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My WeekendNotes - 84
Warning: This contains subject material that may be upsetting to some people. The Issue "Cancellation" of an artist ... [more]
Often in the life of a band, the lead singer – and so usually the front-man and centre of attention – decides that he (f... [more]
Looking back at 1969, 50 years ago, got me thinking – what about 1989, thirty years ago? I've done 1999 and 1979, even 2... [more]
For those unaware, I am attempting to be a writer. A real writer, with books and things. I've had a novella published, m... [more]
Ah, St Patrick's Day, when it seems suddenly a full 50% of the Earth's population has Irish Heritage, which is then used... [more]
Thought I'd try something different with this one. I've looked at some older films, so let's look at a classic album, on... [more]
After the positive feedback from my column on Eddie And The Cruisers, I thought I'd do the same thing with one of my fav... [more]
The Anthology film is something that has fallen out of favour in the past twenty-plus years or so. Basically, it's like ... [more]
People who know me know that my musical tastes are quite eclectic. And while I love the music of the 1980s, because that... [more]
Yorke Peninsula is dotted with a number of small, out of the way places that are well worth your time to visit. Some, li... [more]
I've already mentioned I'm not a huge fan of the Academy Awards. Not the concept, per se, but, in general, the winners. ... [more]
Academy Awards time - over for another year. I'm not a huge fan. I think that since the year 2000 I have liked 5 of the ... [more]
In February, I believe it is compulsory for anyone who writes regularly to have a column or two about Valentine's Day an... [more]
February. Valentine's Day. When crass commercialism is thrust into the public eye in the name of romance. And yet, it is... [more]
I have been a fan of Bruce Springsteen for many, many years. His songs tell stories that touch at the hearts of many peo... [more]
2005 was a special year for me. In February of that year, my son was born (and for the reason my daughter was born then,... [more]
In my recent column about surprising cover versions of songs, I made a deliberate choice not to include anything based o... [more]
Australia Day. Celebrating things Australian is par for the course at this time of the year. Now, I was going to do my f... [more]
Some time ago I wrote a column about what I consider awesome cover songs, one of my earlier ones here at Weekend Notes. ... [more]
I've got weird friends… Okay, it's no secret to those who know me that I am a huge fan of professional wrestling. How... [more]
I recently completed my latest novel (anyone know a publisher? Seriously?) and one thing stood out for me – even though ... [more]
This column is brought to you by "arguments on the Internet", "disagreements" and, everyone's favourite, "opinions". ... [more]
After twenty years away from us, the music world, Steve Perry, former lead singer with Journey, found his muse a... [more]
And continuing my obsession with the year 1987, after the songs, the films and the albums, let's now look at my favourit... [more]
There must be something about the year 1987, 32 years ago. My recent films of 1987 column proved immensely popular, and ... [more]
I have recently started an online friendship with a young lady. As part of trying to convince her that I am really a wri... [more]
You know, sometimes what you find in a so-called "Cheap Shop" can be singularly awesome. I recently bought a pile of DVD... [more]
As hard as it is to believe, January 10 was the third anniversary of the death of David Bowie. It does not seem right no... [more]
The good ol' filmic remake. Saves costs on buying an original story and even writing a screenplay from scratch. Or is th... [more]
Recently I had a look at the films of 1987 and that proved quite popular. Which is a relief because I was writing this l... [more]
Well, that didn't take long! In a recent column on the songs of 2016 I finished by asking if there were any years you wa... [more]
As some of my regular readers might have noticed, 1987 and the years around then were a particularly strong time for me.... [more]
After a recent article on the songs of 2018 a mate challenged me to do the same for 2017 and 2016, as, apparently, the m... [more]
I recently put up an article about the songs of 2018 that I liked. While I did not list as many songs as I did for the y... [more]
Artists are strange creatures. They lurk at night, doing things indescribable to normal humans, and yet leaving a lastin... [more]
It has become regarded that a "music paralysis" hits most people by the time they reach 30, which basically makes us les... [more]
Aquaman is the latest film from the DC Extended Universe, the latest in their desperate attempt to catch up to the frank... [more]
We're getting to the pointy end of the holiday season now. If, like me, you find Christmas all overdone and not the part... [more]
They appear every year. Like weevils in a tub of flour, they are suddenly and inevitably there, staring at you, daring y... [more]
I am a sucker for dinosaurs. I'm one of those old guys who go to dinosaur and megafauna exhibitions at museums with all ... [more]
I recently wrote about the songs of 1981, and how I think, as far as music goes, it is the greatest year. Well, 1982 is ... [more]
Ah, December. The time when I get old(er). My birthday falls on the 25th of the month, and so, with that in mind, I thou... [more]
The recent death of Pete Shelley had me pull out a song of his I hadn't listened to in a long, long time. It was 'Homosa... [more]
Twice this year I've mentioned how I do not like Christmas as a time of year. It's my birthday and I am not of an overly... [more]
One of the largest towns on the Yorke Peninsula, Ardrossan offers a variety of things for people to do. From beaches to ... [more]
Ace Frehley was the original lead guitarist with world-straddling, make-up bedecked glam rock band KISS. Before we go an... [more]
Ah, Christmas. That time of the year when the secular community highjacks religious iconography in the name of crass com... [more]
I am something of an Eric Clapton fan. I think his early work is amongst the best rock guitar work ever done and his rec... [more]
Peter FitzSimons is an interesting character in Australia. He started life as a rugby union player and gravitated into j... [more]
A while ago I looked at one hit wonders of the 1980s. Being that was the time of my teenagehood, I thought that was prob... [more]
Yes, I've done this before, for 1987 and 1988. Recently, I was introduced to a song called '1999' by Charlie XCX and ... [more]
In this day and age of fast and instant gratification, many people claim they do not have time to sit down and read whol... [more]
With the recent release of the Queen and Freddie Mercury biopic at cinemas, I thought it would be good to look back at t... [more]
Roger Daltrey is the lead singer of The Who, the band that took the sixties by storm and then made incredible music in t... [more]
I recently wrote about my favourite horror novels of all time, and focused on the fact that much of my own published wri... [more]
I love a good book. I read a lot, across many genres. However, if you ever saw my library, you'd notice that in the fict... [more]
I am a writer (though success has been harder to come by than I had hoped). I enjoy writing, and I enjoy reading. I find... [more]
Tonightly was a satirical news show on ABC-Comedy (ABC2). Its run was marked by a lot of incredibly biting satire, by an... [more]
A lot of my readers have – quite fairly, it must be said – said I focus a lot on stories, on words. Well, sure I do. I'm... [more]
Okay... It's 1987. Every student at St Ignatius College, Athelstone in South Australia – years 8 through 13 – are herded... [more]
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