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City: Adelaide

Book, Sins of the Fathers:

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My WeekendNotes - 525
I am growing to really dislike looking at my Classic Rock RSS feed. A 'ding' came up, I looked at the name, felt that... [more]
Australia Day, for all its problems and issues, falls on January 26 as I write this, and I like to do some Australian-ba... [more]
It's time to set the way back machine again. We're going to go back fifty years into the past and look at one of the bes... [more]
Well, what a year 2021 was, huh? But I think I said that already. So, I've looked at my favourite songs of 2021; now ... [more]
2021 was quite a year, wasn't it? Okay, yes, the year, on the whole, was not the best. Having said that, there wa... [more]
A traditional song is one that dates back before music was readily recorded and has no known or definitive author or son... [more]
It's summertime where I am, and so that means a lot of spending time outdoors. In Australia, it is said that around 80% ... [more]
As an adjunct to my older column about arms, this topic was requested by a reader in the comments section, so, much like... [more]
Now, about a month ago I did a column about songs about legs. Fair enough, that was fine, and I think it was a fun colum... [more]
I wanted to do a column for New Year's Day. I looked through my music collection and found 10 songs about the New Year, ... [more]
For the second time, New Year's Eve is fast approaching, when certain sections of the world are forced to buy a new cale... [more]
New Year's Eve is approaching quickly. That time when we have decided that one year ends and another starts for arbitrar... [more]
Many songs have become standards over the years for various reasons. Not just popular, but a standard, a song that every... [more]
It's Christmas time coming up and I was chatting with a group of people who, like myself, have teenaged children up into... [more]
Okay, this is going to be so hard. I do not want to spoil this at all, because if, like me, you go in not knowing what t... [more]
That classic rock RSS feed… I received an alert about an hour after the alert that told me of the passing of Michael ... [more]
Christmas movies tend to be either so syrupy and sugary your teeth rot watching them or are excruciatingly awful. Some a... [more]
I was watching a sporting event today (Sunday) when I received an email from a friend. She told me some news that I was ... [more]
I received a message from my classic rock music RSS feed that there was a death of a "beloved" musician. I am growing to... [more]
I have been trying for a few months to put together a list of great guitar solos, but trying to get it down to a good nu... [more]
While researching my music collection for an upcoming column, I stumbled across the fact that I had a number of songs ab... [more]
While researching my music collection for an upcoming column, I stumbled across the fact that I had a number of songs ab... [more]
All right, this is a companion column to my column about legs in song. It seemed like the same people who asked for legs... [more]
So, I got some complaints. Well, that's probably too strong a word. What happened was, I have put forth my thoughts a... [more]
Following my ranking of Beatles' albums, I was asked by a few readers to put forward a list of my favourite Beatles song... [more]
This is my 500th column for Weekend Notes! (Cue celebratory music… or not…) I wanted to do something special for th... [more]
Okay, so I have decided to set myself a task that might be close to impossible. See, the latest James Bond film has come... [more]
While looking for songs on recent columns about writing and words, I found quite a number of songs about the writing of ... [more]
I've done more new album releases this year than I've done in any previous year. Part of that comes from the fact I've s... [more]
Now, this is something odd. Deep Purple released their last album Whoosh! last year and I thought it was a really strong... [more]
Few days late to the party again. Sorry. I received my digital download of this on the release date, but life got in the... [more]
With too many of us writers now in the middle of (Inter)National Novel Writing Month, it's time to supply another playli... [more]
If you had asked 20 year old me which band would be least likely to ever reunite, then I would have put ABBA somewhere n... [more]
Well, for those of us of a particular literary and masochistic bent, it is National Novel Writing Month which is actuall... [more]
I finally got my copy of the new Ed Sheeran album. I am a little late to the party with this one because I stupidly held... [more]
In my recent column on my favourite Hammer horror films, I mentioned one of Hammer's films featuring a classic movie mon... [more]
This does seem morbid, doesn't it, just looking at the title of this column? Well, the thing is, teenaged death songs we... [more]
With Halloween coming up, I thought it would be good to look at some horror films. Being something of a fan of older hor... [more]
I've said it before – Yorke Peninsula in South Australia is very pleasant place to visit. There are many small towns d... [more]
It's been a little while since this has happened, but I have been asked to make a playlist for a person's birthday. I've... [more]
Have you ever thought you could write a novel, but never had the motivation to do so? Then may I recommend to you that y... [more]
01/11/2021 - 30/11/2021
This was a column I came up with at the same time as my songs about the radio column for the same reason – I have a spot... [more]
I have started appearing on local public radio reading some of my short stories for a local (and Internet) audience; bec... [more]
Some of you have memories that are way too good… Earlier this year, I discussed how I had been hauled into the world ... [more]
Yes have become the Ship of Theseus of the music world. They have not stopped making music for five decades, and the alb... [more]
Request column time! I think it's because Halloween is coming up (and, yes, I have a couple of columns for that ready... [more]
I've done a few book reviews and quite a few more movie reviews of recent releases over the past two years of writing fo... [more]
I recently did a list about songs concerning war, and it was while collating that track that I came to realise that ther... [more]
After my recent columns about fighting, I received a DM on Twitter explaining (a) that the columns were not good because... [more]
The duet is something that has been around for as long as there has been music. Two instruments working together, two da... [more]
I had a version of this list ready to go on September 15, after my son asked me how many songs were banned from the radi... [more]
A third fighting column, following personal combat songs and arguing couples songs. This time it's about fighting to mai... [more]
Following on from my recent column about personal combat, in order to sort of cover my bases, I'm going to look at songs... [more]
Just lately, I have been getting back into professional wrestling and UFC. It's been fun and I find myself forgetting to... [more]
I know I am a few weeks late to the party on this one, but September 2021 marked the 30th anniversary of an album that r... [more]
I recently did a column on songs about guitars. Well, I received some emails, social media DMs and even a face-to-face r... [more]
After my recent protest song column, I thought I'd better change the mood a little. Time to be a little more upbeat! So,... [more]
It appears to be a weekly occurrence that some new large-scale protest somewhere breaks down into violence or escalates ... [more]
I haven't done one of these in a little while, and the idea for this one came at the end of last month while I was looki... [more]
Some eagle-eyed viewers took notice of a comment in a recent column where I hinted I've been working on a music video. M... [more]
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