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City: Brisbane

I'm a full time mum and part time writer living in Ipswich, Queensland. I'm a graduate of both UQ and QUT and I love tea, chickens, fairies and all things book related. You can also find me at Femlitica.

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My WeekendNotes - 294
Halloween is a great time for ghost stories. If you're not up for inventing your own, here are five very creepy tales yo... [more]
1. The Haunting of Hill House- Shirley Jackson "No one knows, even, why some houses are called haunted." "What e... [more]
October 6- Mad Hatter Day Mad Hatter Day celebrates the Hatter from Lewis Carroll's absurd children's books Ali... [more]
Only Dead on the Inside is a guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse for parents. It provides helpful tips on fleei... [more]
Have you ever wondered whether you have extra sensory perception or psychic powers? This module from the James Randi... [more]
Despite a general scientific consensus that vaccines are safe and effective and an important tool for the prevention... [more]
As a busy mum I don't have as much time to sit down and read as I used to. I've found audio books a godsend because ... [more]
Growing up as a fan of fantasy and science fiction novels I found it hard to find strong female characters to look u... [more]
Daphne Blake, the host of the low rating late night cable show Daphne Blake's Mysterious Mysteries, gets a hot tip f... [more]
Following the death of their father, an eccentric inventor, his estranged children return to their family home to so... [more]
Becka has her eye on Kim, the cute goth girl in her fine history class, but her plan to ask out her crush goes awry ... [more]
Three people have disappeared in three years in a small town in Massachusetts. Ellery Hathaway, a local police offic... [more]
Herding Cats is the third Sarah's Scribbles collection, by writer and artist Sarah Andersen. Like the previous two c... [more]
Eleven year old Max still believes in Santa Claus and wants to keep the magic of Christmas alive. When his extended ... [more]
The Cube and QUT Art Museum have joined together to create a fantastic program for kids over the 2017/2018 summer ho... [more]
06/01/2018 - 14/01/2018
Join Sydney Skeptics in the Pub to hear documentary filmmaker Sam Hutchinson as he shares his experiences of making ... [more]
Modern flat earth societies hypothesise that the Earth is actually a flat disc instead of an oblate spheroid, with m... [more]
Almost everyone has a friend or family member who has been affected by cancer, and one in two of us will suffer with... [more]
The Conversation Yearbook 2017, edited by John Watson, is a new collection of 50 articles that have informed public ... [more]
In May 2018, Richard Dawkins (author of The God Delusion and The Selfish Gene) and Lawrence Krauss (author of The Ph... [more]
In the wake of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Michelle Gellar spreading misinformation about topics like... [more]
HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CALLED 'FIRECROTCH'? Whether you're a redhead yourself or simply an admirer of those magica... [more]
Deb Clarington (Maria Christina Thayer), a young woman in Portland, Maine, is preparing to spend the Fourth of July ... [more]
It suits battery farms for the general public to think of chickens as mindless egg-laying machines, but anyone who k... [more]
It can be a big challenge to match the right gift to the person, and some people are a lot trickier to buy for than othe... [more]
Anna Moder has finished her shift at the grocery store in small town Alaska and just wants to go home when she witne... [more]
Conveniently located near the Ipswich train station and several bus stops, Crossroads Books sell both used books and... [more]
Haunted Nights, edited by Ellen Datlow and Lisa Morton, is a collection of sixteen previously unpublished stories w... [more]
If you've ever wondered whether you share a birthday with a famous author, or are just looking for an excuse to buy a bo... [more]
November 1 - World Vegan Day World Vegan Day was established in 1994 by Louise Wallis, the chair of the Vegan So... [more]
Eight-year-old Billy goes missing one day while out flying his kite. His body is found two days later. Sixteen years... [more]
Jule (Julia Jentsch) Peter (Stipe Erceg), and Jan (Daniel Brühl) are three young political activists in Berlin. Jule... [more]
1. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley When Flavia de Luce is eleven years old, a series of in... [more]
1. Revival On an otherwise ordinary day, in a small town in rural Wisconsin, the dead come back to life. The town... [more]
1. Audition (1999) Recently widowed Japanese man Shigeharu Aoyama (Ryo Ishibashi) is lonely and his young son sug... [more]
"Her heart hammers even harder in her chest as she turns, and there he is, there he is, her father standing in the doorw... [more]
"Because we don't just not know about food. We not know about everything." Get Krack!n is a merciless parody of... [more]
Help NASA analyse more than 1.5 million images taken by astronauts at the International Space Station! NASA is wo... [more]
23 year old Belle Gibson claimed to have cured herself of terminal brain cancer through her healthy diet and built a... [more]
13/11/2017 - 13/10/2017
See the award-winning podcast, Bunga Bunga performed and recorded live on stage Tim Ferguson, of the Doug Anthon... [more]
Bats get a bit of a bad rap, being associated with scary things like vampires and viruses, but many people don't know wh... [more]
"He's Spanish! She's pulled a Spanish guy at seventy-three? My God, that's impressive. I mean I know I managed it at twe... [more]
Have you ever wondered whether you share a birthday with a famous author? This list might satisfy your curiosity, or giv... [more]
Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell, of Veronica Mars and Party Down) finds that she has died and gone to "the Good Pla... [more]
From Mike Lowery, author and illustrator of The Kid's Awesome Activity Calendar and Doodle Adventures, comes this li... [more]
You've probably heard the old chestnut that women aren't funny. Come and meet some very funny women at the front lin... [more]
Want to read sexy books and chat about them afterwards? The Good Sex Award Book club meets up at Avid Reader Booksto... [more]
Brisbane WP and Ey3 are proud to present free seminars on how to build and manage your own web site using WordPress.... [more]
Greta, the blacksmith's apprentice, finds a little lost dragon at the market. When she returns it to its owner, Hese... [more]
Most people will have at least heard of, if not read, the most famous vampire novels, like Bram Stoker's Dracula and Ann... [more]
AI has long been fodder for science fiction, with many authors and film makers warning that it will overtake humanit... [more]
Can you spot a lie? As part of the QED Fringe Festival, this free talk by Dr Mike Drayton, uses the latest research ... [more]
Since 2011, the annual QED: Question Explore Discover conference has been an exciting and educational event. The two... [more]
14/10/2017 - 15/10/2017
"Mum, I need a pee." "Well, go to the toilet thein." "It's not there." "Of course it is. It's where you went yest... [more]
Dave Alnwick, flame-haired host of the QED 2017 conference in Manchester, will be touring his new show 'Literally th... [more]
If you're looking for something to listen to while out for a walk, on a long commute or doing the dishes, and you'd like... [more]
Every eight years the fairies of pixie hollow create a new ceremonial sceptre to hold the magical moonstone which wi... [more]
Heart and Brain: Body Language is the third collection of comics from The Awkward Yeti. It's a series of comic strip... [more]
Nominations are open for the 2017 Bent Spoon Award. This award is presented annually by the Australian Skeptics, to ... [more]
14/09/2017 - 18/11/2017
There are plenty of science fiction books out there for children and young adults, but many of them talk down to t... [more]
Written by James Gladstone and illustrated by Katherine Diemert, When Planet Earth Was New is a poetic description o... [more]
Phoebe has to head home from school early one day because there is a storm brewing and freezing rain is falling. Her... [more]
Most of us know about the major religious holidays and the public holidays where we live, as well as awareness days for ... [more]
Fowl Language: The Struggle is Real is the second collection of comics by Brian Gordon, who started drawing the comi... [more]
XX is an anthology film, made up of four short horror films by female directors. It premiered at the Sundance Film F... [more]
Lobbying is a £2k billion industry in the UK. Writer, campaigner and political commentator, Tamasin Cave will talk a... [more]
Lady Stuff by Loren Brantz is a compilation of comics about experiences many women face every day, from periods to s... [more]
Frida Kahlo, who would one day grow to be one of the most influential painters in the world, was once a little girl ... [more]
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