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City: Brisbane

I'm a full time mum and part time writer living in Queensland. I love tea, chickens, fairies and all things book related.

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My WeekendNotes - 768
If you enjoy drinking herbal tea*, you can make your own at home. Many herbs that can be used for tea can be easily grow... [more]
Have you ever wanted to try some bush tucker? These 5 plants are food producing Australian natives that you can grow in ... [more]
If you fancy a ready supply of fruit you probably can't get at your local fruit shop, and you have a bit of space in you... [more]
In the wake of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Michelle Gellar spreading misinformation about topics like... [more]
Help NASA analyse more than 1.5 million images taken by astronauts at the International Space Station! NASA is wo... [more]
Bats get a bit of a bad rap, being associated with scary things like vampires and viruses, but many people don't know wh... [more]
Only Dead on the Inside is a guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse for parents. It provides helpful tips on fleei... [more]
Have you ever wondered whether you have extra sensory perception or psychic powers? This module from the James Randi... [more]
Despite a general scientific consensus that vaccines are safe and effective and an important tool for the prevention... [more]
Now that Spring has arrived you might be seeing a few visitors to your Brisbane garden. The average suburban Bri... [more]
As a busy mum I don't have as much time to sit down and read as I used to. I've found audio books a godsend because ... [more]
Growing up as a fan of fantasy and science fiction novels I found it hard to find strong female characters to look u... [more]
Sarah Jayne Portelli, an Australian with Maltese heritage, moved to Malta in 2017 to reconnect with her roots. Once ... [more]
18-year-old Joanna meets a beautiful, confident new classmate at school but the timing couldn't be worse. Joanna, wh... [more]
12/07/2022 - 07/08/2022
A little while ago I became briefly obsessed with this song, and hearing a nightcore cover of it kicked off several week... [more]
1. Ghosts (2019) Alison (Charlotte Ritchie of Call the Midwife and Siblings) inherits a run-down mansion from a d... [more]
A great theme song can make a huge difference to a TV show, and these sci-fi themes are some of the best. 1. Lexx ... [more]
Bardcore is a musical subgenre where artists record versions of popular songs performed in a medieval style. The sub... [more]
These five films come from different countries but are all equally chilling. 1. The Platform (Spain) Content... [more]
As a huge fan of the Muppets, I always loved the theme song to The Muppet Show, which was co-written by Jim Henson ... [more]
If you were born in June you might share a birthday with one of these famous writers. 1. Norton Juster (June 2) ... [more]
In 2011 The Tunnel made Australian film history as the country's first-ever crowd-funded feature film. The productio... [more]
01/07/2022 - 31/07/2022
1.Mako Mermaids Nixie, Sirena and Lyla are three mermaids living on a mysterious island called Mako and trying to... [more]
If you need something to help get into the spirit of Pride month, these comics with gay and lesbian characters and theme... [more]
01/06/2022 - 30/06/2022
June is LGBT Pride Month , and if you want to get into the spirit of things these songs might help. I. I'm Bisexu... [more]
01/06/2022 - 30/06/2022
Doctor Who Am I is the debut feature for director Vanessa Yuille. It's about her friend Matthew Jacobs, a fellow f... [more]
01/07/2022 - 31/07/2022
Irish former soap star Adele Rafferty is struggling to make it as an actor in Hollywood when she gets the job offer ... [more]
Vera returns to her childhood home when her dying mother calls her to come and pack up the house ready to be sold. I... [more]
I recently developed a taste for Nightcore, a musical genre where tracks are edited and sped up by 35% (as if you we... [more]
Located in a beautiful heritage building on Wickham Terrace in the centre of Brisbane, Arcadium Adventures is an esc... [more]
Painting Happiness, by Terry Runyan, is a guide to using watercolour painting as a daily mindfulness practice. It gi... [more]
We are back in the early noughties this time with more romcom and drama. 13. 28 Days (2000) Gwen Cummings is a ... [more]
When journalist, Alison Breaking, is hired by the mysterious Burma to write his memoirs he warns her that his appear... [more]
Rocket and Groot is an animated series about two popular characters from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, R... [more]
If you have an April birthday you might share it with one of these famous authors. 1. Hans Christian Anderson - 2 ... [more]
James works nights archiving videotapes at a television station in Chicago. When one of the tapes he is watching is inte... [more]
Silk Hills is a former mining town in Appalachia. It has seen better days, and abounds with legends about the Mothma... [more]
Sophie was 12 when her mother met Matty Melgren, a caring, attentive, charismatic boyfriend who became the only fath... [more]
Four pregnant women gather at the Sanctuary, an exclusive prenatal yoga retreat in the Devonshire countryside, for t... [more]
Unicorn Selfies is the latest instalment in the best selling Phoebe and Marigold series by Dana Simpson. Previous vo... [more]
Hannah is about to go travelling alone overseas to find herself again after her divorce. Before leaving she organise... [more]
You might think the title was a metaphor but it's not. This comic is the story of Nora, a 28 year old woman living i... [more]
The staff at We Love Toys think they are as ready as they'll ever be for Black Friday, the start of the Christmas shoppi... [more]
Sandrafest 2022 continues with these three very different films. 10. Premonition (2007) Premonition is a super... [more]
How much can you really get across in just six words? Surprisingly, a lot. Take for example the classic line from Ha... [more]
When shy high school student Millie (Kathryn Newton from Big Little Lies and The Society), is attacked by the serial... [more]
Sue is an elderly housecat whose life is turned upside down when her owner gets a new kitten named Tai. At first, Su... [more]
Spence lives at the Ironside Rehabilitation facility as a patient. He is one of the cured who survived the infection... [more]
If you like cats, music, or both, you will probably enjoy these songs. 1. Alugalug Cat x The Kiffness (Soulful Live L... [more]
If you were born in February you might share a birthday with one of these authors. 1. Annabel Crabbe (1 February 19... [more]
These three books are for adults (or keen older children) who want to learn to draw. 1. How To Draw Cool Stuff: Sha... [more]
This 2018 series is based on the 1967 novel of the same name by Joan Lindsay about a group of schoolgirls and a teac... [more]
"Ever since my cosmic twin disappeared, nothing makes sense anymore. Friends, work, life--well, you get the picture. F... [more]
After a traumatic past, 16-year-old Tom and his mum are moving into their dream home with his stepdad and stepsister... [more]
In the third instalment of this Sandra-palooza, can we just take a moment first to appreciate the diversity of roles San... [more]
If you have a January birthday, you might share it with a famous author. Please note that this is of course not an in... [more]
These three comics brought memories of TV shows I adored as a kid. 1. Fraggle Rock Classics I picked up this b... [more]
Lucy Callaghan, 29-year-old tattooed, bisexual "Dorito enthusiast", makes a precarious living dressing as a Disney p... [more]
Creative Acrylics: A Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide to Creating with Paint Mediums - Create Paintings Filled with Col... [more]
Transformers: The Magic of Cybertron is the second trade paperback collection of Transformers/My Little Pony comic... [more]
These three new books are great for young readers who love animals. 1. I Don't Have a Dog by Contessa Hileman ... [more]
My quest to watch (or re-watch) all of Sandra Bullock's movies continues with this second instalment. You can find part ... [more]
I'm on a mission to watch (and/or rewatch) all of Sandra Bullock's movies. Why, you ask? Because Sandra Bullock is... [more]
Drive my Car (2021) is a Japanese drama film directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi (director of Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy... [more]
Adaline Bowman is a young woman living is San Francisco in the early 1900s when she is involved in an accident that ... [more]
Chantal is a successful family lawyer at a prestigious firm. Her husband, Stuart, is a television presenter whose st... [more]
These three children's books are a little out of the ordinary. 1. Doris' Dear Delinquents Doris' Dear Delinque... [more]
Warning: This review contains spoilers. I picked this up on DVD at the library purely because I wanted to find ou... [more]
These books will hopefully inspire the budding young artist in your life. 1. Piatti For Children This is not a... [more]
Isobel loved living in The Close, a quiet residential street with beautiful views of the English countryside, until ... [more]
Episode 4 begins with Jose lost on the wrong side of the fence. Finally, we get our first proper look at an adult el... [more]
Embroidery For Everyone by Kelly Fletcher (author of The Needlepoint Home Collection and Sew Lovely Monogram Embroid... [more]
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