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City: Adelaide

I walk around Adelaide with a camera and a tripod.

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My WeekendNotes - 70
Behind me a voice called out from the shore. "They're still here, you know." The man gazed out at the horizon and squ... [more]
The coldest, shortest and gloomiest days of winter are fast approaching. However, as achingly miserable as driving to a... [more]
Adelaide has plenty of great beaches within one to two hours drive from the city, perfect for a lazy day on the beach or... [more]
If all you did was walk past Sweetlemon Patisserie's unassuming shopfront and glance in passing at its name, you'd be fo... [more]
iTL Italian Kitchen on the ground floor of SkyCity Adelaide prides itself on rustic Italian dishes with fresh and season... [more]
When a restaurant prides itself on showcasing the local produce of seasonal suppliers, it's a good thing when it is situ... [more]
There are four different ramen offerings at Hajime Japanese Noodle Bar, and all are delicious. The shoyu ramen bowl h... [more]
What makes a good bowl of ramen? If the lunchtime queue snaking down The Parade on an unseasonably rainy day in e... [more]
Fine dining restaurants seem, more frequently than not, to adhere to a set of three simple rules, with the oft-repeated ... [more]
7-Eleven, Family Mart and Lawson in Japan are more than convenience stores. To someone who grew up thinking of 7-Eleven ... [more]
When a winter morning dawns dark and overcast with clouds haemorrhaging sheets of biting drizzle - the conditions are pe... [more]
The deckle on the steaming slice of beef brisket is marbled, rich and juicy while the flat has a more toothsome texture.... [more]
Imagine if you went to a Ramones concert and they didn't play "Blitzkrieg Bop?" Or a Coldplay concert without "Clocks?"... [more]
There are two dining experiences available at Bird in Hand Winery's The Gallery Restaurant which is open for lunch every... [more]
The golden hour in landscape photography. That spectacular half hour after sunrise and before sunset, when the sunlig... [more]
Shallow water sparkles and foams against pristine white sand in Khao Lak. Retreat from the murmuring sea and the tropic... [more]
To walk through Hahndorf's main street is to tread a fine line between culture and frivolity, history and schmaltz. Mo... [more]
It's midday and the Market Plaza Food Court is buzzing. Trays clatter on tables. Murmured conversations. Orders. A bo... [more]
It was a bucolic scene. A Sunday that dawned grey and gloomy had, by mid-morning, cleared to reveal a pristine aquama... [more]
It's early in the evening and the sun is low in the sky. Golden light, filtered through translucent blinds, casts lengt... [more]
Ten years ago I spent many cold evenings crammed into Korean Barbecue booths, a grill before me laden with dizzying comb... [more]
It's relatively early on a Friday afternoon and the water filled green vase before me appears to be filled with small, i... [more]
Growing up, some summer days felt like they would last forever. When the blazing midday heat had diffused, afternoons s... [more]
Winter. There is a reflective, pensive quality to Hahndorf in the colder months. The streets are quiet; the excited b... [more]
What could I, an ignorant visitor on a two-day stopover, know about food in Singapore? How could I even begin to compre... [more]
The view through large windows facing Magill road is that of steady traffic; the noise a murmuring hum with the occasion... [more]
The experience of international travel - perhaps even a large part for some - involves waiting in airport terminals. It... [more]
The Whistle and Flute Cafe and Liquor Bar is dog friendly, but it's difficult to tell if the disconsolate looking Dalmat... [more]
If you close your eyes in Victoria Square at lunchtime during the week and listen, you can almost imagine yourself stand... [more]
Why does a bottle of beer sometimes cost almost double in restaurants than it does in a bottle shop? One answer, as enu... [more]
In 2013, lunchtime in the city meant a quick dash to the nearest food truck. Pastrami from Sneaky Pickle. Steak sandwi... [more]
If I were a food writer reviewing this item I might write about how a warm (comfortingly, not disturbingly) crumbly, but... [more]
Staring into a fire can be a hypnotic experience, a Rorschach test where dancing flames create flickering illusions. The... [more]
There's something comfortable and familiar about the lunchtime Vietnamese street food eatery Bite Mi on Unley Road. May... [more]
Walk into Gelato Mazzoni on 300 Rundle Street and something immediately feels different. Gone are the familiar sparkling... [more]
It was approaching 40 degrees Celsius. Roasted to well done by the heat, the acrid earthy scent of baked asphalt and ru... [more]
On Grote Street in Chinatown, a small stall which was previously an egg waffle cafe is now serving an arguably equally e... [more]
The morning of my last day in Pokhara I woke early and spent a few hours roaming the banks of Phewa Lake. Situated two ... [more]
Auckland Zoo is situated at Western Springs, conveniently close to the central business district. Opened in 1922, it cu... [more]
The sudden eruption of Mount Tarawera in 1886 resulted in the obliteration of several villages near Rotorua, including T... [more]
Two hours drive west of Rotorua, near Te Kuiti and only five minutes drive from the popular Waitomo and Ruakuri glow wor... [more]
Every Thursday evening, Tutanekai Street in Rotorua comes to life with the popular Rotorua Night Market. Visitors and l... [more]
The pink and white terraces of New Zealand were natural wonders, sometimes referred to as the 8th wonders of the world. ... [more]
Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium is a public Aquarium situated at 23 Tamaki Drive, Orahei, Auckland in New Zealand. Ke... [more]
In the Old Scout Hall at the corner of Kennaway street and Barr-Smith street is the Glenside Lions Club Bookmart. It is... [more]
Over the last few years the Vietnamese Pork Roll, or "Bánh mě" has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, with the f... [more]
Adelaide Arcade was one of the first buildings in Australia to use electric lighting and was built over 5 months. It wa... [more]
Over the last few years Taiwanese food outlets have been increasing in number over Adelaide, from the popular Shilin fr... [more]
Clayton Bay is small town (pop. 240) situated 12 kilometres upriver from Goolwa on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Austr... [more]
The Repatriation General Hospital in Daw Park is closing. Many of the services currently provided on the site will be s... [more]
Under the South Australian Government's Transforming Health restructuring of Adelaide's public health services, the Repa... [more]
Take a stroll down Unley Road and you're likely to come across Aggie's Op shop, which is run by St Augustine's Anglican... [more]
It's often been said that Taipei is a city of contrasts, a proclamation made about almost every city in the world by its... [more]
Walk along Grote Street in Adelaide's Central Business District and you're likely to come across the brightly coloured h... [more]
Liquid nitrogen has a variety of uses, including cryotherapy of suspicious skin lesions and the storage of cells in labo... [more]
Goodies Op Shop is run by Clayton-Wesley Uniting Church and is situated on the Corner of the Parade and Portrush Road in... [more]
The hot chip. It's simple but complicated. There are only two essential ingredients, potatoes and oil, but the choice ... [more]
Throughout history multiple words, acronyms and catch phrases have wormed, accreted, cajoled, wheedled and finagled thei... [more]
My time in Geelong was a transformative experience. It was a time of my life where I had the opportunity to reflect on ... [more]
Walk through any night market in South East Asia and you'll likely find seafood on a stick, ranging from fish balls, squ... [more]
When I was living on Pakington Street (or "Pako") in Geelong I decided to get fit by running daily. With Geelong being ... [more]
Although without a single name the stalls are labeled above the entrance to this warehouse marketplace. The New B... [more]
A "Hot Pot" or "Steamboat" refers to an East Asian dish comprising a large, simmering, specialised, wide brimmed pot of ... [more]
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