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City: Pittsburgh

I am a United States citizen working as a freelance writer.

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My WeekendNotes - 412
Summary This is a collection designed to please pizza and pasta lovers everywhere. *Pasta Soups White O... [more]
Summary *Devilled Egg Mayonnaise Sandwiches With Micro Herbs Eggs, salt, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, cayenne pe... [more]
My roommates and I are frequently blessed by 2 friends. How are we blessed? With groceries! One friend, once ... [more]
In my life, I have had to teach myself how to cook. There are two exceptions. My mother Rose Spontaneo taught me how to ... [more]
Do you get sick of the same fitness routines day in and day out? Maybe you go to the gym. Maybe you run after the kids ... [more]
There are so many types of water to choose from. Which are your favorites? *Kitchen sink While growing up, my... [more]
Summary You are going to love this collection of recipes as they all call for one thing… cake mix! Impress family ... [more]
Summary There is nothing more versatile or easy to prepare! Everybody loves pasta! They have included oodles of noodl... [more]
Summary *Jingle Bell Java Powdered non-dairy creamer, baking cocoa, instant coffee granules, sugar, cinnamon and nut... [more]
Summary Gooseberry Patch authors gathered their best single-skillet meals and paired them with full-colour photos. T... [more]
Summary *Mexican Calabacitas (Zucchini With Cheese And Corn Serves 2 Total Cost $4.14 Small zucchini, tomat... [more]
Summary *Kielbasa Bites Kielbasa, oil, brown sugar, vinegar and orange juice. Serve warm with cheese & crackers... [more]
Summary There is nothing like whipping up a meal in the slow cooker. Start it in the morning and come home to a hear... [more]
Summary Homemade gifts from the kitchen always delight friends and family! *Chocolate Chip Pie Mix Blend sugar ... [more]
I have preached Slim Fast for decades! When I was in high school they were there. Years later, they have not moved! ... [more]
Many people have fear, anxiety and stress. What they do not realize is that there are ways to deal with these problems. ... [more]
Going out does not mean that you have to get trashed. Going out does not mean staying out until the wee hours of the mor... [more]
Games, when innocent, are good stress relievers. They teach a good type of competition where no one gets hurt. I di... [more]
*Do you have passion for your job? If so, that is awesome! The passion not only keeps you financially stable but men... [more]
Pets are a major responsibility. Personally, I do not want a pet. However, I had no say-so in the decision. My two roo... [more]
I have a few reasons why you should cook your own food at home. Personally, I hardly ever like the dining seats, th... [more]
May I give you a tip? Buy your clothes in a store where you can go to a fitting room. Why? *The clothing is eithe... [more]
If you want your child to grow up drinking responsibly, treat them to some "adult" drinks. They can get the same taste, ... [more]
Do you like drinking water? Why not take your water with a little water enhancer? Such water enhancer makes your water... [more]
Summary *Mushroom Broth Mushroom broth can be a key ingredient in soups, stews, chilis, gravies, and noodle di... [more]
There is yet another side hustle to tell you about called Answeree. Yes, I do have an account and find the website inter... [more]
There is a website called ForumCoin which is a basic Question and Answer website where one earns ForumCoins. *Once ... [more]
If you like to write, converse and make money, then myLot is the place for you! Many would call the website a "side hust... [more]
Do you use office supplies? If you are a writer, side hustler, book reviewer, or even a stay-at-home mom, office supplie... [more]
Summary *Simple Tuna One-Dish Makes 7 to 9 servings This recipe calls for: Butter Onion Flour Milk Tuna ... [more]
Summary *Caramel Crisp Bars This recipe calls for marshmallows, butter, crispy rice cereal, caramels and sweeten... [more]
Summary *Cocktails And Coffee Dill Pickle Vodka All that is needed are vodka, dill pickle juice and dill pick... [more]
Summary *Crispy Home Fries Makes 8 servings This recipe calls for Yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, butter, ... [more]
Summary Within these pages are recipes for indulgent, delectable, gourmet vegan comfort foods that you crave! Food t... [more]
Summary The burger is working class, a solid citizen - a humble and unpretentious marriage of meat and heat. A... [more]
If you do not take care of stress and anxiety, you can end up with an over-production of cortisol. Take care of your str... [more]
Summary For many of us, sandwiches are part of a daily ritual that dates back to our childhood—a ritual that is comfo... [more]
Summary You can find some of Laura Fuentes' featured recipes on her MOMables YouTube channel. With this book and the... [more]
Summary *Eggs Obsessions & Other Savories Egg In A Hole Author Waylynn Lucas likes to use Frank's Red Hot Sau... [more]
Summary *Coffee, Tea & Lemonade Lemon-Ginger Tingler All you need is water, sugar, lemon juice, ginger ale an... [more]
Summary *Bluesiana Burgers If you want to learn the language of Cajun food, you have to immerse yourself in t... [more]
Summary *Good Morning, China Steamed Cabbage Dumplings (BaiCai Jiaozi) The jiaozi is the shape of an old Chi... [more]
Summary Teas and cafes, citrus blends and lemonades; nectars, fizzes and sparklers; cordials, punches and milky conco... [more]
Summary What exactly is a bowl? Let's go with an easy answer! In this book, a bowl is defined by the following equat... [more]
It is the little things that matter when going to the store and wanting to save money. Go through these tips every shop... [more]
Summary With step-by-step instructions, this book gets the whole family around the bowl! Chapter 1 Breakfast ... [more]
Summary With the help of prepared mixes, you can prepare a home-style meal in minutes! The secret is that the mixes p... [more]
Summary As the author states, regardless of the latest wave of guilt about fats, almost everybody she knows sneaks of... [more]
Summary *Chocoholic Mug Cakes —-See Opinion *Fruity Mug Cakes Blueberry Cake They look so small and inn... [more]
Summary Whether you want to bake delicious desserts at home or you would like to create unique Mason jar gift mixes, ... [more]
Summary Do you wish that you could indulge in crispy and crunchy foods without all of that fat and calories? You can... [more]
Are you a coffee drinker like me? If so, do you like your coffee sweet? I am proud of you if you like your's black. Howe... [more]
Nowadays, diet soft drinks are called "zero" instead of "diet". But I am old-fashioned and still call them "diet". Many... [more]
Summary *Appetizers Tuna 'n' Celery Sticks This is good for kids! Let everyone fill their own celery sticks w... [more]
Summary Who does not like a delicious dip? They can be paired with dippers to create customized bites to suit every... [more]
Summary Cook and learn together with more than 300 recipes kids are sure to love! There is something to delight child... [more]
Summary Tempt your taste buds with delicious appetizers, salads, soups, side dishes, entrees and desserts! Each is e... [more]
I have come up with four ways a person can have "cheat days". We are all guilty of one or more of these. Which ones ar... [more]
Do not let your child fend for themself in this world. Yes, a child can be smart but a child can often lack common sense... [more]
For those of you who attend church services, do you prefer to attend in a physical building or from wherever you are via... [more]
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