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My WeekendNotes - 2531
Here in Australia, Christmas Day is often a hot summer scorcher, so you don't always feel like having a hot Christmas pu... [more]
Do you love the taste of coconut ice? Then why not check out this variation - peppermint ice! If you love the flavour of... [more]
Do you love to give baked goods or sweet food gifts at Christmas? I do! I think it is a thoughtful gift to give at this ... [more]
It is hard to be healthy at Christmas, but with this tasty Christmas Peppermint Bliss Balls recipe, you can eat well and... [more]
Are you looking for a budget-friendly dessert that the whole family will love? Then pick up a home-brand tub of Neapolit... [more]
When we think about giving Christmas food gifts, we may think of giving home-made rocky road, coconut ice, fudge or ging... [more]
Do you have a favourite potato salad recipe, which you make for every BBQ, get-together, Christmas meal or family dinner... [more]
If you are looking for an easy and healthy salad recipe that will add some flavour to your meals, wraps and sandwiches, ... [more]
If you are looking for a Christmas biscuit recipe that everyone will love, then you have to make some Gingerbread Men (&... [more]
Making a chia pudding for breakfast or dessert is a delicious way to include omega 3s, healthy vitamins, fibre and antio... [more]
Do you enjoy cooking with tofu? It is an ingredient that I have just started to experiment with and I must say, I'm hook... [more]
Do you love raw slice recipes? I do. I love the fact that they are healthier than cakes and you don't have to turn on th... [more]
If you are looking for an easy lunch or dinner, then you can't go past a puff pastry tart. Just like a pizza base, you c... [more]
If you are looking for an easy chocolate mousse recipe, which is reasonably healthy, then why don't you whip this easy C... [more]
Loaded fries have increased in popularity over the years, with hot chips loaded up with a variety of meaty combinations,... [more]
Are you looking for a tasty recipe to make with your kids? This recipe was made with my daughter, aged 9, after we were ... [more]
Are you looking for a healthy nachos recipe to enjoy watching the footy, or as a quick lunch with the family? This recip... [more]
If you like to live a healthy lifestyle, then you may enjoy sprinkling granola on your yoghurt for breakfast in the morn... [more]
Do you love to make your own sausage rolls at home? Do you have a favourite recipe? Although it is easy to pick up a box... [more]
If you have clicked on this article, then you may be a self-confessed chocoholic, like me. You just can't beat the comfo... [more]
There are times when you need to pop out to the shops and buy a cake for when guests come over, for a special afternoon ... [more]
If you have read any of my previous recipes, you will notice that there is a common theme with the spices I use. I seem ... [more]
Do you enjoy getting up in the morning and making a healthy banana smoothie to start your day? Or perhaps you like to fi... [more]
If you're looking for an easy and healthy pancake recipe which will fill you up and use only six ingredients - then look... [more]
A few years ago, I remember reading an article that said that Taco Kits were Australia's No. 1 cook-at-home meal (see h... [more]
If you are trying to change your diet or remove flour from the foods that you eat, then check out this egg-free, flour-f... [more]
Do you like the flavour of peanut butter and honey sandwiches? This raw peanut butter slice reminds me of that flavour -... [more]
Do you love the flavour of lemon? My daughter often requests that I make her favourites Mini Lemon Cheesecakes and Lemon... [more]
As the weather heats up in Australia, we try and figure out ways to cook where we don't need to turn on the oven, as it ... [more]
As summer approaches, it is always a good idea to have some "no bake" recipes handy, for those hot days when you don't w... [more]
If you're looking for a tasty, spicy and healthy rice dish to make tonight, then check out this Prawn Biryani recipe whi... [more]
Have you tried couscous in recipes before? I hadn't ever made it before, until I tried a store-bought couscous salad and... [more]
There are some flavours which just taste like Christmas. Ginger spice always reminds me of gingerbread men, whilst nutme... [more]
If you have read any of my recipe articles in the past (see them listed here), you will know that I love an easy recipe ... [more]
When my family and I lived in New Zealand for a few years, we discovered the joy of Afgan biscuits (read about their ori... [more]
Do you have a favourite risotto recipe that you go back to, time and time again? This recipe below, is on our dinner rot... [more]
Do you love to make your own raw slices? I personally love an easy raw slice recipe, which I can make for my family and ... [more]
Do you love to go out for breakfast at your favourite cafe? Cafes and restaurants always make their breakfast bowls look... [more]
Do you like to have a basic slice recipe which you can quickly make, for when friends come around for afternoon tea? Thi... [more]
As I write this, Australia is in the middle of winter and Ugg boots are firmly in place all around the country. When the... [more]
If you love chocolate, then you won't be able to walk past a plate of these moist and delicious mini cupcakes. As you pe... [more]
If you are looking for a new side salad or you like to try new and interesting salads to take to work, then keep scrolli... [more]
Are you looking for a tasty vegetarian burger, that you can whip up on a busy weeknight, then have the leftovers for day... [more]
Are you looking for a filling and healthy-ish cookie recipe that you can eat for breakfast, take on a hike or pop in you... [more]
Are you looking for a delicious lentil burger recipe for dinner tonight? This recipe takes some preparation, however the... [more]
If you love your dips just as much as I do, then you may have been experimenting with making your own at home. I like ma... [more]
Are you looking for some new baking recipes that your kids will love? Do they love sultanas? This fruit cake recipe is a... [more]
Do you love a good soup or thick stew? Soup is a delicious dinner option during the winter months, as it warms you up fr... [more]
Have you ever tried Chocolate and Black Bean Brownies? The tinned black beans provide moisture to the brownies and they ... [more]
If you like easy recipes, then keep reading for a soup recipe that is sure to become a regular on your winter soup rotat... [more]
Have you ever tried baking cakes, muffins or slices using the humble pumpkin? It is an interesting ingredient to put int... [more]
Are you looking for something different to have for dinner tonight? This recipe is a "throw it together" kind of meal - ... [more]
Do you like to make muffins to take on picnics with the kids? Or to pop in their lunchbox? Our family like to make a bat... [more]
Do you like to bake with your mini muffin tin? They are an ideal size if you have small children, as you can make cute l... [more]
If you're anything like me, you're always on the lookout for healthy recipes that are easy to make. I like to keep it si... [more]
Do you love cookies and cream ice cream? Well, you're in luck, because this addictive Cookies and Cream Cheesecake recip... [more]
Do you like cooking risotto? It is a meal that requires you to stand over it while you're cooking, but once it is cooked... [more]
Are you looking for something tasty to make tonight for dessert? This recipe is easy and delicious, but it does have one... [more]
Have you tried making your own muesli bars for your kids to snack on at home, or take to school? I have been experimenti... [more]
I always thought that if I wanted to make chocolates, that I needed to buy a chocolate mould - which of course, I never ... [more]
Are you looking for a sweet slice recipe to make for morning tea? Or are you looking for a new slice recipe to make for ... [more]
Are you looking for little sweet treats for kids, which they can hold easily? Or some birthday party ideas for summer? T... [more]
Are you looking for a delicious slice recipe for a school fete, a family birthday or for when guests come over? This Coc... [more]
Do you use chicken mince a lot in your cooking? It isn't an ingredient that our family uses often, however, we use it in... [more]
Have you ever wondered why someone would ever think of adding air into rice, to form a rice bubble? Well, Mr William Kel... [more]
Do you love raw slices? They are often seen in cake displays at many cafes, as a vegan or gluten-free alternative to cak... [more]
Do you love going out for an ice cream with the kids? Are you finding that it is getting more and more expensive? Then w... [more]
Have you always wanted to make a biscotti recipe, but thought it looked too difficult? I must admit, I thought it looked... [more]
Do your kids like protein balls, otherwise known as energy balls or bliss balls? For my family, the obsession with these... [more]
If you have a history of high blood pressure or problems with your heart, it is advised that you reduce the salt in your... [more]
Are you looking for a cake to take to a special morning tea, which everyone will love? Or perhaps you want to whip up so... [more]
Whether you are going to work with other people, or you are working from home on your own, we all need a healthy, quick ... [more]
Do you love to make smoothies each morning for breakfast? What is your favourite smoothie combination? Smoothies are a d... [more]
Are you looking for snack ideas for after school, the lunch box, for a family get-together or just to eat at home? This ... [more]
If you love carrot cake, then you will enjoy making this easy, nut-free carrot cake recipe for guests who come over, the... [more]
If you are looking for a salad recipe to make with dinner, you can choose classic, or you can go a little bit fancy. The... [more]
Are you looking for a delicious vegetarian meal to make for dinner tonight? If you start searching the internet, you wil... [more]
For many households around the country, picking up a BBQ chook on the way home is a quick and easy dinner for the whole ... [more]
If you love mint, then you love everything minty. If you're anything like me, you can't go past mint ice cream or mint c... [more]
Do you love smooth peanut butter, or crunchy? Everyone sits in one camp, or the other, there is no in-between. Many hous... [more]
Do you love to bake? Do you find yourself going through a lot of bags of desiccated coconut? Me to! Keep reading for... [more]
Parsley is a flavoursome herb, which lifts any meal. It is often used as a garnish on top of a dish, however, I personal... [more]
If you love mushrooms, then you will find any excuse to include them in your meals. You can whip up a delicious breakfas... [more]
Coriander is a fresh, flavoursome herb which you either love or you hate. If you love it, you can put it on almost anyth... [more]
If you're reading this in the cooler months, then you may be on the hunt for a creamy risotto recipe to fill you up - an... [more]
Quinoa has become one of the world's most popular foods, as it is gluten-free, high in protein, full of fibre and jam-pa... [more]
Mince is a staple in many Australian households, as it offers a wide variety of dinner options for the whole family. The... [more]
If you enjoy making Mexican tacos at home, from the Old El Paso kit, then you love the flavour of taco seasoning. Althou... [more]
Who doesn't love honey? It is a delicious, natural ingredient that we have all grown up with. As both children and adult... [more]
If you are anything like me, you are always looking for something different to make for the family for lunch on weekends... [more]
Do you love to bake with dates? They are deliciously sweet, high in fibre and also good for you at the same time. In our... [more]
The humble sweet potato is nutritious, high in fibre, filling and delicious. It can be boiled, fried and baked to make t... [more]
Are you growing zucchini in your vegetable patch? Have you been given a whole bag from a neighbour and don't know what t... [more]
If you are reading this article, then you love soup. Who doesn't love soup? It is the definition of winter and warms you... [more]
Limes are a basic ingredient in many delicious recipes, particularly in Asian cuisine. It isn't hard to see why, when th... [more]
With the weather starting to cool down in the evenings, in some parts of Australia, it is time to start thinking about a... [more]
Do you have a favourite baked treat that your Grandma used to make, when you were a kid? Did it instantly make you feel ... [more]
Lasagne is a popular dish with all ages as it full of flavour, it easily serves at least 8 people and even the kids love... [more]
Are you looking for an easy Christmas gift recipe, or perhaps just something yummy to eat - even when it isn't Christmas... [more]
Mother's Day is on its way, so it is time to think about how we are going to spoil her on her one special day. If you wo... [more]
If you're anything like me, then you love delicious, healthy and easy recipes with minimal ingredients - that the whole ... [more]
Burgers are a takeaway food that are convenient, delicious and packed full of flavour. We all love them, but unfortunate... [more]
There is nothing better than the smell of biscuits cooking in the oven. It is warm, comforting and familiar, so it is ea... [more]
If you love apples, then you can't go past a delicious apple pie, apple crumble, apple & cinnamon muffin or apple sauce,... [more]
This may seem like a strange question - but do you love your food processor? I do! I had been wanting to buy one for yea... [more]
Do you love carrot cake? Do you like to add grated carrots in your muffins? Adding carrots to your recipes is a good way... [more]
Although it would be ideal to pick up fresh fish from the seafood market a couple of times a week, for many of us, we ju... [more]
If you love pumpkin, you know that it is a very versatile ingredient. It tastes delicious with a roast dinner, but y... [more]
Pizza is a favourite food all around the world, with a wide variety of toppings you can add to the top. Although there i... [more]
Tinned kidney beans, black beans and baked beans are versatile items to have in your pantry, for a range of flavoursome ... [more]
Tinned chickpeas are a popular item that can be found in many Australian pantries. As more and more people are becoming ... [more]
Are you a Weet-Bix kid? Many of us have grown up eating Weet-Bix for breakfast, but there are also a wide variety of oth... [more]
Are you looking for recipes which are easy to make, tasty and use up the chicken thighs you have in the freezer? Fortuna... [more]
This photo above, is a common sight for many Australians. You can't have a good ol' Aussie BBQ without a packet of s... [more]
If you have a food processor, then making your own protein balls is one of the most rewarding things you can make in the... [more]
Frozen fruit can be found in most Australian freezers, as it is healthy, versatile and as we all know - great for smooth... [more]
Do you flick through cookbooks and ignore all the recipes which have more than 5 or 6 ingredients? Me too, which is why ... [more]
You can't beat the humble pasta shell. It is cheap, quick to cook and you can include it in a wide variety of recipes fo... [more]
Are you looking for easy, family-friendly recipes using the mince in your freezer? Then check out these 5 mince recipes ... [more]
Have you been looking at a bag of oats in your pantry and wondering the best way to use it? Perhaps you could eat multip... [more]
Do you love soup? I love it - I think that there is nothing more comforting than a delicious, steaming hot bowl of healt... [more]
If you have filled up your freezer with staples so you don't have to food shop often - or to prepare for a Cornavirus pa... [more]
The Newcastle Memorial Walk (also known as the ANZAC Memorial Walk) is a 450 metre scenic walk along the headland, locat... [more]
If you are looking for a good cafe around the Port Stephens region, then you are in luck - there are some tasty ones to ... [more]
Blackbutt Reserve is located in Kotara, right in the heart of Newcastle's inner suburbs. This busy suburb, with a Westfi... [more]
Richley Reserve Mega Adventure Playground is located in Richley Reserve, which is part of the Blackbutt Nature Reserve i... [more]
The Beehive is a popular café, located in the trendy Honeysuckle Precinct along the Hunter River in Newcastle. This new ... [more]
The Entrance Hotel is a popular pub, bistro and accommodation, located on the scenic waterfront area at The Entrance, ju... [more]
Have you booked a holiday to the beautiful Nelson Bay in Port Stephens? Are you looking for some FREE things to do while... [more]
Port Macquarie is located on the Mid-North Coast of NSW - a 4 hour drive north of Sydney and a 6 hour drive south of Bri... [more]
Evviva Café and Bar is located in the Nelson Bay town centre, on the busy Stockton Street that runs down to the marina. ... [more]
The Nelson Bay region is renowned for its pristine waters, abundance of seafood, scenic national parks and picturesque w... [more]
So you've booked a holiday to the Nelson Bay area in Port Stephens (congratulations, good choice!) and you may now be wo... [more]
If you are planning on a holiday in Nelson Bay, or perhaps you live locally and want to try somewhere new for breakfast,... [more]
The Merewether Surfhouse is a one-stop-shop for all dining options, located at the scenic Merewether Beach in Newcastle.... [more]
The Swissôtel Sydney is located right in the heart of Sydney's CBD on Market Street, right opposite the State Theatre. W... [more]
As the temperatures start to drop in winter, many people close the curtains, stay glued to their couches and spend the w... [more]
Kinn Thai restaurant is located at The Rooftop dining precinct at Westfield Kotara shopping centre in Newcastle. The Roo... [more]
If you are on a health kick, or simply like to eat healthily, then tracking down a good, healthy café is like hitting th... [more]
Do you love a good ol' Aussie pie? Who doesn't! The humble meat pie has been a favourite with Australians for many years... [more]
Are you looking for somewhere to have a birthday party for your child, which they will absolutely love? For many, it wou... [more]
Toboggan Hill is a family tourist attraction located at Nelson Bay, in the Port Stephens region. It is popular with all ... [more]
The April school holidays are almost here and it is time to think about what "fun stuff" there is to do for kids in the ... [more]
Saltwater Restaurant is a scenic, beach-side restaurant located inside Fingal Bay Surf Club, in the scenic Port Stephens... [more]
Oakvale Wildlife Park (formally Oakvale Farm & Fauna World) is located at Salt Ash, in the beautiful Port Stephens regio... [more]
The Stockton Ferry is a regular ferry service across the Hunter River, from the northern Newcastle suburb of Stockton to... [more]
If you live in Sydney, there is an endless list of fun and family-friendly things to do in the city and surrounding area... [more]
Spirited - A Creative Play Café is located in the industrial area of Taylors Beach, a short drive from Salamander Bay in... [more]
Little Nelson Bay is located in Port Stephens, just a short walk along the foreshore from the town of Nelson Bay. It is ... [more]
Summer is here and if you're anything like our family, the weather is so beautiful that you're swimming at the beach eve... [more]
Tomaree Aquatic Centre is located just off Nelson Bay Road, in front of Toboggan Hill Park tourist attraction. This outd... [more]
The Wood Oven is a wood-fired pizza restaurant located upstairs at the d'Albora Marinas, on the scenic Nelson Bay Foresh... [more]
Are you staying or living in Sydney and want to escape for the weekend, but don't want to go too far? Then why not drive... [more]
Everyone loves going to the market - well, almost everyone! For those of us who do love going to the local markets, it i... [more]
Are you going for a holiday with the kids to Nelson Bay, but you're not sure what to do, or where to go? There are hundr... [more]
So you've woken up on holidays in Nelson Bay and the rain has set in. What now? The kids will be banging down the door s... [more]
Little Beach is a scenic bay in the Port Stephens region, just around the coastline from Nelson Bay. It is popular all y... [more]
Nelson Bay is a popular tourist town in the Port Stephens region, with thousands of people flocking to its shores every ... [more]
The Boat Shed Café and General Store is located on a floating pontoon at the Soldiers Point Marina, in the scenic Port S... [more]
If you visit the popular Birubi Beach in Anna Bay, Port Stephens, you are sure to discover two popular eateries that are... [more]
If you enjoy having fish and chips by the water, then you can't go past the Bay Harbour Cafe in Nelson Bay. It is situat... [more]
Nice Cafe is, how shall I say it...nice! The people are nice, the food is nice, the ambience is nice and the view is nic... [more]
When you visit Nelson Bay in Port Stephens, it is almost a necessity to try the local seafood and taste the fresh catch ... [more]
If you like to start your day with an invigorating walk and stunning coastal views, then you will find what you're looki... [more]
Nelson Bay in Port Stephens is the perfect family-friendly destination with calm waters, quiet sandy bays and small ripp... [more]
On a hot summer's day, there is nothing better than to buy a cold ice-cream, find a shady spot to sit and enjoy the ... [more]
When you move to a new town or go on holidays, there is always a popular, scenic walk that the locals like to do. Whethe... [more]
Medowie Macadamias is located just outside the Port Stephens town of Medowie, less than 10 minutes from Williamtown (nor... [more]
Inner Light Tea Rooms is located at Nelson Head Lighthouse, on the headland between Nelson Bay and Shoal Bay, in the bea... [more]
In House Kitchen is a popular cafe located at Nelson Bay, in the scenic Port Stephens. The cafe stands out on the stree... [more]
Do you love bowling? Or are you looking for something to do when it's raining in Nelson Bay? Then why not check out the ... [more]
For locals and tourists to Nelson Bay, there is no better way to experience the beauty of the region than by looking out... [more]
The Tomaree Head Summit Walk is a must-do for locals and tourists, when exploring the scenic Port Stephens region. The e... [more]
Do you love to sift through op shops and look for something in particular, but end up leaving with a whole pile of rando... [more]
If you love to scour through op shops looking for brand name clothing at bargain prices or enjoy looking for one good bo... [more]
BIG4 Ingenia Holiday Park at Soldiers Point is located near the end of the Soldiers Point peninsula, just 15 minutes fro... [more]
Christmas is on the way and if you feel like spoiling yourself with a sumptuous seafood buffet by the water, then why no... [more]
My family recently moved from the city of Canberra to the blue waters of Port Stephens, and let's just say, it wasn't a ... [more]
The Melbourne Cup is back for another year, and locals and tourists around the Nelson Bay region are looking for places ... [more]
Mantra Aqua is located at Nelson Bay in the Port Stephens area, over 2.5 hours north of Sydney. It is located in a conve... [more]
Lexie's on the Beach is a popular café located right on Stockton Beach, on the opposite side of the Hunter River from Ne... [more]
The Kiosk is an aptly-named kiosk on Newcastle Beach, just minutes from the Newcastle CBD. It is a handy location in bet... [more]
The NRMA Stockton Beach Holiday Park is located on the other side of the Hunter River from Newcastle CBD, on the 32 kilo... [more]
The National Arboretum is a scenic tourist attraction, located 10 minutes from Canberra's city centre. The 250 hectare ... [more]
The July school holidays are almost here, which means that parents and carers around the Capital are looking or fun (and... [more]
Wherever you live or stay in Canberra, you can see rolling green hills dotted around the city and amongst the suburbs. T... [more]
When friends come to visit us in Canberra, they often ask "Where are the best museums in Canberra?" The answer depends o... [more]
As Canberra is at an elevation of 577 metres above sea level, we get every season in the extreme. Summer is hot, winter ... [more]
Summer is a beautiful time in Canberra - it can get hot, but that is just a good excuse to take a dip in the river or vi... [more]
Canberra Glassworks is located in Kingston, just a short drive from the city centre. Visitors have the opportunity to wa... [more]
26/10/2017 - 13/01/2018
Capital Brewing Co. is a Canberra-owned beer company, which recently opened their own brewery in the industrial suburb o... [more]
A freshly squeezed juice - full of vitamins and wholesome goodness - is a drink that can be enjoyed all year around. In ... [more]
Red Hill Nature Park is located just 10 minutes south of the CBD, as part of the Canberra Nature Park. The central locat... [more]
Telstra Tower is a 195-metre high tower located on Black Mountain, overlooking the city of Canberra. Built in 1980, its ... [more]
The Canberra Walk In Aviary is located at Gold Creek Village in Nicholls, 20 minutes north of the city. This tourist are... [more]
Many visitors to Australia's Capital City are often surprised by how many hills there are surrounding the city. In the s... [more]
Many people in Canberra have their own favourite breakfast spot that they go back to time and time again. Some locals en... [more]
When people visit Canberra, they often don't realise the elevation of the Capital City is 580 metres above sea level, wh... [more]
It is no secret that Canberrans love their food and if there is one thing we like even better, it's a food festival. Tho... [more]
An enjoyable part of living in Canberra is the healthy lifestyle that we can lead, with plenty of opportunity for outdoo... [more]
The local cafe is a big part of the community and the Australian way of life. It is a place where people come together, ... [more]
Do you enjoy going to a pub for a good steak ,or a chicken schnitzel the size of a plate? Do you particularly like going... [more]
Robyn Rowe Chocolates is a boutique chocolatier in the scenic Murrumbateman region of NSW, half an hour north of Canber... [more]
Old Parliament House is Canberra's first home of politics, located in the Parliamentary Triangle. It originally opened i... [more]
When you stand out the front of Parliament House and look at the iconic building with the Australian flag proudly waving... [more]
Canberra is a foodie lovers dream. With local markets selling fresh produce straight from the farm, wineries in the surr... [more]
Bungendore is a small, historical town located 30 minutes over the border in NSW. This town, established in the 1830s, i... [more]
Commonwealth Park is the most popular outdoor recreation area in Canberra, located on the northern side of the Lake Burl... [more]
Autumn has only just begun, with chilly mornings leading into sunny days. All around Canberra people are unpacking their... [more]
Ahhh...the smell of fresh bread baking as you walk in the door, the crunch of pastry on a sausage roll as you take a bit... [more]
When you live in Canberra, long weekends and public holidays are a good excuse for many to pack up the car and head to t... [more]
When the topic of kids birthday parties comes up in households across Canberra, the same questions come up every time. D... [more]
Canberra is constantly evolving with new bars, pubs and microbreweries opening every year with great success - however i... [more]
Mugga Mugga is a cottage built in the late 1800s for the head shepherd of the Duntroon Estate, in the early years of Can... [more]
When I talk to Canberra locals about somewhere to enjoy a tasty meal unlike anywhere else - Lonsdale Street in Braddon a... [more]
"Is this somewhere that I can take the kids to, or will they be bored?" This is what I have often thought to myself a... [more]
Hunter Valley Zoo is located 1 hour west of Newcastle and 2 hours north of Sydney. It is a small regional zoo, so it can... [more]
The Newcastle Light Rail is a bright red tram that travels through the city and runs parallel to the Hunter River in New... [more]
Newcastle Ocean Baths is a historical public swimming pool located on Shortland Esplanade in Newcastle. You can't miss t... [more]
Holey Moley is a unique mini golf venue that has 18 locations across NSW, QLD, VIC, WA and SA, with one at Charlestown S... [more]
Do you have bored kids on your hands this summer? The summer school holidays are a lot of fun but they also go on for a... [more]
Gan Gan Lookout is located off Nelson Bay Road, on the way into Nelson Bay Town Centre. It is the best place to start yo... [more]
Are you looking for an easy chicken marinade that packs some punch? This recipe only has 6 ingredients to spread over th... [more]
Are you on holidays in Nelson Bay and looking for fun things to do with the kids? First of all, check out the article To... [more]
18/12/2020 - 31/01/2021
New Year's Eve is on its way and although Newcastle won't be having its usual firework display, it doesn't mean that... [more]
Every year in Canberra, the city looks forward to fireworks and events in the city centre, with fireworks, live music an... [more]
When you have young children, you're always on the lookout for fun, safe and interactive things to do, that won't break ... [more]
If you're on holidays in the Nelson Bay region, or a local looking for something to do, there are a number of New Year's... [more]
Are you a teenager, researching what there is to do in Nelson Bay? Or perhaps you are a parent, looking for ways to ente... [more]
Lifeline Canberra's Bookfairs are back! This popular event has been put on hold during the pandemic, but now it's back a... [more]
10/12/2020 - 13/12/2020
The Forage is a popular street food festival which is held at the Dairy Road precinct in Fyshwick, 4 times a year with t... [more]
04/12/2020 - 06/12/2020
As summer approaches and locals and tourists flock to the bays and beaches around Nelson Bay, it may be surprising to kn... [more]
Are you stuck for a Christmas present for someone who is hard to buy for? Are you looking for a gift voucher for an expe... [more]
The Nelson Bay area is a popular tourist destination in the Port Stephens region, 2.5 hours north of Sydney. It is popul... [more]
Fingal Spit is a bridge of sand that is only visible at low tide, that connects Fingal Beach to Shark Island in Fingal B... [more]
Box Beach is a secluded beach that is located in Tomaree National Park, just a short 5 minute drive from Shoal Bay in Po... [more]
Zenith Beach is located just around the headland from Shoal Bay, in the scenic Port Stephens region. It is a reasonably ... [more]
Christmas is on its way and although this year will be a little different, with COVID restrictions still in force, you c... [more]
If you are a visitor to the Nelson Bay region, then you are sure to wake up to a beautiful sunny Sunday, with lorikeets ... [more]
Are you looking for a sumptuous feast this Christmas Day in the Nelson Bay region? Then you can't go past these thre... [more]
Nelson Bay is located in the Port Stephens region, 2.5 hours north of Sydney and 1 hour north of Newcastle, in NSW. It i... [more]
If you are looking for a weekend project, then why not give your front door a makeover? It isn't as hard as it sounds an... [more]
Barry Park is a scenic picnic area located on Marine Drive at the southern end of Fingal Bay, Port Stephens. To get ther... [more]
Dutchmans Beach Reserve is located in the scenic Port Stephens region, between Nelson Bay and Bagnalls Beach. The reserv... [more]
Do you want to get out the house on Christmas Day and celebrate with others? Do you want to leave the cooking and washin... [more]
Have you thought about celebrating the Melbourne Cup this year? Although we are living in a COVID-safe world at the mome... [more]
King Edward Park is a historical and scenic parkland that is located on the coastline, in the city of Newcastle. As well... [more]
Nelson Bay is a picturesque seaside town, located on the water at Port Stephens - just one hour north of Newcastle. It h... [more]
Revolution is an indoor trampoline, inflatables and sports park, that is located in Maryville in Newcastle, NSW. At the ... [more]
Fishermans Bay Foreshore is located between Birubi Beach and Boat Harbour, in the scenic Port Stephens region of NSW. It... [more]
John Downes Park Playground is located along the coastline at Port Macquarie, between Nobbys Beach and Shelly Beach. It ... [more]
Billabong Zoo: Koala & Wildlife Park is a 10 acre zoo that is located in Port Macquarie, just 15 minutes from the centre... [more]
Do you have a teenager who is looking for a skateboard ramp? Or perhaps you are on holidays in Nelson Bay and the kids w... [more]
Nelson Bay in Port Stephens is a popular whale-watching destination between May and November, with cruise boats going ou... [more]
Sometimes we all need comfort food to cheer us up and make us feel all warm and cosy. This recipe combines the flavours ... [more]
Wreck Beach is a secluded beach that is located between Zenith Beach and Box Beach in Shoal Bay, in the scenic Port Step... [more]
Are you looking for an easy recipe for the classic "spag bol" that your teenager could make for themselves? Or maybe you... [more]
Robinson Reserve is located along the beachfront at Birubi Beach at Anna Bay, in the scenic Port Stephens region. You ca... [more]
George Reserve is a scenic recreation area, located at Wanda Beach, on the way to Soldiers Point. It is part of the Port... [more]
As Father's Day rolls around each September, families all around the country think about where they will take Dad to spo... [more]
Are you are staying home during the current COVID-19 pandemic and are running out of ideas to entertain the kids? Or are... [more]
Are you looking for a way to make unique jewellery for gifts which isn't too hard, but looks amazing? Then check out thi... [more]
Are you are looking for a school holiday project that you can make with your kids? Then why not make your own coasters t... [more]
Are you in Nelson Bay on holidays and looking for a good takeaway shop to take dinner back to the hotel room? Or to sit ... [more]
Contour 556 is back in 2020! This popular free art walk and exhibition will be held around Lake Burley Griffin, between ... [more]
09/10/2020 - 23/10/2020
The movies continue at Park-In movies at Majura Park (opposite Majura Park shopping centre)! Fill your car with pillows ... [more]
03/07/2020 - 11/07/2020
Are you visiting the Nelson Bay area and looking for something to do on a rainy day? Or perhaps you are counting down th... [more]
The Drive-In Movies (by Park-In Pictures) are coming to Canberra this weekend! They will be held in the car park at Maju... [more]
19/06/2020 - 27/06/2020
Are you thinking about visiting the Nelson Bay region? Or perhaps you live in Nelson Bay and have older parents coming t... [more]
Nelson Bay, in the stunning Port Stephens region, has a number of clubs to visit, with a wide range of restaurants and b... [more]
Are you planning on visiting Nelson Bay in the stunning Port Stephens region? There is a lot to do in the bay, with whal... [more]
If you live in Nelson Bay in Port Stephens, or are planning a visit to this beautiful area in the future, then you will ... [more]
Do you love to up-cycle items and create beautiful projects, from second hand items or what others see as "rubbish"? It ... [more]
Beads are a fun craft item for kids - they can be large, colourful and easy to thread, or they can be tiny, glass beads ... [more]
Are you looking at your empty Moccona coffee jar and wondering what you can make with it? The glass is so thick and it i... [more]
Do you want to make a craft that doesn't cost much money and is good for the environment? Then make something useful, fr... [more]
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