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Posted 2017-08-22 by Kitty Goodallfollow

There's so much to be excited about in the new season of Queensland Theatre shows for 2018 I almost don't know where to begin. I was literally gasping and cheering with excitement throughout the jam-packed season launch on 21st August. Next year we'll see the debut of several new plays, another great musical collaboration, some of Queensland's best acting talent and thrilling co-productions.

I was also delighted to see QT is casting even more local talent in the upcoming season. They should also be commended for their commitment to supporting indigenous artists and gender parity in assignment of jobs. Queensland Theatre's 2017 season has been massively successful and it looks like 2018 will follow suit.

[b]The Lineup

February 01 – 17 [i]Black is the New White[/i][/b]

This home grown rom-com is making its theatre debut in Queensland. Sam Strong described it on launch night as being a combination of [i]Guess Who's Coming to Dinner[/i] and [i]Meet the Fockers[/i]. The story deals with themes of family, race, gender and religion, all discussed over a very tense but hilarious Christmas dinner.
Presented by Queensland Theatre and Sydney Theatre Company
By Nakkiah Lui
Directed by Paige Rattray
Cast Includes Kylie Bracknell (Kaarljilba Kaardn), Tony Briggs, Luke Carroll, Vanessa Downing, Geoff Morrell, Melodie Reynolds-Diarra, Shari Sebbens, Tom Stokes, Anthony Taufa
Designer Renée Mulder
Lighting Designer Ben Hughes
Composer/Sound Designer Steve Toulmin

[b]February 24 – March 24 [i]The 39 Steps[/i][/b]

This beloved film noir classic is sure to be enjoyed and give crowds lots of laughs. A small troupe of amazingly skilled actors will play a multitude of characters in this thrilling wartime conspiracy. It's a pacey, retro spy caper that's seen massive success, including a record-breaking season at State Theatre Company South Australia.
Queensland Theatre In association with State Theatre Company South Australia. By arrangement with Edward Snape for Fiery Angel Limited
Adapted by Patrick Barlow from the movie by Alfred Hitchcock and the novel by John Buchan
Directed by Jon Halpin
Cast Includes Liz Buchanan, Leon Cain, Hugh Parker, Brian Probets
Designer Ailsa Paterson
Composer/Sound Designer Stuart Day

[b]April 28 – May 19 [i]Twelfth Night[/i][/b]

It's the beloved Shakespearean script with a twist! Shakespeare's gender swapping, mistaken identity, unrequited love fuelled comedy gets a musical boost from original tunes penned by the talented Tim Finn. In sticking with the play's theme's, director Sam Strong's cast the superb Christen O'Leary in a traditionally male role (Malvolio). Sounds like it's going to be a ton of fun!
Presented by Queensland Theatre In association with Queensland Performing Arts Centre
By William Shakespeare Directed by Sam Strong Original music by Tim Finn
Cast Includes Jason Klarwein, Christen O'Leary, Jessica Tovey
Designer Tracy Grant Lord
Lighting Designer Ben Hughes
Composer Tim Finn

[b]May 26 – June 23 [i]The Longest Minute[/i][/b]

I have to admit I am SUPER EXCITED about this one because I love the work of debase productions. Writer Robert Kronk and Director Bridget Boyle are hands down some of the funniest people in Brisbane. Another local play to make its debut in 2018, it's based around the real story of when long-time underdogs the North Queensland Cowboys won in the all-QLD nail-biter that was the 2015 NRL Grand Final.
Co-production with debase productions and JUTE Theatre Company
Written by Robert Kronk and Nadine McDonald-Dowd Directed by Bridget Boyle
Cast Includes Chenoa Deemal
Designers Simona Cosentini, Simone Tesorieri

[b]July 12 - 28 [i]Good Muslim Boy[/i][/b]

Another black comedy, this one looks at what it means to be a good Muslim boy. Osamah is dealing with the passing of his father but also questions of faith and how he should and should not behave. This is sure to be one of those theatrical experiences that has audiences crying one moment and laughing the next. Side note: I'm excited to see Ben Hughes is on lighting as I've loved his work in the past.
A co-production with Malthouse Theatre
By Osamah Sami, adapted for the stage by Osamah Sami and Janice Muller Directed by Janice Muller
Cast Includes Rodney Afif, Veronica Neave, Osamah Sami
Designer Romanie Harper
Lighting Designer Ben Hughes

[b]July 28 – August 18 [i]Jasper Jones[/i][/b]

This bittersweet coming of age tale is described as, 'Somewhere between Harper Lee's [i]To Kill a Mockingbird[/i] and classic movie [i]Stand by Me[/i]'. A murder mystery in a small town where the heroes are two 14-year-old boys. One is a super geek, the other a light fingered bad boy. Together they have to race against time to solve a murder.
A restaging of the Melbourne Theatre Company Production
Based on the novel by Craig Silvey Adapted by Kate Mulvany Directed by Sam Strong
Cast Includes Ian Bliss, Shaka Cook, Nicholas Denton, Rachel Gordon, Harry Tseng
Designer Anna Cordingley
Lighting Designer Matt Scott
Composer/ Sound Designer Darrin Verhagen

[b]October 06 – November 03 [i]Nearer the Gods[/i][/b]

Okay, I'm trying to stay cool but OMG OMG OMG!!! Want to see a world premiere of a new David Williamson play? Don't mind if I do! Faith, science, family and reputation all feature thematically in Williamson's newest work. This gripping drama, while based on true events around Edmund Halley, Isaac Newton and some of the greatest scientific revelations that were almost never made public, is an allegory for the modern power mad narcissists in the public eye.
By David Williamson Directed by Sam Strong
Cast Includes Matthew Backer, William McInnes, Rhys Muldoon
Designer Renée Mulder
Lighting Designer David Walters

[b]November 10 – December 08 [i]Hedda[/i][/b]

Another classic is given a twist for QT's final offering for 2018. Ibsen's [i]Hedda Gabler[/i] is renowned as one of the most coveted roles for an actress. This re-imagining of the character places her smack bang in the middle of modern day Gold Coast. She's no less formidable and self-serving than the original so this modern take on a classic is sure to be thrilling to watch.
A re-imagining of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler By Melissa Bubnic, Directed by Paige Rattray
Cast Includes Jimi Bani, Danielle Cormack, Jason Klarwein, Joss McWilliam, Andrea Moor
Designer David Fleischer
Lighting Designer Emma Valente

The coming season sounds great to this theatre enthusiast! How does it sound to you? Which of the line-up are you most looking forward to seeing in 2018? I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

For more information on any of the shows, special offers and season ticket information head over to the Queensland Theatre website .

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