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City: Adelaide
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My WeekendNotes - 58
There is an old Holden FJ ute in the field with a couple of healthy looking horses cropping the grass around it. Magpies... [more]
There is a scattering of fishers working the rock wall at the end of the lake; parents teaching their children the myste... [more]
It is the beginning of spring and rather a mild day. I am certainly not expecting to catch sight of any reptiles in what... [more]
I can see the little bird working its way up the trunk of a massive gum tree that overhangs the creek. It is systematica... [more]
It is a typical Adelaide winter's day with just a few clouds scattered across the sky bringing the occasional shower to ... [more]
The little lake is still, apart from a few ripples amongst the reed beds where several black ducks are hiding in the sha... [more]
There are rustling sounds of a reasonably large animal shuffling through the bush just a few metres from where I am stan... [more]
The Adelaide Hills has a wonderful and diverse range of wildlife as well as some of the most charming and historically s... [more]
The light poles along our local jetties can be a magnet for numerous bird species. They use them to scan the ocean for p... [more]
A pair of piggy little eyes peers at me from just above the water's surface. I focus the camera, fire off a frame just b... [more]
It is a warm afternoon and most of the birds that I can hear are sheltering from the sun in the tree-tops and bushes. Th... [more]
I am standing in the car park on the corner of South Terrace and East Terrace at the southern edge of Victoria Park. Wel... [more]
The Adelaide rosella looks striking against the stringy bark tree. The evening light makes the image a little soft but t... [more]
If I look carefully I can just make out the shape of a little black bird hiding amongst the reeds. Closer examination th... [more]
Sometimes it is the traces of wildlife that catch our eye rather than the animals themselves; the intricacies of a birds... [more]
Numerous Pacific black and maned ducks are paddling around the edge of the pond feeding on water plants near the banks. ... [more]
The rainbow lorikeet almost fills the nesting hole that it has chosen while its mate sits in a tree opposite calling lou... [more]
It has been rather an unseasonal start to winter and many of the critters that should be 'metaphorically' tucked up in b... [more]
The end of the narrow laneway opens out onto a path that follows the creek. Several black ducks are sheltering amongst t... [more]
There is a pair of mud dauber wasps industriously collecting the wet clay from the edge of the creek bank. They seem unp... [more]
The squadron of noisy miner birds banks to the left and comes in hard on a pair of magpies that have inadvertently invad... [more]
The little sand crab scuttles across the sea bed to avoid my clumsy attempts to get closer and photograph it. Finally th... [more]
The fish are called old wives for reasons that elude me. They tend to congregate around rocky reefs and can be quite inq... [more]
The water is clear and warm. Ridges of sand stretch in all directions making the sea floor seem like an endless desert. ... [more]
The shallow water close to the beach is surprisingly warm for this time of the year and very clear. I can easily make ou... [more]
As I walk along a pathway that runs besides the falls, the spray, thunderous roar and spectacular scenery provide an unf... [more]
There are islands of green amongst the roads that criss-cross North Adelaide. They make up a tree lined golf course, one... [more]
The rocky perimeter of the reef drops sharply to an undersea meadow of seagrass that spreads out in every direction. Thi... [more]
The historic brick cottage sits back into the hillside with trees and bushes growing close to the roofline. Rough cut bl... [more]
The fiddler ray is gliding effortlessly just above the sandy bottom. I swim to one side and watch the animal searching f... [more]
It is early in the year to put on my mask, flippers and wetsuit but the weather has been calm and I'm willing to give it... [more]
The sulphur crested cockatoo seems to be having somewhat of a housing dilemma. It claws its way around the hole in the m... [more]
There is a pair of peacocks foraging amongst the perfect plantings of pansies. The colours of both bird and flower seem ... [more]
The family on the bridge seem quite excited. A little girl rugged up against the chill wind points at the open stretch o... [more]
There is a mixed group of striped fish congregating around the jetty piles. The larger ones are zebra fish and the small... [more]
There is a pair of rose breasted cockatoos, galahs to use their common name, in the river gums above me. They seem unper... [more]
There is a mixed group of birds feeding on the edge of the lake. Both species have long slender beaks and though they ar... [more]
The hard packed dirt road north of Blinman to Arkaroola is a little slippery as it has been wet in the outback over the ... [more]
There is a cool sea breeze wafting through the windows of the SUV as I push it through the last sand drift before reachi... [more]
I have been watching the jay quite intently for the last twenty minutes. It seems to have a definite pattern of behaviou... [more]
There are bright mauve flowers along the edge of the fence-line. A blue bee is dancing between them, stopping on each on... [more]
There is a large group of magpies feeding amongst the leaf litter just a few metres off the walking trail in the Ferguso... [more]
I can see the male emu tending his brood of half grown chicks way out on the saltbush plains; in emu world the male take... [more]
The Encounter Bikeway and walking trail crosses the Inman River just behind the caravan park. There is a constant twitte... [more]
The leatherjacket has its spine erect in an aggressive pose as it emerges from the dark crevice. I back up and watch the... [more]
The drive from Adelaide to the Flinders Ranges and through Parachilna Gorge had taken all of the previous day. Hard driv... [more]
There are two parrots perched in the melaleuca tree. One appears to be feeding and the other is watching her intently. I... [more]
As I swim out from the beach I watch the sandy bottom merging into an endless meadow of seagrass. Schools of baitfish ho... [more]
The white faced heron flies low across the water, its wing tips almost catching the tops of the small waves. Untucking i... [more]
The echidna is trundling through the scrub like a miniature, spiky battle tank. Every so often it pauses and snuffles th... [more]
The pelican is perched on a branch that protrudes from the water. Its webbed feet precariously wrapped around the limb. ... [more]
There is a patch of dense scrub where the bridge meets the sand hills on the far side of the river. A singing honeyeater... [more]
As I step out of the car in the parking area I can see a corella wrestling with a large pine cone almost half its size. ... [more]
There are little dragons living near the top of the waterfall. I can hear them scuttling through the undergrowth close t... [more]
There is a family of black swans foraging close to the reeds. I watch the adults sweep their long necks into the water t... [more]
The two Australasian grebes are paddling close to the reeds. They seem to be taking turns looking after the little, stri... [more]
There is a brightly coloured six spined leatherjacket patrolling the thick fronds of algae attached to the edge of the r... [more]
There is a colourful lizard on the path just a few metres in front of me. I freeze momentarily and ease the camera up to... [more]