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City: Adelaide
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My WeekendNotes - 118
Over the last month (December 2022) in South Australia, I have noticed a huge upsurge in the dragonfly population. Our u... [more]
There is a cruise ship docked at the Outer Harbour and some fishers watching it as they cast for Salmon Trout and se... [more]
I have been listening to the song of a Golden Whistler for the last ten minutes and I finally locate the glorious little... [more]
Although there is nothing quite like watching animals in the wild, Monarto Safari Park is the next best thing. The expan... [more]
I have just eaten a wonderful breakfast at Fare and Square on Wellington Square and I'm making my way down Barnard Stree... [more]
The Banksia bush has a varied array of flowers; some old and past their prime and others yet to open. This suits the act... [more]
From the path across the road bridge, I watch a squadron of ducks drifting with the current and occasionally diving ... [more]
The car is parked and a camera is slung across my shoulder. For a winter's day, the weather is fine though the sea i... [more]
It is a good day for ducks. In the middle of a stretch of open water a Pacific Black Duck paddles along past some Eurasi... [more]
In my previous review on the Hope Valley Reservoir, I looked at the three main entrances and what they offered in te... [more]
From the top of the dam wall, I have a good view across the reservoir. There are numerous birds in and around the wa... [more]
It is a typical Adelaide winter day: overcast then clear, raining heavily then sunny. Dry before the next set of rai... [more]
There is a sprightly little Hoverfly moving between the flowers of the golden daisy (Euryops species) in my back gar... [more]
It is unusual to observe two of Australia's largest birds together. However, as I peer over the embankment above a s... [more]
In these strange days of restricted travel, I thought it might be appropriate to pen an occasional piece on some interna... [more]
Grebes are beautiful birds that seem to glide effortlessly across the water and then dive every so often to feed on ... [more]
Walking along the shady path parallel to LeFevre Tce in North Adelaide, I can hear the unmistakable call of squabbling N... [more]
Two Little Ravens land in the long dry grass just a few metres from where I am walking. Often incorrectly referred t... [more]
Rose-breasted Cockatoos or Galahs, as we commonly call them, are usually found in noisy flocks foraging on the groun... [more]
There are two Little Corellas (Short-billed Corellas) perched on a branch of a huge pine tree. It is a hot day and t... [more]
As I walk from the car park to the picnic table by the lake, I hear the twittering sound of wrens hiding in the bush... [more]
A Great Cormorant shares the outstretched, dead branch of a riverside eucalypt with a preening Australian Ibis. Both... [more]
There is a rustle in the undergrowth. I freeze, slowly lift the camera and scan the rocky area strewn with leaf litter... [more]
It is the first day of my five-day trip to Kangaroo Island. I have driven the car onto the ferry and I'm looking around ... [more]
Largs Bay is one of Adelaide's older beachside suburbs. It lies south of the Outer Harbour between North Haven and Semap... [more]
Garden Island is situated at the end of The Grand Trunkway in Port Adelaide over the Torrens Island Bridge; about a 30 m... [more]
Nankeen Kestrels are one of the most common birds found in urban areas especially along the coastal fringe. This bird is... [more]
I walk through the entrance to the conservation park after reading the information signs and start walking up a slight i... [more]
There is an Australian magpie sitting in the Oak tree just a few metres from Ruby's Organic Café where I am having lunch... [more]
The pair of Black Swans moves gracefully along the waterway. Every so often, one dips its head and long elegant neck int... [more]
I can hear the almost metallic whistle of the Adelaide Rosellas as I walk along a path skirting the riverbank. There are... [more]
We are swimming lazily along the inside of the breakwater, when I notice a dark fin break the surface about twenty metre... [more]
I watch the Great Egret carefully as it hunts for a meal of small fish, yabbies or frogs. The graceful bird stalks along... [more]
The start of the walk is not particularly steep and there are several trails to choose from. I decided to walk along the... [more]
There are tall eucalypts draping over the gravel path that I am walking on. All around I can hear the calls of Noisy Min... [more]
A large, blackbird is foraging in the undergrowth about twenty metres away. It looks like a Raven but seems to be huntin... [more]
The ground around us is blackened by fire and many of the trees are merely charred stumps. Others, despite the obvious b... [more]
I am walking through an avenue of massive red gums. The age of the trees is evident from their size and the multitude of... [more]
The little lake is placid and there are both waterfowl and cormorants feeding in the shallows. One of the Pied Cormorant... [more]
There are numerous cormorants resting alongside the St Kilda channel which leads out into the ocean. Some are sitting on... [more]
There is a pair of Spotted Doves huddled together on a sandy patch where they are sheltered from the stiff sea breeze. T... [more]
There is a Blackbird fossicking amongst the leaf litter that blankets the ground under a flowering gum. The bright yello... [more]
The trees along the path vary greatly. Some have trunks with smooth bark while others are rough and pitted. Most are she... [more]
There are butterflies flitting between the bushes and occasionally landing on the track I am following. They are wary of... [more]
I stop and take a second look and yes I am right, there, snugly wedged between the branches of a large River Gum is a ko... [more]
In a state where water is a premium commodity, it is gratifying to walk along a track skirting the banks of the Onkapari... [more]
The vibrant wings of the little butterfly are quite beautiful against the backdrop of pink, blue and yellow blossoms. It... [more]
There is a family of Pacific Black Ducks waddling along beside the boardwalk. Every so often the adult female stops and ... [more]
The lily pads are perfectly balanced to complement the stone sculpture in the middle of the pool. But if you look really... [more]
I am resting the camera on the edge of the 4WD bonnet trying to steady the lens in the swirling breeze. The pair of Para... [more]
At first glance, the two birds perched high in the top branches of a huge eucalypt look similar. They are probably raven... [more]
Alongside the jetty, there are shells arranged in neat rows near a little stall selling satays and other street foods. T... [more]
It is a lovely winter walk along the coastal track from Semaphore, past Fort Glanville then on to Point Malcolm. I am no... [more]
There is a small flock of White Cheeked Rosellas feeding around the tee on the 16th hole of North Adelaide's South Cours... [more]
The paper boat models in the middle of the Torrens Lake are a feature of our city's landscape and easily viewed from the... [more]
The Koala is balanced precariously between two branches then reaches up to grab a handful of leaves to munch on. Handful... [more]
The white cheeked rosella is methodically searching for seeds, grains and insects underneath a stand of eucalypts. The c... [more]
A diminutive Australasian Grebe is paddling near the edge of the little lake that lies alongside extensive lawns that ab... [more]
It is, perhaps, more polite to call these colourful little creatures push me-pull me bugs or even love bugs but in truth... [more]
An ibis and lapwing are feeding on the well-manicured lawns just metres from a group of children playing football. Just ... [more]
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