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City: Brisbane

I'm a full time mum and part time writer living in Queensland. I love tea, chickens, fairies and all things book related.

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My WeekendNotes - 565
If you enjoy drinking herbal tea*, you can make your own at home. Many herbs that can be used for tea can be easily grow... [more]
Have you ever wanted to try some bush tucker? These 5 plants are food producing Australian natives that you can grow in ... [more]
If you fancy a ready supply of fruit you probably can't get at your local fruit shop, and you have a bit of space in you... [more]
In the wake of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Michelle Gellar spreading misinformation about topics like... [more]
Help NASA analyse more than 1.5 million images taken by astronauts at the International Space Station! NASA is wo... [more]
Bats get a bit of a bad rap, being associated with scary things like vampires and viruses, but many people don't know wh... [more]
Only Dead on the Inside is a guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse for parents. It provides helpful tips on fleei... [more]
Have you ever wondered whether you have extra sensory perception or psychic powers? This module from the James Randi... [more]
Despite a general scientific consensus that vaccines are safe and effective and an important tool for the prevention... [more]
Now that Spring has arrived you might be seeing a few visitors to your Brisbane garden. The average suburban Bri... [more]
As a busy mum I don't have as much time to sit down and read as I used to. I've found audio books a godsend because ... [more]
Growing up as a fan of fantasy and science fiction novels I found it hard to find strong female characters to look u... [more]
Before Giant Days, there was Scary Go Round, a web comic by John Allison. Beginning in 2002, Scary Go Round loosely ... [more]
It's the end of second year, and Susan and Daisy are moving in with their respective significant others, leaving Est... [more]
"I learned something then that most people don't know: no one is safe. We all think we are, but at any second someone ... [more]
Against the advice of her best friend, and despite her own misgivings, Daphne moves to LA to be with her boyfriend, ... [more]
Dewdrop is a sweet children's picture book, written and illustrated by Katie O'Neill, author of the equally adorable... [more]
If you fancy a very quick read, perhaps with a sting in the tail, these little pieces of microfiction might be just ... [more]
Happily Ever After and Everything in Between is the lastest comic collection by British cartoonist and illustrator D... [more]
As Esther, Susan and Daisy near the end of their second year at university their friendship, rock-solid up until now... [more]
I Left the House Today is a collection of comics by Romanian born Canadian artist, Cassandra Calin, These comics are... [more]
Josie and the Pussycats are the hottest band in the galaxy. They're on tour and heading out to do a show for the tro... [more]
The adventures of Daisy, Esther and Susan and their friends continue in Giant Days Volume 7. It's the second semeste... [more]
Abandoned Industrial Places, by David Ross takes the reader on a tour of abandoned mines, factories, train stations ... [more]
Cat's Cafe is a collection of comics about a cat who runs a cafe and the menagerie of critters who drink there. Alli... [more]
16-year-old Vess is on her way to Space Camp (which is not just about space, but actually in space because this is t... [more]
Bloodride is a new Norwegian horror series, which began screening on Netflix in Australia in March 2020. It's sort o... [more]
Elodie is prepared for her summer spent working as a counsellor at a summer camp to be the "worst summer ever", but ... [more]
Join Esther, Susan and Daisy for the holidays, as they catch up with family and friends and visit and parallel unive... [more]
The glamorous Sloane seems to have it all - an exciting career as a talent agent at Ripple Effect, a beautiful house... [more]
Summer is here and school is out, so Phoebe and her unicorn friend, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, must find other ways... [more]
After losing her husband, Freya Miller is forced to sell her home. She and her five-year-old daughter, Skye, need a ... [more]
Giant Days Early Registration collects John Allison's early self-published comics for the first time. Fans of the po... [more]
Susan, Esther and Daisy are three students sharing a dorm room in their first semester of university. Sweet, curly-h... [more]
Actor and comedian Celeste Barber gained internet fame (which she says is like becoming rich in Monopoly money) beca... [more]
In the city of Arcana, Canto and his people are slaves. At birth, their hearts are replaced with clocks, and they ar... [more]
Paint pouring, a way of creating paintings by pouring paint onto a surface instead of using a brush has, been growin... [more]
When her best friend and former housemate has moved to the suburbs with her fiance, Charlotte feels like she is stuc... [more]
"It's what you want, after all, isn't it? Without an audience, without people like me watching, then what are you? No on... [more]
How I Broke Up With My Colon is a collection of real-life medical stories, recorded verbatim as told by the people i... [more]
"'Why me?' I asked Pepper-Man sometimes. 'Why me? Why not Olivia?'He looked up at me with bloody lips. 'You were here fi... [more]
War and Peas: Funny Comics for Dirty Lovers is a collection of comics from the popular web comic War and Peas, created... [more]
When the handsome, wealthy, Renzo told his girlfriend, Tansy, that he loved her, Tansy confessed a secret she'd been... [more]
"EPISODE IV.1: Tag and Bink Are dead.It is a period of great strife and turmoil at Dark Horse Comics. With Episode II st... [more]
Siblings, Cal and Becky, are on a road trip to San Diego where the pregnant Becky plans to live with her aunt until she ... [more]
After months of unemployment, Gemma finally lands a job as a writer. Expecting to celebrate with her long term boyfr... [more]
The Mrs. Frollein Collection: Small Hours by Valerie Minelli is a collection of heartfelt comics that celebrate the ... [more]
When Cameron "Cam" Rivers is sent to prison she tries to avoid trouble, but an incident with another inmate brings o... [more]
Snug is the second collection of comics by artist Catana Chetwynd of Catana comics. It contains 50 new comics which ... [more]
I Don't Get It is a short collection of cartoons by Shannon Wheeler, whose work as appeared in the The New Yorker an... [more]
If you are looking for something new and different to listen to over the holidays, or during your morning commute, these... [more]
"Want to know what's worse than waking up in a hospital emergency room with no memory of how you got there? Realising th... [more]
Kate and Cate Harrow are two sisters (sort of) who run an exorcism business. The Volume 1 trade paperback collects i... [more]
This book, by Blanca Martínez de Rituerto and Joe Sparrow, contains illustrations of, and statistics for, many of t... [more]
Rachel Wallach has a successful career writing romantic messages for greeting cards, but her own love life is virtua... [more]
Ezekiel and his family moved back to live on the old family farm. His father now runs a high tech facility where hum... [more]
Nick Sax is a down and out ex-cop who now works as a hitman. A job goes wrong and he kills the nephew of the local c... [more]
When Ezekiel Jenkins finds himself short of money he moves his family back into the home where he grew up, near the ... [more]
Gudetama is a Japanese cartoon character. He is a lazy, depressed egg, and has become very popular both in Japan and... [more]
A Midnight Clear is an anthology of holiday-themed stories that are a little dark and unusual. With only six stories... [more]
"Nobody ever seemed to do one thing at a time any more. To look around them or take notice of the small things and the s... [more]
Elisa Benitez, the second of five daughters, is off to college for the first time. There she meets Darcy Fitzgerald,... [more]
The Ultimate Fluid Pouring and Painting Project Guide, by Jane Monteith, is a guide to techniques for using alcohol ... [more]
Who Killed Kenny? is a collection of murder mystery puzzles originally posted on the Instagram account of Alessandro... [more]
Let it Snow is based on the book of the same title, comprised of three intertwining short stories by John Green, Maureen... [more]
After a disastrous mistake in his job as an inner-city banker leaves Charlie unemployed and penniless, he finds a ne... [more]
Bird Brain is a series of comics about living with mental illness. The author, Chuck Mullin, started drawing comics ... [more]
A young woman named Sibylla goes with her sisters to have her fortune told by a witch. The witch tells the two older... [more]
The Rooks family have been through a lot. Lucy is left paralysed after a car accident and Sailor, her twelve-year-ol... [more]
"This is how it is meant to be: Humans, like bottles, waiting for their caps to be popped." The town of Barrow ... [more]
In 1988, several people in Philadelphia suffer simultaneous fatal brain haemorrhages. Thomas Lockart, a police offic... [more]
The Storyteller was a television series produced by Jim Henson, the creator of The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock, in ... [more]
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