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City: Adelaide

Book, Sins of the Fathers:

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My WeekendNotes - 467
I haven't done one of these in a little while, and the idea for this one came at the end of last month while I was looki... [more]
Some eagle-eyed viewers took notice of a comment in a recent column where I hinted I've been working on a music video. M... [more]
Well, I kept talking about it, so here it is – a classic album review of Boots by Nancy Sinatra (1966) How was tha... [more]
When it comes to music, the 1980s are probably only going to be remembered for niche musical tastes (and for keeping me ... [more]
In a recent column I mentioned that John Fogerty was sued for plagiarising himself. This brought a couple of comments on... [more]
Today, finally, I am going to do the most requested song-list I have received since starting at WeekendNotes. For over a... [more]
Last year, as part of a university subject, I was required to write a short essay about a part of Australian musical his... [more]
09/09/2021 - 26/09/2021
After looking at the 1960s and 1970s and then the 1980s and their songs about friends, it's time to bring the list up to... [more]
This is the second column of friends songs, following on from the songs from the 1960s and 1970s. I am guessing regular ... [more]
Honesty time – I don't have many friends. I tend to be insular and like my own company, and I have some odd habits, espe... [more]
Every so often, I set myself a column idea that gets out of hand. Way out of hand. My songs about cars (here, here... [more]
I spent a recent weekend with some younger people. They were all in their twenties and thirties, and a couple in their f... [more]
Hot on the heels of me learning about the death of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, I was asked on Twitter why I ha... [more]
Recently, another of the classic rock musicians I grew up with passed away. After Dusty Hill and Jim Steinman, now we ha... [more]
I wasn't sure whether I was going to review this or not. Not because of the quality, but because it's an EP. But then I ... [more]
On a very recent episode of All Elite Wrestling's Rampage TV show, a popular wrestler made a come-back after seven years... [more]
Polish Club are an Australian band who I have mentioned before because they have released the single greatest version of... [more]
As someone who enjoys a lot of music of differing styles and modes from across the years, I am something of a nerd when ... [more]
A couple of regular readers have contacted me about my lack of posting as regularly as normal just recently. First, than... [more]
Some time ago (time ago… ha!) I wrote a column about songs with times in the title. Back then, I was asked by a few peop... [more]
The Olympics are over for a few weeks. I didn't realise the Paralympics were going to be delayed for a while, so my watc... [more]
Well. That was an experience. That's about it, really. Think I could get away with a five-word review? Because I just... [more]
Recently, the news hit that Dusty Hill, the bass player for blues-rock band ZZ Top, has passed away. He was 72. Josep... [more]
With the Olympic Games in full swing, the world's eyes have turned to the nation of Japan and its capital city, Tokyo. I... [more]
Following on from the songs about winning, we have to realise while watching the Olympics that not everyone can get on t... [more]
I recently did a list of songs about competing to celebrate the Olympic Games. Well, now we are into the Games, it is ti... [more]
For sports tragics like me, the next two weeks are a time of hibernation. Why? Because the 2020 Summer Olympics are bein... [more]
So… who? Mammoth WVH by Mammoth WVH (2021) Mammoth WVH is an American band. This is their self-titled debut albu... [more]
Documentaries tend to be my go-to watching choice. I have a large collection of them on DVD, but as I get older, I tend ... [more]
01/07/2021 - 31/07/2021
I recently did a column on songs about streets which people seemed to like. Anyway, in that column, I said I did not inc... [more]
The world must be returning to normal because we finally have a new Marvel superhero movie to go and see at the cinema. ... [more]
Having done a list of highway songs and a list of street songs, it's time to wrap this theme up with a list of road song... [more]
It does not feel like that long ago that I reviewed My Criminal Record, the last Jimmy Barnes album. But here we are wit... [more]
Richard Donner is one of those film directors who people know the movies but not the man. He didn't direct a huge number... [more]
It comes as a surprise to many people, but I am something of a sports fan. Regular readers probably had an idea (looking... [more]
One of my regular readers sent me a message a couple of weeks ago. On Facebook, one of her friends had asked people for ... [more]
Okay, a little while ago I put up a column with a number of songs about highways listed. In that column, I asked if peop... [more]
Some time ago I put up an article of 10 obscure sports worth watching, and in that list was the sport of chessboxing. No... [more]
01/07/2021 - 31/07/2021
Coulrophobia is the unreasonable fear of clowns. It dates back years. Edgar Allen Poe wrote about a killer clown in the ... [more]
Near me, the main highway is being revamped, and this has been happening for around twelve months with many more months ... [more]
Recently, several government agencies and officials from various countries have started to make noises indicating that a... [more]
Winter has hit the area where I live with a vengeance. Rain, wind and cold – it's the sort of weather I prefer. And, as ... [more]
I recently got involved in an online "discussion" about actors. I refused to name my favourite actors (I don't really ha... [more]
Following the recent death of Jim Steinman, I found myself listening to the albums he wrote for/produced more and more (... [more]
I have to admit that the only reason I bought this album was because of Fiona Apple. She released one of the best albums... [more]
In 2012, ZZ Top released the album La Futura. In 2019, they announced that a follow-up would be coming out soon. As some... [more]
All right, who had a new Crowded House album on their 2021 Bingo Cards? When I heard about this, I was stunned. I though... [more]
Back in 2018, one of the first columns I wrote for WeekendNotes was a review of the album Love Monster by Amy Shark. I r... [more]
Last year I reviewed the latest (at the time) Paul Weller album called On Sunset, saying it was a really good piece of w... [more]
Zombie movies. I have not found one I have really enjoyed for two decades (apart from Shaun Of The Dead – that film's aw... [more]
I get lots of newsletters from small music distributors in my search for albums. One turned up a while back and because ... [more]
The recent pandemic saw Eurovision cancelled for 2020, for the first time since its inception. Well, not cancelled so mu... [more]
Hi! Things in the world are slowly calming down, returning to a state a little closer to the normality we knew and to... [more]
One of the advantages of writing for WeekendNotes and focusing my columns on music is that I have been recommended a num... [more]
After red, blue, green and yellow, pink and purple and white and grey, we come to the sixth and last colour song list. T... [more]
More colours! We've seen red, blue, green and yellow and pink and purple. Now it's time to look at the sort of non-colou... [more]
We continue with our look at colours in songs. We've done red, blue and green and yellow. Some weird tracks and some cho... [more]
So, we've had red songs and blue songs, and those lists were not too bad to collate. Well, now we come to some issues. S... [more]
Some time ago I bought and reviewed a copy of Dyson Stringer Cloher, an album that I really enjoyed, and which I bought ... [more]
All right, I am going to continue my look at colour songs following the red list with this one – the colour Blue. N... [more]
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