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City: Melbourne

I'm just your average bloke. I love my food, music, writing, reading, go-carting, and nice houses.

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My WeekendNotes - 127
All too often many of us have been told – or have been even angrily ordered – to stop walking around with our head in th... [more]
It may be trivial but knowing a person's favourite colour could actually mean the difference between knowing that pe... [more]
I was chatting with my health conscious six-year-old cousin not so long ago about the fruit that she and I enjoyed. It t... [more]
In loving memory of Pep, my companion and best friend, who passed away peacefully on the afternoon of Saturday, April 1,... [more]
Let me introduce you to a little, white, wavy, soft, fur ball friend of mine. His name is Monet (Pronounced Mon-ay, pict... [more]
Flowers can carry a great deal of emotional significance. From weddings to funerals, romance – even harmless pranks ... [more]
All right, you'd be forgiven if you think I'm overly nostalgic. It was only a few days ago that I wrote the article ... [more]
One cent coins. Two cent coins. Opening the door to find your milk in a glass bottle. Being greeted by the friendly tram... [more]
Usually, once Christmas is over with, many of us reflect on the year that was and possibly conjure up some new year'... [more]
It could be raining outside, or the sun could be out and there's not a cloud in the sky. You might not be in the moo... [more]
Before you start to engage in the frivolous doughnut versus donut spelling debate, perhaps take a moment to consider... [more]
A favourite exercise of many Melburnians is to drive somewhere for a walk, and take their best mate along with them.... [more]
You would probably feel on top of the world, too, should you choose to sit in Arthur's seat at the state park. But j... [more]
Whenever you hear the word, "Waterloo," either one of two things may come to mind – or both. Depending on how Britis... [more]
Surf's up, or maybe surf's down. It doesn't matter, really. You're ultimately in control of what you get up to at Po... [more]
Not to make sport of the Melbourne Sports and Aquatics Centre, but this is the ideal place if you're into sport, spo... [more]
The Catani Gardens have that paradisiacal look and feel about them. They're such a great complement to the groovy Me... [more]
Many times during weekly night outings – or fortnightly outings, depending on how frequently you go out – a lot of p... [more]
There are a number of wildlife sanctuaries in Victoria. Perhaps the most popular would have to be Healesville Sanct... [more]
Some people are insane enough to take a dip in the ocean during the middle of winter, catching a wave or two until n... [more]
For many self-absorbed individuals, composing your own biography probably couldn't be easier. After all, it's all ab... [more]
There have undoubtedly been times when you've heard foreigners speaking in a language other than English, and you've... [more]
Why commit financial suicide on an overpriced overseas holiday when you can discover more totally fascinating things... [more]
Perhaps one of the most fascinating yet also just as equally frustrating, disappointing and unfortunate things about... [more]
Perhaps an old favourite among many hobbyists, collecting stamps most likely remains a good old-fashioned rainy day acti... [more]
It appears that the intent of the owners of Queens Loft is to induce a homey environment. When you walk into Queens Loft... [more]
Melbourne's Blue Train Cafe is a modest restaurant with relatively modern and colourful decor. Situated in the heart... [more]
If you're afraid of heights, please give this one a miss. This would have to be the highest restaurant in Melbourne. Eur... [more]
Genuine people, genuine Chinese cuisine describes Num Fong Restaurant in a grain of rice. Puns aside, this Melbourne foo... [more]
Quite an unusual Indian restaurant in terms of its somewhat Westernised menu, Mumbai Boyz remains as competitive as ever... [more]
Flavours is an apt one-worded description of this Indian restaurant due to its elaborate menu of many tastes. It offers ... [more]
This is officially my favourite pizza store. With regular visitations spanning some twelve years, I have always been ful... [more]
Sitting in front of popular video game consols like the Play Station and Xbox is a hobby enjoyed by millions of people o... [more]
Quiet, laidback and warm are just some of the words that describe a typical shopping experience at East Keilor's Centrew... [more]
Ahoy there, ye hearties! Are ye going to join me in the quest for the buried treasured, or are ye a bunch of land lovers... [more]
Are you tired of playing traditional card games or childish games like snap? Well, the answer is to become the architec... [more]
Probably one of the worst things that a non-early riser has to do is get out of bed at the crack of dawn. I, for one, ca... [more]
Next time you're in Williamstown with a few of your mates, it's after dark and you still don't want to go home, serious... [more]
There's a great deal of suspense associated with writing a letter, bottling it and sending it out to sea. This whole the... [more]
Do you ever feel that the birds are flocking to everyone else's backyard and are absent from yours? It seems that birds... [more]
Darts is the ideal game if you've got a competitive drive and a high degree of aiming accuracy. This game is played in ... [more]
Just about everyone enjoys sitting down and flicking through the pages of a random magazine or newspaper. Chances are ... [more]
Chances are that if you told someone that you just counted to one million, they would probably tell you to get a life. B... [more]
When it's a weekend that's so boring you cry out, "I'm losing my marbles," then it's high time that you practice what yo... [more]
A person juggling six or seven objects or balls could easily be envied by those of us who don't possess the same skill. ... [more]
Jigsaw puzzles can be notoriously known for demanding patience and perseverance from their subjects. A lot of people hav... [more]
As the name of this Keilor Road joint suggests, Mamma Lina's Cafe Bar is all about providing quality Italian cuisine at... [more]
It is not surprising that the first word of this bar, bistro and gaming lounge is junction. Its very location sits withi... [more]
Melbourne's On-Q Cafe Bar can be described as the small glass club on the corner, or as Elton John would sing it, "the c... [more]
A lot of people enjoy the occasional socialisation over a drink and meal at a pub somewhere. That's a typical Australia... [more]
Snap has been a favourite card game of many, many people from generation to generation. It requires the reflexes of a ca... [more]
Ever had a catchy tune inside your head? Well, chances are you're not alone. There are probably millions of people in ev... [more]
Have you ever felt that there are so many things on your mind and you have no way to express them? Perhaps you're in a r... [more]
Do you think the furniture and television set in your lounge room have been in their current positions for too long? If... [more]
Flowers are an all-time favourite gift to show appreciation for many things. In particular they tend to be associated wi... [more]
The housing market has become ridiculously overpriced, affecting some neighbourhoods significantly more than others. So... [more]
It may look, sound and feel like a clich้ belonging to the 1960s or 1970s era, but the idea of a setting up a lemonade s... [more]
Who hasn't heard of a typical movie night at your mate's place? The idea of sitting around the lounge room eating variou... [more]
Countless people have neighbours, whether they reside in rural or urban areas. Some farmers may be the only exception, o... [more]
Garden snails not only belong to the molluscs family, they are also fearsome opponents in any backyard racing event. ... [more]
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