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City: Melbourne

Freelance writer of web content copy writing, business writing, travel articles, product reviews, and any magic you need crafted with words.

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My WeekendNotes - 96
Tomato & Yoghurt Mix together or use each by itself, tomato and yoghurt work well as cleansers. Honey Honey make... [more]
You go up to the movies, down to the train station, across to the State Library and through it to Lonsdale or Latrobe st... [more]
Keep bed linen in fridge during the day in a clean plastic bag and use them at night. Wet a pair of socks, wring them... [more]
Ben & Jerry's Open Air Cinema The South Beach Reserve is going to be the venue for the screening of world-class movies ... [more]
The one thing all parents agree on about kids is that they outgrow stuff before you can say Happy Birthday. This happens... [more]
There are more ways than one and the usual to rediscover and enjoy the brilliant facets of the most livable city in the ... [more]
When out shopping, we usually focus on the sales, discounts, and other cut backs on the original price in order to get g... [more]
The sky didn't fall for me and I had as much expectations as Chicken Little that it would when James Bond hit the X-trem... [more]
Camberwell Sunday Market One of the most popular Sunday markets for trash and treasure hunters, you are likely to find ... [more]
If you want a simple definition,clutter is something created by you when you have more stuff coming in than going out. ... [more]
Come to think of it, life is full of events that call for celebrations. As soon as you're done with Christmas, there's N... [more]
Myer is not my store for regular shopping. Where I'm concerned, it's more of an entertainment complex. This is a definit... [more]
Male belly dancers, hmmm, do they exist, you ask? Yes, they do. And what's more, they are every bit as good as their fem... [more]
There's something about two dollar shops that make regular people go all cloak and dagger. This could be because it's sy... [more]
If you knew what toxic materials went into the manufacturing of children's toys, you wouldn't let one come anywhere near... [more]
Kawanku Restaurant located in a quiet hideaway spot in Bush Boulevard, Mill Park is my latest discovery. Having had a ta... [more]
Don't get mad get organised is a motto that comes in handy when faced with holiday and travel extravagances that just wo... [more]
You'll find the Langham Hotel far from the madding crowd in the CBD and by the waters of Darling Harbour on a quiet stre... [more]
The food court in Westfield Sydney is overrun with levels on levels selling everything from churros to spaghetti bol... [more]
I must've worked my way through at least fifty varieties of tea in my time. Whether out of curiosity or simply because y... [more]
It was about ten years ago that I drifted into the Lush store in the wake of an overwhelming tide of curiosity. I liked ... [more]
This little place is the epitome of ingenuity not just in terms of the culinary, but also in the nifty use of space and ... [more]
"Good news everyone!" as Professor Farnsworth would say, Alain de Botton has opened a very lively branch of his School o... [more]
It's hard to believe this tram has been running the streets of Melbourne since 1923. And it does feel as if it can go on... [more]
Easy access, convenient location but terribly overrated, if you ask me. At $4 a cup the size you're forced to sit with a... [more]
You'll find this quaint market in the unlikeliest of places--in the heart of Melbourne CBD at Melbourne Central. The his... [more]
Chokolait is an indescribable experience; you have to be there. But I'm going to try anyway. It's very easy to miss the ... [more]
A bit of green, albeit with artificial turf, suspended overhead above Lonsdale Street where some one with an indefatigab... [more]
A couple of friends came down from Sydney and they stayed at Home @ The Mansion. They had a great time exploring the cit... [more]
All things cute and beautiful are to be found in this shop. There's something about kids' shop that gives me pause. Ta... [more]
Green grass with a fountain in the middle is possibly the closest you can get to an oasis in any city centre. Melbourn... [more]
If I'm somewhere on Bourke St and it's lunch time, it's only a matter of time before I find myself peering into the dark... [more]
Hard to find, but once you've found it, you'll be back, again and again. Located in the cool, green environs bordering t... [more]
The power of attracting what you desire into your life has been made out to be as easy as pie by Rhonda Byrne in her bes... [more]
Sunrise, sunset, Swiftly flow the days, and it's on to a brand new year, leaving you wondering where the old one went. 2... [more]
Time to throw a party and that's when Murphy's Law comes into play. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong and leave... [more]
Not long ago seasoning meant salt and pepper and the herbs from Scarborough fair—parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. And... [more]
This dish is perfect for those cooler days that pop up unexpectedly in the middle of warm weather. You are hunkered down... [more]
Groove Train in Westfield Doncaster is supposed to be a big whoop and I naturally assumed the one in Plenty Valley would... [more]
What kid doesn't love to splash paint about or scrawl on walls. If this is happening a lot you might want to take little... [more]
Aluminium foil is shiny, pliable, durable, clean, imprintable, and cheap and comes right after the chef in the kitchen h... [more]
On hot days when you subsist on yoghurt and fruit all day long, the cool change sees appetites rising. That's when thoug... [more]
The three Wise Men rise to social consciousness this time of the year as they appear in Christmas plays, greeting cards,... [more]
Between them Hoyts and Village Cinemas take care of movie watching in Melbourne quite adequately. So what's the big deal... [more]
Baby, toddler, tantrum-thrower—folk look askance at this tribe when they enter a café. Oh, there goes my peace and quiet... [more]
If you're harbouring suspicions that there's a Master Chef in the making in your kitchen, it might be a good idea to enr... [more]
Board games anyone? If playing board games is your ideal way of spending rainy afternoons and searing summer days, Games... [more]
If you're into scrapbooking, small woodcraft, or paper craft you will like Kaiser Craft. They have everything you may ... [more]
You could be in a brightly lit shopping centre, but when you enter Dusk it's dusk in there. By dusk, I mean that time of... [more]
I don't get the name or what it stands for, but the place is full of incredibly beautiful stuff, from larger-than-life B... [more]
Kids of all ages love trains and we know there are adults who go down on their knees around a toy train set. There are a... [more]
Medibank Ice House The heat and the holidays make summer a crazy time for parents. So just before you snap completely, ... [more]
Trees Adventure Park Bang in the middle of Glen Harrow Gardens in the Dandenong ranges, you'll find the Trees Advent... [more]
Two week end of year warehouse sale of Nobody Denim, already into week two. Offers up to 80% off. Open 10 am to 6 pm Mon... [more]
16/11/2012 - 02/12/2012
For someone who can't shut up, I'm lost for words. And that's because I try really hard to say nothing if I don't have a... [more]
Hampers come gallantly to the rescue no matter what the occasion. It could be a birthday that crept up despite face book... [more]
There's one in every establishment, isn't there? I mean the one who tries to look over your head instead of your face, s... [more]
The quest for the unknown is what led explorers to get on leaky ships and sail through unchartered waters. I wouldn't go... [more]
If you were to channel all of a young child's energy and enthusiasm into an art form, what would you get? A circus... [more]
Perhaps the first thing you do when you decide to take a serious look at your health is ditch your regular coffee bar fo... [more]
The bold red lettering in Arial font on a black background is a familiar sight in and around Melbourne. I frequent the C... [more]
I'm on a mission, a very noble one, of finding the best big breakfast in this part of town. I've been to a few places an... [more]
Last week I went with a couple of friends to the Pancake Parlour in Northland, for the umpteenth time. We'd just seen th... [more]
Chances are you've been on a cruise down the Yarra and around Melbourne at least once, if not more. But have you been on... [more]
Years ago I discovered Rivers on Collins Street. I found I liked their line of clothing and shoes. Their loose fit shirt... [more]
What is Christmas without a decorated Christmas tree in the middle of your living room looking pretty with all sorts of ... [more]
Something that caught my attention this week at Northland Shopping was the unusual activity around a shop near the Murra... [more]
You're on Bourke St. with gift shopping on your mind. You're surrounded by the swashbuckling flag poles and glitzy windo... [more]
My experience with cakes and baking is mostly eating them. So when I see someone actually craft one that looks like a fa... [more]
Dumplings Plus on Swanston St. has always been my go to place for quick food. Quick, tasty food, to be more precise. It ... [more]
From horse trams to electric trams, the city of Melbourne has literally come a long way. You just cannot imagine this ci... [more]
17/12/2012 - 16/08/2013
Do you associate fair trade with just coffee, cocoa, and cloth bags? If you do, it may come as a pleasant surprise for y... [more]
I've made some pretty stupid decisions in my time. Most of these are around stuff I see advertised and come to believe I... [more]
Four reasons why Cacao Green is good for you—organic fruit, organic chocolate, organic yoghurt, and organic smoothies. I... [more]
I didn't think it was that big a whoop till I walked in. I had to concede; yes, they were big and the prices were right.... [more]
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