Pure Gain Acupuncture and Massage

Pure Gain Acupuncture and Massage


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Welcome to , a private treatment studio based in Wynnum, on Brisbane's Bayside.

Pure Gain have an exciting new addition to their treatment studio this year, so keep on reading....

Pure Gain is a private treatment studio in the Bayside suburb of Wynnum, in a quiet, leafy cul-de-sac. Specialising in Acupuncture and Remedial Massage, and now proud providers of a Float Tank!

When I first visited Rebecca for a massage we sat down together and had a conversation about me and how I was feeling and what had been going on in my life. Rebecca listened. I'll just say that again, Rebecca listened. Quietly and attentively, she listened to my story and my aches and pains. Then we talked about what she considered to be the most appropriate way to take care of me on this particular morning.

Rebecca then showed me through to one of the two treatment rooms her and David have built at their house. It was warm and clean and the soft lighting and music was very pleasing.

She began the massage and I knew at once it was exactly what I had been looking for. I studied and practised massage myself many moons ago, and am a pretty discerning client. I want a massage, a proper massage, one where the therapist strikes up a conversation with my muscles and really gets into the "politics and religion" sort of chat!

Rebecca trained in Remedial Massage in Sydney and after graduating in 2004 went to Thailand for a few years to further her skills. She was lucky enough to train in Chang Mai, studying Traditional Thai Massage at the Old Medical School there. She also has qualifications in Gestalt Therapy, which is probably why she was such a great listener, and combined with her passions for yoga and aromatherapy she makes a wonderful therapist and healer.

Rebecca met David in Thailand where he was working as an acupuncturist. David has a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry obtained from the University of Nottingham in 2000, and has graduated from his acupuncture studies in Brisbane in 2008. After extensive training in both Malaysia and Australia under the guidance of senior mentor acupuncture specialists, David is one of those innately intuitive practitioners whose knowledge base and skill set leave one in very capable hands.

Together they have set up a lovely practice at their house in Wynnum. David has acupuncture appointments in the evenings and on Saturdays. Rebecca has Massage appointments through the week by appointment.

The evening I came to see David, was as lovely as my first time through the gates to see Rebecca. Little lanterns led me to the door and the air was softly aromatic with essential oils. David had a good look at my neck before deciding on the best points to needle. If you have never experienced acupuncture before, please don't be worried about them; they are thinner than a hair and instead of hurting, they create a warm energetic radiance which is capable of releasing the most stubborn of muscles. David left me to relax on the massage table in the treatment room. Beautiful music filled my ears and I have to say I completely blissed out, I dreamed, I fell in and out of sleep and when he returned more than half an hour later, I honestly felt like Alice in Wonderland, was it half an hour or half a day? I felt so totally revived.
As an exciting addition to their therapy rooms, Rebecca and David have set up a room dedicated to their new Float Tank! A private room with adjoining ensuite in which to shower before and after your therapy session. If you've never experienced a float tank, they are nothing short of amazing! Over 350 kilos of magnesium salts are dissolved in skin temperature water and you float, completely weightless, in a rather large tank for more than an hour.

If you've ever been to the Dead Sea you may know what I mean, or if you happen to have had NASA training, you will also be familiar with total weightlessness, it is almost indescribable. You cannot possibly sink, your body remains suspended in water of the perfect temperature and all your muscles, and mind, let go. Joints are able to realign, muscles can completely relax, and it is one of the most efficient ways for you to absorb magnesium, an important mineral for your cells to function properly. Magnesium helps very much with muscle relaxation.

Pure Gain have some fantastic specials available right now, so do check them out! 3 Floats for an amazing price, or combination float/massage and float/acupuncture, to get you seriously tension-free. They are also registered with many private health funds.

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