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City: Melbourne

My non-fiction has appeared in Melbourne papers The Age, The Herald-Sun, nationals The Big Issue,The Australian, Australian Birdlife and 'The Bark' (USA). My short stories and poetry have been published in 'Overland', 'Eureka Street' and many more disreputable organs.

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My WeekendNotes - 68
Victorians love Wilsons Promontory. We visit in our tens of thousands to experience its beautiful beaches, mountains and... [more]
The statistics are mind-boggling: since 2014, half a million bags have been made by over a thousand groups worldwide. In... [more]
Everyone knows there's no such thing as a free lunch, but free biscuits are, well, free biscuits. Everyone likes a sweet... [more]
'Plucking stars', 'fair lady works the shuttle' and 'repulse monkey'. These are some of the charming names used in q... [more]
Melbourne has many schools of ballet - some of which offer classes for adults. But there's only one ballet school exclus... [more]
The Classic Cinema in Elsternwick is a distinguished movie-house with a long history. Screening its first 'talking pictu... [more]
31/01/2015 - 23/03/2015
Birdwatching is a wonderful hobby that can be taken up at any age. Once started, it often leads to a lifelong commitment... [more]
Marine pollution affects us all. Discarded food wrappers, cans, bottles and cigarette butts - and plenty more - ofte... [more]
It's multi-coloured, it's gorgeous and it's going extinct. What's not to love about the Orange-bellied Parrot? The ... [more]
The art of window display has a venerable history dating back to the first department stores in the mid-19th century. ... [more]
Om vegetarian restaurants are the brainchild of Suraj and Meena, an idealistic couple who dreamed of creating an eat... [more]
Australia's Black Swans are among our most graceful birds. With a wingspan around two metres and standing around a met... [more]
Have you ever seen a flash mob? Better yet, have you been in one? The sight of a big group of people gathering to su... [more]
Extinctions aren't sexy but they're rolling along very nicely these days. Worldwide, it's estimated one species goes to ... [more]
OK, you can write. You've got something to say and a form you enjoy writing in, be it poetry, fiction or non-fiction. In... [more]
With their cute waddle and fascinating lifecycle, Little Penguins are Australia's most-watched birds. Their nightly retu... [more]
If I'm going to eat food that's not terribly good for me, it had better taste damn good. A case in point is hot chips. ... [more]
Flinders Street Station is the heart of Melbourne's public transport system, but it's a lot more than that. It's one... [more]
Untitled Cafe happily blends food with art - the DIY kind. Located under the Melbourne Studio of Art, it offers brushes,... [more]
Melbourne needs more pink food, and here it is: Special Cake Shop's Cherry Roll. Comprising cherry and vanilla sponge... [more]
Your dinner guests arrive in half an hour. One of your kids needs a birthday cake. You have to bring a plate to your boo... [more]
The smell of freshly-baked bread wafts onto the street from Manakish Levantine Bakery Cafe. Once you're inside, resist... [more]
Most of us live such busy lives, we never pause to consider our inner selves. We all need to fulfil that quiet, inne... [more]
Dalmatian dog at Brighton Dog Beach. ... [more]
When I wear my new hiking boots, I get lots of compliments. They're comfortable, shiny and when I first walked in them, ... [more]
There's a punctuation error throughout the menu of Ren Dao Vegetarian Asian Cuisine. Along with the usual entrees, soups... [more]
You don't have to be a thrillseeker to come face to face with wild sharks. At Ricketts Point near Beaumaris, in southe... [more]
1) Melting Moments Biscuits Melting Moments take about 10 minutes to make at home (plus baking). They're crumbly ... [more]
Grey-headed Flying Foxes - or Fruit Bats - are one of Melbourne's most common animals. But you won't see them until th... [more]
These sweet treats are too easy; I'm pretty sure you can make them in your sleep! Honey joys, which are made with... [more]
Melting Moments or Yo Yo's are sold in pretty much every Melbourne cafe. But often they're dry, stale and not worth eati... [more]
The Tawny Frogmouth is one of Melbourne's most common birds but it's one of the hardest to find. That's because it spend... [more]
Black-winged Stilt at Werribee.... [more]
Forest Secrets gallery is a refreshing, innovative display in the heart of Melbourne Museum. Designed to represent a u... [more]
Elsternwick Park is less than 10 km southeast of the CBD and hosts just about every recreational activity you could ... [more]
Ever wanted to go birdwatching but didn't know where to start? If you know a starling from a sparrow and a Noisy Miner f... [more]
The Orange-bellied Parrot is not only beautiful; it's also critically endangered. With fewer than 50 left in the wild,... [more]
On St Kilda's West Beach, a quiet revolution has taken place. Revegetation and construction of boardwalks has resulted i... [more]
Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve is now up and running. The 20-hectare site of the old Elsternwick Golf Course is bein... [more]
Walking slowly round in circles in a suburban backyard seems a little pointless. But that's precisely why you walk a lab... [more]
Coffee and cake. Life in Melbourne revolves around the sweet and the caffeinated and the scene in Elsternwick is much li... [more]
If you're stuck with cooking for a vegetarian, or even worse, a vegan, take heart. Here's a recipe that takes about as l... [more]
A Great Egret in a tree at Swan Bay, Queenscliff.... [more]
I met a man in Footscray who keeps racing pigeons. Every night, he lets a bunch of about 100 have a fly. They zoom aroun... [more]
Dhal is a filling, warming stew made from lentils. Originating on the Indian subcontinent, the many kinds of dhal (also ... [more]
These books are part of an installation called 'Literature Versus Traffic', part of 'The Light in Winter' program in F... [more]
01/06/2012 - 01/07/2012
This young Common Myna was quite relaxed, perching on a cafe chair in Church Street, Brighton. I got within a metre. ... [more]
I've never seen such intensely-coloured red seaweed. Washed up at high tide, Ricketts Point, afternoon, mid-winter.... [more]
Staff don't like the wattlebirds at Ricketts Point Beachside Cafe. They boldly steal food. That may be true but whos... [more]
On cold nights, there's nothing more satisfying than a warm winter dessert. All recipes require nothing more tha... [more]
Minestrone at Elsternwick's Untitled Cafe & Art Supplies comes with parmesan cheese and two generous triangles of excell... [more]
This pretty, filo-based dessert is filled with creamy, house-made curd cheese then drenched in honey and rose water, spr... [more]
Nothing's more Melbourne than a major event. And in their wisdom, our tourism chiefs plonked many of them into March. ... [more]
If you're going to a rock show that blasts 15,000 watts of digital surround sound at you on a screen that's 30 metres ... [more]
10/02/2012 - 04/03/2012
Cash railways were systems of wires and pulleys that transported money around a shop. Many exist but only two in Victo... [more]
Melbourne's noisiest bird is also its most colourful. The Rainbow Lorikeet can be found everywhere, needing only floweri... [more]
Puppy at Brighton Dog Beach ... [more]
Business end of a tiger snake, Werribee... [more]
Glenn Elston's saucy production of DH Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover premiered in 2011 at Rippon Lea House and Gar... [more]
31/01/2012 - 08/03/2012
IMAX at Melbourne Museum boasts the third largest cinema screen in the world. At 32 x 23 metres, it's as tall as a thr... [more]
01/02/2012 - 29/02/2012
February 7 marks three years since the devastation of Black Saturday, 2009. For those who lost loved ones, their suf... [more]
Whistling Kite at Western Treatment Plant, Werribee... [more]
Joan wearing Elsternwick milliner Kim Fletcher's flamboyant crinoline and feather-flower hat.... [more]
With the Spring Racing Carnival in full swing, it's time to buy a hat. But have you ever considered making one? Torb & R... [more]
Australia's largest bat is a real opinion-divider. Some hate 'em because they're noisy and they eat the fruit off our tr... [more]
What sort of dog do you have? One that jumps up on people? Pulls on the leash? Attacks other dogs? Chases cars, bikes or... [more]
'Crepuscular' refers to animals active at dawn and dusk. It's also the title of an artful exhibition that invites us to ... [more]
16/05/2011 - 06/07/2011