviewed wines.

While Clint says he has his own personal view about which wine should win, it's highly likely guests on the day will surprise him with something completely different.

Gilbert Wines is at 30138 Albany Highway, Kendenup, and tickets costing $100 are available from

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