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City: Adelaide

Book, Sins of the Fathers:

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My WeekendNotes - 351
I have mentioned in previous years how Christmas is not my favourite time of the year. I find the crass commercialism ve... [more]
I am not a religious person. Just thought I would get that out of the way from the word go. I might be spiritual, but I'... [more]
The list of number songs has slowed down as I catch up on reader requests, but there is also another complication. The n... [more]
Where I live, the heat is starting to hit as summer comes a little earlier than we were really hoping for. With the heat... [more]
After the death of founding guitarist Malcolm Young and the hearing issues of singer Brian Johnson, fans were forgiven f... [more]
As promised, following my Billy Joel and The Beatles ranking lists, here is a film list. But before I go on, somehow I m... [more]
As I said in my Billy Joel ranking column, I had intended for the Beatles to be the first ranking column, but struggled ... [more]
Something different, suggested by a Youtuber who reads me. He thinks that my likes are very different to most who write/... [more]
The end of November sees Thanksgiving in the United States. I know this because social media is suddenly filled with all... [more]
And I continue this November of reader requests. I was asked about this column back in October, and I… well, let's be ho... [more]
With many parts of the world slowly coming out of the Lockdown, or scheduled to come out as Christmas approaches, this m... [more]
As I mentioned in my Songs of 2008 column, this month has been the month of reader requests. And the reader who requeste... [more]
This has definitely become the month for reader requests. I received a DM on Twitter from a reader telling me I had left... [more]
David Arquette is an actor. He is best known for the Scream movies and, probably, being married to Cortney Cox, which di... [more]
Another reader request! Seems to be the month for those, and, no, I really don't mind. So, anyway, after a series of ... [more]
Another reader request! Following on from my films of 1980 column, a Twitterite mentioned that I also brought up several... [more]
One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Okay, yes, I am still going with this list of songs with numbers in the title. They h... [more]
In many Commonwealth countries, November 11 is known as Remembrance Day. At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the... [more]
I recently came to know some-one through mutual friends. On our second meeting, we started to ask one another a few more... [more]
Another reader request! I do understand why people are asking for these particular columns, but I do hope they end up be... [more]
One. Two. Three. And now four! Yes, songs with the number 4 in the title. This list was easier than the number 3... [more]
A reader request! I have no idea why they should choose now, early November 2020, of all times to ask for a topic such a... [more]
As I write this, the US elections are on a knife-edge. Now, this really only affects a small proportion of the world dir... [more]
And we come to the next entry in my numbers columns. One, then two and that means… three! Yes, songs with the number 3 i... [more]
In the middle of last year (2019), I raved about the latest Stray Cats album. which is still a wonderful album. So, when... [more]
Regular readers will know that I am something of a Bruce Springsteen fan. He is one of five artists who I own all the wo... [more]
And the world has lost one of its most distinctive actors. Sean Connery has died at the age of 90. As I write this, t... [more]
The final of my trilogy of columns based around Halloween. This was actually the first one I was asked to do, but it was... [more]
The next in my ongoing list of number songs! We've had the number one, so it makes sense that next we look at the number... [more]
I have mentioned only a few times how much I like guitar-based modern blues music. There is just something about someone... [more]
I mentioned in my Halloween songs column that there was another column about songs featuring the Devil in the title comi... [more]
I reckon I made my thoughts on Halloween clear in my Stephen King film adaptations column, but people seem excited by ce... [more]
And we're back with the number lists! To start the numbers proper, why not start with, well, Number 1. Quick explan... [more]
I am starting to feel like a real writer here at WeekendNotes. After reviewing Love Drunk Sober Death because of an invi... [more]
Following on from my column with years in the titles, we come to the second of my number-inspired columns. Today… it's t... [more]
While I live in Australia and all Hallowe'en means is culturally appropriating something from pagan Europe that has alre... [more]
I have said many times that when it comes to these song lists, I am always open to suggestions. An odd little Twitter di... [more]
Recently I reviewed the new Bon Jovi album (which is excellent) and made an off-hand comment about something making a go... [more]
I recently looked at a number of cover versions of the classic Beatles song 'Help!', one of many such columns I've done ... [more]
I was listening to an old album by Abba with a new friend because… reasons. Anyway, a track came on that made her stop a... [more]
Like many people, I was first exposed to Bon Jovi in 1986 when Slippery When Wet was absolutely everywhere. I mean, it w... [more]
Strangely enough, I still get requests for music list columns at times. I thought the amount of topics was becoming exha... [more]
Musicians are an interesting group of people on the whole. Unlike a majority of the rest of the working world, they make... [more]
October 6, 2020, rock music lost one of the greatest guitarists to strap on a six-string. Eddie Van Halen, born Janua... [more]
I have done a few of these lists of songs being covered by various artists now. I had actually put the idea on the back-... [more]
Some time ago, I looked at the days of the week through the medium of song. At the same time, I was working on a compani... [more]
The last time I tried this, I got only a little feedback, but it was mostly positive. However, a large number of people ... [more]
Okay, let's get something on the table first. With the exception of Johnny Cash, I am not a huge fan of country music in... [more]
Jade Jackson's Drunk Love Sober Death is out now and if you would like to go into the draw to WIN a softcover print edit... [more]
A little while ago I did a list of some great music recorded during the Great Lockdown Event of 2020. While quite a lot ... [more]
September 2020 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Moratorium Walks against the Vietnam War across Australia. While th... [more]
I need to apologise from the word go. I am late to the party with this one – it was released two weeks ago – but I could... [more]
A request list from a regular reader who approached me on Twitter, wanting a playlist of songs featuring the days of the... [more]
Nestled in the Clare Valley north of Adelaide, the Sevenhill Winery is one of the oldest in the region. Established in 1... [more]
I don't mind a challenge. It happens. So, I was challenged on Twitter to write a list of songs about computer games. Aft... [more]
Something a little different this time. Readers have been suggesting certain topics for music lists, and one I have rece... [more]
The things that inspire song-writers are widely varied, but it should come as no surprise that many song-writers are wel... [more]
I recently tried to track down an old friend, so I went online to the White Pages website and discovered said friend did... [more]
Yorke Peninsula in South Australia is very pleasant place to visit (or even live). There are many small towns dotted thr... [more]
Going through my record collection recently, I worked out that, after 'Stairway To Heaven', the song I have the second h... [more]
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