Puppetry of the Penis at The Palms at Crown

Puppetry of the Penis at The Palms at Crown


Posted 2017-01-14 by Samsarafollow

Sat 01 Apr 2017 - Sun 09 Apr 2017

We have all heard about it, but how many of us have actually seen it? And if you have, aren't you just dying to see it again? Well here's your chance because Puppetry of The Penis is back in Melbourne in April at The Palms at Crown .

A hilariously nuts spectacular. Puppetry of the Penis has been all over the world. The show has performed in 35 countries and translated into 6 languages.

It's a simple premise. Two naked men manipulate their parts using the ancient art of Genital Origami. These manipulations are projected onto large screens so you don't miss any details of this intricate folding technique.

This iteration of the show includes all the old favourites such as The Eiffel Tower, The Loch Ness Monster, The Pelican, and the mouth watering Hamburger. There are also some new creations including Miley Cyrus, Yoda, and The Kardashians which will leave you in stitches you will laugh so hard!

Puppetry of the Penis is the perfect show to celebrate all occasions. Is it a first date? A birthday? Are you celebrating a divorce? Or perhaps it is your hen's night?

Five reasons to see Puppetry of the Penis:
1. It's educational. This is your chance to see what men do whilst alone with their... 'big guy'.
2. It's liberating. Take time out to celebrate the oddest piece of human appendage.
3. Frighten your friends. (Wait until they see the Hamburger!)
4. Bond with Nana. Get her out of the house for a night she will never forget.
5. This show is for men too. It is the celebration of a primitive male bonding ritual.

For those of you worried about offensiveness, fear not. The show is non-sexual and there is no full frontal nudity. It is just a hilarious night out with a difference.

A warning for those of you with allergies - this show does contain traces of nuts!

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