QuizzaMe Trivia - Lets get quizzical

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QuizzaMe Trivia - Let’s get quizzical


If you’re as oblivious as me you may not have heard of QuizzaMe.

QuizzaMe offers free pub trivia in every state and territory in Australia. Yes, you read correctly, all QuizzaMe pub trivia events are free to play.

QuizzaMe events are hosted by a quizmaster, but unlike other trivia competitions, there is no need for pen and paper or the tedious task of deciding who is recording the team's answers. Each team is given a wireless buzzer/console to record their answers.

No pens or paper required. Just use the buzzer to answer.

All of the trivia questions are shown on a big screen. They are also read aloud by the quizmaster.

There are a variety of questions including general trivia, photo, video and audio questions. Questions are randomly selected from a range of categories including history, geography, sport, movies, music and general knowledge. There are also speed rounds as well as double and triple points rounds.

Every question has multiple choice answers.

It’s really easy to play as every question is multiple choice (or multiple guesses), so you just need to press the letter corresponding to the correct answer on the buzzer. Simple. There is also a time limit for each question, meaning there is no time to google the answer = less cheating.

After each question, the correct answer is shown, which is excellent for those impatient types who don’t want to wait until the end of the round to find out if their answer was correct.

Scoring and marking are automatic and you are shown multiple scoreboards throughout the event. However, your actual team score is not as straightforward as being based solely on your correct answers. Your score is calculated based on both accuracy and speed. So, the faster you answer correctly, the more points you get. However, the faster you answer incorrectly the more points you lose!

There are random giveaways throughout the event and the winning team also receives a prize. Giveaways and prizes are supplied by, and are at the discretion of, the venue you are playing at.

So how can you get involved in a QuizzaMe event? Here’s what you need to do:

  • To find a QuizzaMe venue near you click here.
  • Book a table for the event at the venue
  • During the week of the event make sure you check the QuizzaMe Facebook page for the weekly bonus question. Bring the correct answer with you for an extra 1500 bonus points.
  • Enjoy a meal at the venue before you play
  • Think of a fun team name
  • Register your team with the Quizmaster
  • Enjoy the event

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