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City: Sydney

I love writing, art, music, food, finance, hanging out with my favourites & being a productive night owl.
PS Cats are the best! :)

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My WeekendNotes - 191
Only very special places can make you feel like it's the weekend on a week day. After all, as nice as it is to spend lei... [more]
MasterChef lovers will absolutely adore this event. For the third year in a row, celebrity chefs are putting togethe... [more]
05/10/2012 - 07/10/2012
I love eating out with my friends and can't really imagine a lifestyle in which I wouldn't be able to do that. The issue... [more]
Media surrounds us in every form. New content sprouts from all of the corners of the internet every day, meaning that we... [more]
Gaming is an amazing activity that unfortunately doesn't always combine effectively with other aspects of life, such... [more]
Having hobbies is an important part of anyone's life. It is not only important to have hobbies so that you can stay sa... [more]
Do you work in the Sydney CBD? Or are you perhaps lucky enough to live there? You want to exercise so badly, but you'r... [more]
Do you love high tea? How about Sydney Harbour Cruises? If you love those, then it only makes sense to go on a Sydney ... [more]
Glamping is an awesome way to get away from it all, see the wild and still enjoy the luxuries of home. It stands to re... [more]
Dancing is a fantastic way to work out and if you get bored easily, is far more entertaining than the gym. If you live... [more]
Sydney has so much to offer for artistic souls. There are so many different forms of art, and it stands that we can't al... [more]
Some amazing people make art by upcycling furniture or reusing items that they already have. If you're able to produce a... [more]
It's surprising how many shampoos and conditioners there are for treated hair, but how little there are for natural ... [more]
It's no secret that most of us use Google all the time. Google Maps is just amazing. Whenever Google Maps leads me the r... [more]
Have you met Stacey Dooley? If you haven't heard of her, pop right over to YouTube and type in "Stacey Dooley Investigat... [more]
Almost anything can be a fun game if you're drinking, especially if it is with fantastic and lively people. What truly m... [more]
1. Eat Better Food If you love to eat junk food, this might be the most difficult tip for you to take on board. Junk ... [more]
If you've come here, you must have either finished what you're watching or are on the verge of doing so. You're looking ... [more]
If you're thinking of starting a little garden but you live in an apartment with a balcony and think it's impossible... [more]
Recently, I compiled a list of dance schools in the North Shore and it was published on WeekendNotes. One reader asked m... [more]
British television has such an amazing flavour. Apart from the adorable accents, some of it seems to have a raw twist. R... [more]
In NSW, the law requires those who serve alcohol to do so responsibly. In a bid to make this happen, everyone who wa... [more]
Dancing is one of my favourite ways of exercising, and I find it much more exciting than the gym. If you live in the Eas... [more]
If you're looking to hire a boat for fishing in Sydney or have some fun in the water, then I suggest you keep reading. M... [more]
Are you feeling a little bit curious and restless? Or perhaps you're just a little bit bored and looking for the next fu... [more]
Are you looking for a new way to get moving? Dancing is such a fun and fabulous way to exercise. Gym bunnies, I'm so... [more]
Do you ever have those moments, when you're just so tired, physically or emotionally, that you want to watch something t... [more]
A taboo topic for many of us, especially given how much scrutiny the finance industry has faced (and with good reason). ... [more]
It's always a little bit scary booking a hotel for a holiday, even if it is just a trip for a few days. After all, i... [more]
You may or may not love Google for its technological advances. I personally do, and that's why I use many Google tools. ... [more]
Balmoral Beach is in Sydney's lower north shore, in the Mosman precinct. As you can see in the photograph, it is bea... [more]
If you're a cheese connoisseur but have no idea about wine, join the club. I too am (was) exactly like that. It you'... [more]
How blessed are we to have all of the delicious eateries that we do, here in Sydney? You can make a game out of explorin... [more]
Don't you just love it when St Leonards gets a new cafe right next to the station? I do! Flying Egg is a new swanky ... [more]
I thought I'd start my article from down here so that you could enjoy the beautiful view from the Loft for a moment.... [more]
I'm trying to keep these ideas away from the television and the ice-rink. As fun as those are, they're probably amon... [more]
One of the reasons I went to Melbourne this time 'round was to see the Vincent Van Gogh exhibition at the National G... [more]
28/04/2017 - 09/07/2017
I've recently heard a fantastic analogy about our Sydney vs Melbourne situation, comparing us to the United States o... [more]
17/01/2017 - 15/10/2017
We are so lucky to live in our beautiful country. It has so much to offer in the form of nature and relaxation. Desp... [more]
I went to Mini Pot with the expectation that hopefully the Chatswood restaurant will measure up to my standard of th... [more]
If you're anything like me, you probably spend your week cooped up in an office, waiting for the weekends to come ar... [more]
I'm not the world's biggest sweet tooth, but even I couldn't walk past the Chocolateria San Churro at Bondi Beach. This ... [more]
Look no further than Katipo Coffee House Deluxe for a delicious meal and delightful coffee. Located on Bondi Rd, this is... [more]
I remember the first time I walked into Russkis Deli many years ago. I was a small child and everything seemed mildly da... [more]
Whichever sleepy day you choose to visit the lovely OneSixNine Café, make sure that you're in the mood for a delicious... [more]
My Chinese friend took me to this restaurant and warned me that it would be different to the others that I have eaten at... [more]
If you're looking for a cheap Japanese feed in the Eastern Suburbs, look no further than Ramen Kan at Bondi Junction. Un... [more]
Even if you love your favourite argileh place, sometimes it's time for a change – even if it is temporary. If you're... [more]
Don't you hate it when you feel like having a little bit of shisha, hookah, or argileh if you prefer to call it that... [more]
Imagine yourself walking down on a typical Bondi Beach evening that meets you with its picturesque sunset. You're hu... [more]
As most Randwick-Residers are aware, the Spot is a fairly competitive destination when it comes to getting something to ... [more]
Even if you're not usually a cocktails sort of person, Kuleto's is definitely an establishment that you must try out – e... [more]
Although I have previously written a review about Sushi Train, I have to write about this amazing dish. Found at Bond... [more]
Mizuya Japanese Restaurant and Karaoke Bar is not your usual Japanese restaurant. I absolutely adore Japanese cuisine an... [more]
In the past, I've been criticised for being too positive with my reviews. I am always honest and usually avoid writing n... [more]
Whether you travel to work, university, or for leisure – there are many things that we don't like about public transport... [more]
Every single time I come to Delicious, I receive a delightful meal. Even when it looked like it was a bit too full, ... [more]
We've all gone to places that have surprised us with either how wonderful or terrible the service was. Often the custome... [more]
Montparnasse Café Restaurant is a fantastic gem at the Spot. Every time I dine there, the service is fantastic and t... [more]
Take a journey to the darker side of Sydney's crime history, through the eyes of the police. This quaint little buil... [more]
Ingredients 5 medium or 4 large brown onions 3-4 cloves of garlic 40-60 grams of butter 1.5 – 2L Beef stock (use c... [more]
If you're walking along Kingsford, you too might be tempted by the alluring aroma of Mochi Dessert Cafe - and with good ... [more]
Let me just start by saying that I have eaten delicious African food at a restaurant that has shut down, so I am not com... [more]
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