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City: Pittsburgh

I am a United States citizen working as a freelance writer.

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My WeekendNotes - 364
Summary *Chocoholic Mug Cakes —-See Opinion *Fruity Mug Cakes Blueberry Cake They look so small and inn... [more]
Summary Whether you want to bake delicious desserts at home or you would like to create unique Mason jar gift mixes, ... [more]
Summary Do you wish that you could indulge in crispy and crunchy foods without all of that fat and calories? You can... [more]
Are you a coffee drinker like me? If so, do you like your coffee sweet? I am proud of you if you like your's black. Howe... [more]
Nowadays, diet soft drinks are called "zero" instead of "diet". But I am old-fashioned and still call them "diet". Many... [more]
Summary *Appetizers Tuna 'n' Celery Sticks This is good for kids! Let everyone fill their own celery sticks w... [more]
Summary Who does not like a delicious dip? They can be paired with dippers to create customized bites to suit every... [more]
Summary Cook and learn together with more than 300 recipes kids are sure to love! There is something to delight child... [more]
Summary Tempt your taste buds with delicious appetizers, salads, soups, side dishes, entrees and desserts! Each is e... [more]
I have come up with four ways a person can have "cheat days". We are all guilty of one or more of these. Which ones ar... [more]
Do not let your child fend for themself in this world. Yes, a child can be smart but a child can often lack common sense... [more]
For those of you who attend church services, do you prefer to attend in a physical building or from wherever you are via... [more]
Yes, the blessed event is almost here! What is that event? Of course, Christmas! Yes, the blessed event is about Mary,... [more]
Sure, we can say "thank you". But, when you give a person a present, isn't it like being a kid again? All excited and p... [more]
I love iced mochas! I like to prepare iced mochas at home too! I do not have a vehicle and would not want to spend t... [more]
Are you like me and get hungry in-between meals? Often, grocery money is low and one cannot afford a whole lot? Well, ... [more]
I would like to tell you about a leisure activity that I participate in frequently. You have probably heard about this l... [more]
Here in the United States, it is the fall season, when the nights get longer and darker for the beginning of the winter ... [more]
There are so many places to go out while on a date! If the first is a success, why not begin to take turns deciding! Tr... [more]
Are you good with creative crafts? They are perfect for gift giving for Christmas, birthdays, thank yous or for really ... [more]
As a book reviewer, I am totally devoted to the public library. The public library helps keep me rolling. You probably k... [more]
Do you have a lucky belonging? It could be anything! For example, I have quite a few!My pink and my green robes. ... [more]
Do you like to ask questions? Do you like to answer questions? Then, forums are for you! The following are a few ... [more]
Summary Sweet dessert means mixing, baking, cooling and hours of work, right? No! Not when the dessert is bakeless. F... [more]
Summary Why bake when you can chill? Imagine making delicious, impressive cakes in no time, without turning on the ov... [more]
Summary These dessert jar creations are the perfect creative touch to any occasion. *Fruity and Fabulous P... [more]
Summary An irresistible collection of themed menus for a variety of afternoon tea parties. Offering delicious recipes... [more]
Summary A tea party is a magical event in a little girl's life. This irresistible book presents wonderful tea party ... [more]
Summary According to Julianne Bayer, no-bake desserts are perfect for novice chefs looking to dip their toes in the w... [more]
Summary Go clean and go healthy with these delicious desserts for anytime, day or night! *Breakfast Reinvented... [more]
Summary Emilie Marie's yummy and easy-to-make recipes are going to inspire you to dream and share a tea party with y... [more]
Summary According to the author, food can be cute and clever too. Rice crispy treats are her favorite medium for art.... [more]
Summary Tea Party, written, by Tracy Stern, is all about every occasion from fabulous showers to intimate gatherings.... [more]
Summary It is like a dream come true! An invitation to eat a plate of nachos as a real meal! *Creamy Crunchy ... [more]
Summary This photo book is a touching story showing all the ways a father can help his daughter. For kids 3 to 7 and ... [more]
Summary With a mug (or a jar), a microwave and a buck or two, you can make all of the recipes in this book! *M... [more]
Summary Bonus materials included in the book by Molly Morgan are nutritional data, health tips, resource lists and sh... [more]
Summary Smoothies are designed to fit your every need, taking you to good health. This handbook makes it easy to find... [more]
Summary This book takes peanut butter way beyond the same old PB & J! *Peanut Butter-Stuffed French Toast T... [more]
Summary Fresh eggs offer good nutrition and unbeatable flavor, whether you are collecting eggs from a backyard coop o... [more]
Summary This booklet offers suggestions for everyone on your gift list who shares a passion for good food and creativ... [more]
Summary Eat as much as you want… and lose 20 pounds fast! Bonus: The dinners are delicious and ready in 20 minutes... [more]
Summary The first Chinese restaurants opened up in the United States in California in the late 1840s to 1850s during ... [more]
Summary There are menus to make, foods to prepare and drinks to mix. The list of preparations seems endless. Appe... [more]
Summary While the meeting of the Holiday Heroes was beginning, Santa was a no-show. At the last moment, Santa contac... [more]
Summary Llama was wearing his pajamas and having a wonderful morning. His mother put on a peculiar looking hat. He ... [more]
Summary Bob & Rob are two squirrels that love corn on the cob. So does a duck and dog and a chicken and a piggy. ... [more]
As an affiliate, you get to not only work but get paid for promoting a product that you love. For example, say a friend ... [more]
Summary A little boy lays in bed dreaming of Santa and all he has planned for Santa! Especially wanting a big hu... [more]
Summary Marianne Richmond is a bestselling author and illustrator of numerous books for parents and children. Her boo... [more]
Summary Author Sara Haas is a food and nutrition expert. She has had formal training in the culinary arts. ... [more]
What is the cheapest thing in the produce section? Well, here in the United States, a head of lettuce is around 99 cent... [more]
If you could only have coffee or water for the rest of your life, which would you want? Both are healthy! Both are ... [more]
What is this tasty dish from down the border you ask? Tortilla chips with salsa! What gathering is there without ... [more]
This recipe is probably the easiest that there is. This recipe is for "steamed zucchini". All that you need to d... [more]
Who does not love a good, chilled comfort food such as macaroni salad on a hot summer's day? A friend taught me how to p... [more]
Tuna salad sandwiches are so healthy (fish oil) and easy to prepare (less than 10 minutes). Have tuna salad sandwiches ... [more]
Here in the United States, the season is Summer! A good drink to quench your thirst yet is non-alcoholic is a Cranberry... [more]
You might think that a recipe for hot dogs is stupid. However, a few of my passions is teaching people how to cook and h... [more]
The Crock-Pot is such a good investment. Some people call a Crock-Pot a slow cooker. Both are the same thing. *Y... [more]
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