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City: Brisbane

I'm a full time mum and part time writer living in Queensland. I love tea, chickens, fairies and all things book related.

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My WeekendNotes - 854
If you enjoy drinking herbal tea*, you can make your own at home. Many herbs that can be used for tea can be easily grow... [more]
Have you ever wanted to try some bush tucker? These 5 plants are food producing Australian natives that you can grow in ... [more]
If you fancy a ready supply of fruit you probably can't get at your local fruit shop, and you have a bit of space in you... [more]
In the wake of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Michelle Gellar spreading misinformation about topics like... [more]
Help NASA analyse more than 1.5 million images taken by astronauts at the International Space Station! NASA is wo... [more]
Bats get a bit of a bad rap, being associated with scary things like vampires and viruses, but many people don't know wh... [more]
Only Dead on the Inside is a guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse for parents. It provides helpful tips on fleei... [more]
Have you ever wondered whether you have extra sensory perception or psychic powers? This module from the James Randi... [more]
Despite a general scientific consensus that vaccines are safe and effective and an important tool for the prevention... [more]
Now that Spring has arrived you might be seeing a few visitors to your Brisbane garden. The average suburban Bri... [more]
As a busy mum I don't have as much time to sit down and read as I used to. I've found audio books a godsend because ... [more]
Growing up as a fan of fantasy and science fiction novels I found it hard to find strong female characters to look u... [more]
I was fortunate to receive an invitation to 'Magnificent Piano', a concert performed by the Queensland Symphony Orch... [more]
17/03/2023 - 18/03/2023
Single, successful Kate is worried about her best friend, Andy, who seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth.... [more]
When Millie, homeless and desperate, lands a job as a live in housekeeper for a wealthy family, she thinks it must b... [more]
Wren goes off on her own to rescue her father, and the gang try to reach her while also running from other participa... [more]
A young documentary filmmaker accompanies two biologists as they journey into the bush to record the population of d... [more]
Warning: Spoilers follow. Episode 6 ended with Jaya trapped in a burning house and Ashley lying at the bottom o... [more]
Thale and her family have just moved from Oslo to a small town in Norway, where her mother works as a police officer... [more]
Six weeks have passed, with no further drama caused by Red Rose, and Wren and her friends are starting to think abou... [more]
Volume 3 of Bad Machinery returns to small, but mystery filled, town of Tackleford. Jack and Shauna are spending a l... [more]
The gang wake to find a countdown on each of their phones, ending at midnight. At Jaya's urging, they decide to turn... [more]
When Inotu and Boetema's parents go away for work, leaving the two teenagers to fend for themselves for a while, Ino... [more]
Don't Tell the Bride is an Australian reality TV series, based on the British series of the same name. In each episode, ... [more]
Warning: Minor spoiler ahead. Wren and her friends receive a mysterious message asking them to come to Manchest... [more]
In the wake of Rochelle's death, Wren resolves to find out what happened to her, even if it means playing along with... [more]
Rob Anderson wakes up naked in a lift on his wedding day. He has no idea how he got into this predicament and is alr... [more]
Haunted by the image of her dead mother, Rochelle grows increasingly desperate. The Red Rose app continues to play m... [more]
This drama tells the story of the oldest student dormitory in Kyoto, which is student-run and still keeps the spir... [more]
15/12/2022 - 15/03/2023
Delilah Green has made a life for herself in New York working as a photographer. She didn't plan on ever returning t... [more]
I like a movie with a time loop, where a character, or multiple characters, are stuck living the same day, or time perio... [more]
Wren and Rochelle are part of a group of students who have just finished school. Wren and most of her friends have s... [more]
Hotel California is a collection of short mystery stories by various authors. As with any anthology, some stories ar... [more]
Jen lives in a world where everyone gets a superpower on reaching adulthood, but her 18th birthday came and went wit... [more]
British comedian Miranda Hart (from Call the Midwife and Miranda) found exercising by going to the gym or a fitness ... [more]
Luke and Tanner are two childhood friends, now in their thirties, who are starting to feel like life has passed them... [more]
When Mildred wins a magic pencil at the carnival, she tries to draw the dog she dreams of owning. Unfortunately, her... [more]
Griswalds Grammar School, in the town of Keane End, Tackleford, is the home of not one, but two teams of children wh... [more]
Snow, Glass, Apples is a graphic novel adapted by illustrator Colleen Doran from the short story by Neil Gaiman (a... [more]
Goody was turned into a vampire in the 1800s by her 'Stem', Ciccerus. She lives in modern day New York with Stacy, a... [more]
After the events of Sharktopus vs Pteracuda (the second film in the franchise), Sharktopus is still out there, somew... [more]
Ilsbeth Clark was young and beautiful when she married a wealthy landowner. When several local children disappeared,... [more]
An angry nun summons the devil to possess a shark. Chaos ensues. Shark Exorcist (2015) was written and directed by D... [more]
I thought I'd have a little personal film festival and bring to your attention a collection of killer shark movies. Thes... [more]
Scarlett is a young archelogist and cryptographer who is continuing her late father's search for the philosopher's s... [more]
When Sarah, a young woman dissatisfied with her life, learns that she is dying, she arranges to have a clone made to... [more]
Fifteen year old Enn's more confident friend, Vic, persuades him to come to a party to meet some girls. However, the... [more]
Three couples plan a weekend getaway at a cabin in the middle of nowhere: Mako, self absorbed CEO of a tech com... [more]
After her mother's death and the breakdown of her relationship with her father, Jen is feeling alone. Then to Jen's ... [more]
An alien is sent to Earth to collect data on humans. It lands on the outskirts of a small desert town in America whe... [more]
After a pandemic killed the majority of the population suddenly one Tuesday afternoon, Del believes he is the last m... [more]
Kate Mandell takes a job as a live-in governess caring for two orphaned children at an isolated country mansion. She lea... [more]
This is the second volume of Moonstruck, an adorable comic about Julie and Chet, two mythological creatures who work... [more]
I Wanna Dance With Somebody is a musical film based on the life of the legendary pop singer and actor Whitney Housto... [more]
Since Jeff Mackenzie lost his job, he and his wife Pam are down on their luck and need to sell their house. They hav... [more]
Are you stuck for ideas as to what to get for the bookworm in your life for Christmas or their birthday? While book love... [more]
1. Night Teeth (2021) Benny, a young man living in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles steps in for a night in place of hi... [more]
Eve is a single mother trying to rebuild her life after the unexpected death of her father and the breakdown of her ... [more]
Mack is the sole survivor of a massacre. Homeless and alone, she is offered the chance to take part in a hide and se... [more]
Maren is a teenage girl who lives in a trailer park in Virginia with her father. At nearly eighteen she starts to re... [more]
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles track Shredder and the Foot Clan to Gotham City, where they learn that they have te... [more]
If you have a December birthday, you might share it with one of these famous writers. December 2 - Ann Patchett ... [more]
Celebrating its 10h anniversary this year, Monster Fest is a celebration of the weird and wonderful in cinema. There... [more]
08/12/2022 - 11/12/2022
Our journey continues with three more Sandra movies, two from the late 90s and one pretty recent. Apologies, but there i... [more]
After being expelled from her high school for injuring a group of boys who bullied her brother, Wednesday Addams is ... [more]
Drea is a scholarship student at an expensive high school who becomes an outcast when her boyfriend leaks a nude vid... [more]
Stacy is a baker in Chicago, who finds out a week before Christmas that her assistant, Kevin, entered her into a bak... [more]
Harry Watling, a vicar, is asked by his troubled young verger to hide a memory stick full of pornography. The memory sti... [more]
The Australian Skeptics National Convention 2022 is happening on the weekend of December 3-4 at the National Library... [more]
03/12/2022 - 04/12/2022
Fancy doing something different in December? These five special days will give you an excuse. December 1 - Eat a Red ... [more]
Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord) is feeling down, so Mantis decides to give him a Christmas present to cheer him up. She ... [more]
Australia does genre films well, including horror. Instead of focusing on old classics, or more recent hugely popular mo... [more]
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