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City: Melbourne

I'm studying Philosophy at the University of Melbourne.

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My WeekendNotes - 175
Whether we're covering it in layers of concealing clothes or displaying it shamelessly, people have always been fascinat... [more]
Perhaps the one praiseworthy characteristic of the human race is our ability to turn the most sordid indulgence into hig... [more]
A night out on the town wouldn't be complete without Melbourne's busking community. We've all walked down Swanston Stree... [more]
Nudism: we all practice it, some just wear clothes on top. Even in situations where clothes are unnecessarily restri... [more]
Here's a secret about human nature: sometimes people just want to show off. Give them an incredible meal for free a... [more]
Ask anyone what the best city in Australia is, and chances are they'll name their home city. Sydneysiders say Sydne... [more]
How many crimes must a person commit in their life? It's a tricky philosophical question, but the answer probably sits ... [more]
There's a common saying that a person's worth can be measured by how many laws they've broken. By this measure, though,... [more]
Thornbury is kind of like Melbourne's hipster middle child. Sandwiched between the self-conscious coffee shop culture of... [more]
Five minutes into the show, Romeo pulls an audience member on-stage and hands him a cold beer. The entire cast, includin... [more]
13/02/2015 - 15/03/2015
Everyone knows about Melbourne's popular cafes. Brunetti's is referenced frequently in articles about Melbourne, as is t... [more]
If there's anything that's distinctively Melbournian it's our tendency to go out for breakfast. It combines our richly d... [more]
Since last year, the coffee landscape at Melbourne University has gone through some major upheavals. James Murphy, the c... [more]
It's tempting to think that nudism is about showing off your naked body, but that's a common misconception. For most nud... [more]
The Temperamentals is a play about the founding of the Mattachine Society, the first serious pro-gay rights society in t... [more]
17/01/2014 - 01/02/2014
In the world of Agatha Christie, death is never very far away. A Murder is Announced opens with the reported death of th... [more]
01/11/2013 - 04/12/2013
The Tempest was the last play William Shakespeare ever wrote. With that in mind, it's understandable that he used it as ... [more]
10/10/2013 - 19/10/2013
Sometimes it's tempting to view the Fringe Festival as a kind of giant lens where artworks and performances are given a ... [more]
19/09/2013 - 05/10/2013
For pre-civilisation human beings, life was pretty much one long series of day trips. We evolved to live with changing s... [more]
Although the words 'sports' and 'culture' rarely sit comfortably together in a sentence, Melbourne's sports culture is o... [more]
10/07/2013 - 25/08/2013
As every cyclist knows, riding in traffic means taking your life into your own hands. Commuting by bicycle might not be ... [more]
Security professionals or bodyguards, as they're more commonly known warn their clients that falling into a routine ... [more]
So you meet someone. You're getting along really well going to movies together, hanging out and talking and you thin... [more]
We're all painfully familiar with the difference between what we ought to do and what we feel like doing. Eating a healt... [more]
If you're lost in the desert and need a source of water badly, follow the birds. The same principle holds for finding go... [more]
For many people, Valentine's Day is the most terrifying day of the year. Whether you're single and looking to stave off ... [more]
In our palatial first-world lives the most dangerous enemy is stress. Not just irritating and draining, stress can aggra... [more]
Scientists have proven that human beings need regular holidays to survive and flourish. Probably. But we also have time ... [more]
Here's a riddle: how is Icelandic geology like nudism in Brisbane? On the surface it's plain and rocky, but underneath a... [more]
The long battle for dominance between the hipsters and businessmen over the city centre of Melbourne is over, and the bu... [more]
An enterprising Australian nudist might look at Europe with a burning envy. In a part of the world where any body parts ... [more]
The legality of nude bathing is a tricky topic in Australia. Because of conflicts between federal law and state law, not... [more]
Despite the best efforts of religious lobby groups and the Herald Sun, nudism is alive and well in Melbourne. And while ... [more]
Any city that's been around for as long as Melbourne is bound to pick up some supernatural baggage. Ignoring the secret ... [more]
For five years Kere Kere has been many things: a successful Melbourne University coffee shop, a source of employment for... [more]
Section 23 of the 1953 Summary Offences Act prohibits "indecent behaviour and gross indecency", with a maximum penalty o... [more]
Section 9 of the 2005 Queensland Summary Offences Act prohibits "wilful exposure", with a penalty of twelve months' impr... [more]
According to Section 5 of the Summary Offences Act of 1988, "wilful and obscene exposure" carries a maximum penalty of s... [more]
Much to everybody's relief, winter doesn't last forever. When the rain outside is the size of golf balls, it might b... [more]
Spring is the silly season, where it's warm enough to leave your gloves at home but not quite warm enough yet for ev... [more]
It's hard to get back into the swing of things after a break. Sometimes it helps to just do something you've never d... [more]
Spring is the silly season, where it's warm enough to leave your gloves at home but not quite warm enough yet for ev... [more]
Section 203 of the Western Australia Criminal Code prohibits "indecent acts in public", with a maximum criminal penalty ... [more]
It's been a chilly few months. That's always the worst time of year, even in sunny Brisbane. The beaches are too col... [more]
According to the Summary Offences Act of 1966 the part of Victorian law that covers indecent exposure it is illegal ... [more]
If 'Coca-Cola' is the most recognised word in the world, then McDonald's golden arches would have to be the most recogni... [more]
Every city has its myths: implausible tales of murderers and ghosts set in familiar streets and tailored to a famili... [more]
Every city has its myths: implausible tales of murderers and ghosts set in familiar streets and tailored to a famili... [more]
Every city has its folklore: implausible tales of conspiracies and the occult set in familiar streets and tailored t... [more]
Every city has its legends: implausible tales of conspiracies and the occult set in familiar streets and tailored to... [more]
Every city has its myths: implausible tales of murderers and ghosts set in familiar streets and tailored to a famili... [more]
It's time to put on your Sunday best and get into Melbourne. Plenty of people have the odd day out in the city, but ... [more]
Melbourne's a busy city. If you believe every piece of advice given to confused tourists, you'd have to spend a whol... [more]
The typical travel advice for people taking a holiday in NSW go to Sydney, the oldest and largest city in Australi... [more]
Sydney is Australia's most popular tourist destination, and with good reason. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydn... [more]
Most doctors agree that exercise is preferable to stewing in your own filth. Right, you might think, that settles it... [more]
According to psychologists, stress isn't just uncomfortable but potentially deadly. If we didn't take the occasional... [more]
Perth is a city with suspiciously good weather. Unlike, say, Melbourne, which is perpetually rainy during most of th... [more]
Stress builds up over time if it's not released at intervals, and there's no better way to relieve stress than to ta... [more]
Queensland is full of beaches, national parks, and assorted natural attractions. It's an ideal holiday destination f... [more]
Between Easter, Christmas, Anzac Day and a dozen long weekends, the Australian year contains plenty of opportunities... [more]
Lent is a time when Christians practice self-denial in preparation for Holy Week, giving up at least one luxury for ... [more]
The period of Lent is forty-six days long, beginning on Ash Wednesday - the 22nd of February, this year - and ending... [more]
The greatest things in life, of course, are getting food and getting naked. You might consider it a tragedy that doi... [more]
People who haven't spent much time in Adelaide - or, less charitably, snobs - often charge Adelaide's food culture w... [more]
Melbourne's known for 'four seasons' weather: days that combine summer heat, winter chill, spring rains and autumn w... [more]
It's easy to find lists of places you've simply got to visit in Perth. Too easy, in fact. After a certain point the c... [more]
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