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City: Melbourne
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My WeekendNotes - 81
No, Chris, no (^). Not every alluring smile conceals a diabolical villain! And besides, Emperor Palpatine wasn't even go... [more]
24/03/2016 - 03/04/2016
Can't be. Wasn't it just New Years? Yes, term one's already ending. Paving the way for eagerly awaited Easter egg hunts,... [more]
29/03/2016 - 10/04/2016
Brace yourself. Because what I'm about to reveal will shock. See that guy? Standup comic smirking in the photo up ther... [more]
24/03/2016 - 17/04/2016
"My favourite door to come through, by the way, are saloon doors. You ever come through saloon doors, you can push them ... [more]
15/04/2016 - 17/04/2016
We (my wife, myself, our two pure, unadulterated sons), arrived at Gasworks Art Park half an hour early. Our casual conv... [more]
21/09/2018 - 27/09/2018
Something I recently stumbled upon, I'm gonna call it an epiphany, is that musicians (or actually anyone for that matt... [more]
27/09/2018 - 22/11/2018
This bodacious foursome is a breath of fresh beach air. Vibrant, intrepid, and all round good blokes, enterprising Aus... [more]
21/09/2018 - 27/10/2018
Still waters runs deep. My recent chat with this sweet, softly-spoken, stout-hearted, strong-minded songstress, not only... [more]
20/09/2018 - 05/10/2018
You might recall one sizzling, bumper of a track called 'Treaty'. If you don't remember. However, you might not know tha... [more]
Uh, it was actually my intention to merely plug Tia's gig at the Brisbane Festival, then gorge on potato chips. But wi... [more]
The first thing that struck me upon chatting with Emma was her genuineness. For instance, her unreserved willingness t... [more]
11/08/2018 - 08/09/2018
Samantha Dunn MP never envisaged a career in public representation. In fact, she "shifted into politics quite accident... [more]
With national airplay on ABC and JJJ, three noms and a win at the Queensland Music Awards, not to mention instantane... [more]
Sarah McLeod is one human dynamo. Carving out a highly successful music career - on her terms - "Whatever it is you ... [more]
Femmily . Femmily is an ensemble cast of comediennes. In a sense, a women's only group. But gents, wait, hang on, wait a... [more]
Vocalist/electric violinist Xani Kolac, together with drummer Mark Leahy, comprise the unique Melbourne-based duo 'The T... [more]
With an upcoming launch of her new EP collaboration, recent release of her latest LP, current 2018 tours (yes, plural)... [more]
27/05/2018 - 02/06/2018
Australia boasts the finest comediennes in the world - come on, you know it's true. Aussie audiences are absolutely spoi... [more]
10/04/2018 - 22/04/2018
Environmental warrior Bill McKibben has been on the front line. Distinguished author, celebrated campaigner, defiant... [more]
Summer isn't over just yet. Yeah, football crowds are already migrating back to the G, but the weather is still tech... [more]
05/03/2017 - 16/03/2017
Ali Fyffe and Matt Hincliffe, together, known as 'Halfsound', are an up-and-coming saxophone duo, whose dedication and... [more]
I had the pleasure of reviewing The Process last year. A dramatised depiction of an asylum seeker's downward spiral. ... [more]
20/05/2016 - 21/05/2016
Kidding me. Considering this horror of an event? Well, given your bravery, I take my dirty, slouch hat off to you - mong... [more]
11/05/2016 - 14/05/2016
Personal assistants, secretaries, receptionists, plus other admin support staff - from the oval office, to inner city ... [more]
- "Who would read Harriet Potter?", C.F. I know. How can (and why is) a 'white cis male' promoting pro-female ... [more]
Humble woodwind instrument. Nimble harmonies, soothing timbre. Truly transformative. One of the first tools ever creat... [more]
Okay, this event here seems a bit weird. So gimme a mo' to get my head around it. Back in a sec'. Just wait there. Oh, o... [more]
18/04/2016 - 24/04/2016
Pitch black. Elton's 'Rocketman' bellows through the speakers when Lawrence himself materialises. The audience, excitedl... [more]
23/03/2016 - 17/04/2016
Before writing this article, I didn't know Simon from a bar of soap. Casting my eyes over the above 'glam shot', my br... [more]
25/03/2016 - 17/04/2016
Consider this "Queen Vic' Market for Toto", or "Havana for your four-legged friend", or...something. However you see the... [more]
I had "privilege" of attending Ms Tegan Higginbotham's ''The City of Love'. I enjoy it? Did I enjoy it? No!! Wanna know ... [more]
24/03/2016 - 03/04/2016
You may know him as Barry Manilow from 'Road Trip', Chad from 'Charlie's Angels', as guest-host on 'The Late Show wi... [more]
23/03/2016 - 28/03/2016
I hate bad drivers, you know. Someone said, a pedestrian gets hit every three minutes. Every three minutes, a pedestrian... [more]
Banyule Council, what's going on? When I heard you were hosting some gigs I thought, yeah, okay, okay. But this flagrant... [more]
BEEP! VROOM! CLICK, CLICK. BUZZ. CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP. TACK, TACK. DING, DING! "Ugh!" One big repetitive "Ugh!" Ditch t... [more]
A Taste of Harmony - well, my work's done cos that fairly much sums it up. This movement's primary purpose, promote posi... [more]
21/03/2016 - 27/03/2016
Right off the bat:"Mediterranean" & "Fiesta". I mean, doesn't get much better (sorta like this article). Abundance of ... [more]
Why a documentary on crowdfunding? Pretty straightforward after all. As film consultant Brian Newman puts it, "This is t... [more]
Free tickets? To one of America's most popular late shows? Late-night talk shows are a cornerstone of America. Trai... [more]
The World's Greatest Shave requires little introduction. Launched in '97, one of Australia's largest fundraising events.... [more]
10/03/2016 - 13/02/2016
* WHAT'S THE DEAL? Free Tacos, at Bendigo Hotel... (WHO) THE HECK'S BENDIGO HOTEL? Bendigo Hotel ain't Paris... [more]
Illegal poaching persists. Relentless exploitation; despite official sanctions & public condemnation. Not even the ... [more]
Though it evokes Austin Powers, this mob's fair dinkum. Here's some great FREE entertainment, courtesy of MoJO (Mordiall... [more]
06/02/2016 - 27/02/2016
No scarcity of fitness programs - as anyone subjected to infomercials will attest. Gyrating chairs, vibrating dumbbells,... [more]
04/02/2016 - 10/03/2016
Yeah, I know. Valentine's Day is roses. Or messages scrunched inside fortune cookies. Ensuring that special someone kno... [more]
All systems go at Maroondah! Recent visit from Shirley Barrett. Upcoming free entertainment. Something for everyone. Whi... [more]
27/01/2016 - 20/03/2016
In case you missed this fee-free freebie, no problemo. For I, Chris Carvill, boldly going where no man's gone before, ha... [more]
13/02/2016 - 27/02/2016
Melbourne'll be brimming with partays this Australia Day. Activities galore, plethora to choose from. While many require... [more]
Last December had the privilege of chatting to Jon George from triumvirate, RFS (AKA RFS DU SOL). Covered a bunch, ... [more]
Before proceeding, must point out: Eastern Regional Library membership's required. Pssst. Hey, pssst...don't tell anybod... [more]
Multicultural Arts Victoria, proud to present a unique event. World class lineup of artists - including sublime JAzmaris... [more]
Whilst streaking is sufficient motivation (for me), there's one bigger: Neurofibromatosis. Neurofibromatosis (let's ca... [more]
Holy Holy - my reaction anyway. Fine Aussie band, comprising Melbournian Oscar Dawson, Brisbanite(s) Timothy Carroll, Ry... [more]
Whilst this sunshine's generally an invitation, occasionally it's a cue - stay inside. Particularly in January, with Mel... [more]
12/01/2016 - 22/01/2016
Christmas's upon us. Yuletide frenzy, rampant. During the rush of it all, easy to neglect one oft-forgotten person - you... [more]
Given I often take notes at events, thought I'd transplant what I transcribed...from this uh, yellow/orange-smudged napk... [more]
03/12/2015 - 06/12/2015
Melbourne. Cornucopia of NYE shindigs. Here's 25 - offering perfect atmospheres to see in 2016. There's a broad price-ra... [more]
G'day and g'evening, I'd like to begin with Agony creator, narrator, & general funny-man Mr Adam Zwar. Adam's been th... [more]
Returning from a three-month US tour, Shelley's already back in action! As part of her Oz tour, performing in WA, Adelai... [more]
22/11/2015 - 18/12/2015
On Friday 6th Nov, I had the privilege of attending Montaigne's one & only Melbourne concert for her 'Clip My Wings' tou... [more]
Melbourne comes to life at Christmas. Festivities, abounding. Here's 4 I've enjoyed over the years, plus another I stumb... [more]
Band members Emily Smart and Hamish Cox hail from Adelaide. Two bright sparks, long-term pals who share a passion. Inspi... [more]
20/11/2015 - 22/11/2015
Pitch blackness. As the lights dim up, we find ARIZONA SNOW. She's performing yoga (perhaps a reference to the Mumbai lo... [more]
27/10/2015 - 31/10/2015
Connoisseur Miguel Maestre has been gracing Australian TV for years. Earning his cooking chops in kitchens around the wo... [more]
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