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QGOMA Store is the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art retail space boasting a broad array of books, gifts, homewares, accessories, books and items for kids and different articles related to current exhibitions.

The shop specializes in Australian and Indigenous publications, as well as many items and design books. The store profiles some of the Australian best crafts and design artists. There are also toys, books and interesting things for kids.

QGOMA store offers many unique gifts, amazing artistic ornaments, jewellery and beautiful books, certainly, a place where it is possible to find incredibly special gifts, even for the most demanding person.

So many amazing books!

Books make the perfect gift for many people! Books are a source of entertainment, a virtual way to escape from reality, a way to meet characters, and a way to learn and grow. Books contain knowledge and inspiration and they are just about infinite!

There are books to cover all occasions, situations, relationships and activities. Books are about sailing the seas, the perfect murder, travelling in Afghanistan, animal interaction, cooking, gardening, architecture and everything else. Books are the keepers of human knowledge!

Certainly, when it comes to buying a book as a present, it can be a bit daunting, since the choices of books are just about the size of our galaxy.

Consider the interests of the person you would like to buy a new book for, can help to choose a book. This person may have taken up a new activity, start a new business, learned a new hobby or renovated the house.

It may be a book full of good advice or a fiction book analysing similar situations, the book carries the message that you are paying attention to this person and you are supporting what this person is doing in their life.

The process of choosing a book can be made easier if you know the person and you want to support what this person is doing in their life.

Books are beautiful, with their covers with pictures that talk about them. Have you ever smelled a book? Well, books have a scent that exudes from the papers, from the ink to the colours. The scent can be subtle or can be more obvious, giving the readers an olfactory experience.

Books can become part of a house, an office and a reception room, on shelves and on tables. Books can add a touch of d├ęcor to ambiences with their shape, dept, volume, colour, images and height.
My dentist keeps Lost Brisbane on the small table in the waiting room. The beautiful book adds a special style to the room., it is an interesting book, it has great photography and it is entertaining.

Books are very decorative and add character to every ambience.

Catffirmations: Mindful Mantras to Awaken Your Inner Cat.

Catffirmations, Mindful Mantras to Awaken Your Inner Cat, Illustrated book, August 2, 2022, by Lim Heng Swee (Illustrator).

It is well known that cats are great living beings able to live the best life. Taking time for naps, strolling in the garden sniffing flowers, and rolling in the sun, cats can teach to relax and to be mindful.

The book is for all ages, with every page featuring Lim Heng Swee's beautiful, minimalist art in soothing colours.

Search for your hidden cat on every page of this captivating minimalist artwork.

For the bibliophiles being immersed in a great book is a great experience, getting lost in the adventures of their characters, learning about their personalities and their life. Some readers may prefer travelling books, real stories or biographies.

At QGOMA shop there are also many amazing books for children. Books are a paramount tool for the development of critical skills, nourishing imagination and expanding the vocabulary of kids. Books help children to learn, gain knowledge and more than anything else think critically. Children benefit immensely from reading together with their parents or other children to create human bonds. Children learn to be more self-confident by reading about conflictual and difficult situations.

Books are very important for the intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of children.

Nimesh the Adventurer.

Nimesh the Adventurer (1 July 2018), by Ranjit Singh (Author), and Mehrdokht Amini (Illustrator), is about a boy and his big imagination.

Nimesh is about to return home from school and on his journey there are dragons, sharks and many more interesting characters.

Reading age 4-8 years old.

An interesting book for young readers.

In the shop, there are many more interesting items, including colourful umbrellas, tea towels and items for the kitchen, and trendy T-shirts.

You can shop for different items.

The shop is also the carrier for the products of Good Citizen, which include special coffee, like Hang Touch, dark roasted coffee with contains tasting notes of deep chocolate and sweet molasse.

There are also special sugar cubes by Good Citizen, which contain pure cane sugar and premium ingredients. These whimsical confections add to a perfectly flavoured craft cup of coffee with great unique flavours.

Good Citizen Coffee started in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2018. The coffee is sourced from sustainable farms and then roasted and offered to the world.

Juliette Has A Gun is perfume formulated and manufactured in France. Compagnie de Provence offers a range of unique scents, from black tea to grapefruit products which included liquid soap, hand and skincare.

At GOMA shop it is possible to find special perfumes, soaps and creams.

QGOMA Art Exhibitions.

QGOMA is featuring two special art exhibitions:

eX de Medici Beautiful Wickedness
From 24 June to 2 October 2023

Michael Zavros The Favourite
From 24 June to 2 October 2023

QGOMA shop has both the catalogues of the art exhibitions.

Top Highlights.

Being immersed in great books and looking at different colourful and new items.

I still love children's books for the beautiful illustrations and for the inner messages.


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