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City: Perth

Writer, storyteller.
Still searching for the perfect breakfast.

Founder of Fundraising Mums (

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My WeekendNotes - 664 - Page 9
1. Baskin Robbins was opened in the mid 1940s by Irvine Robbins and Burton Baskin. 2. Different countries have differ... [more]
Welcome to the 11th edition of the Secret List: a collection of fun and unusual things to do with your kids in Perth thi... [more]
My mum laughs when I talk about babycinos. 'We never had those when you were a kid,' she says. True, but they also didn'... [more]
What scares you the most? A) a poisonous snake B) a hairy spider C) a knife-wielding zombie or D) a teenage girl? ... [more]
Sydney does many things well. The weather. Water views. Yum cha. Sitting bang smack on top of the Sydney Fish Markets... [more]
Maybe it's just where I live (Perth) but where I come from you don't tend to take your kids to the pub. So when my frien... [more]
I love Sydney because people are happy to recommend restaurants to you. In Perth, people are reluctant because if the fo... [more]
Welcome to the tenth edition of the Secret List. A list of fun, different and unusual things to do with your kids in Pe... [more]
The sea levels are rising, we are running out of water, there is a hole in the ozone layer, we are all going to die horr... [more]
You know when you go to restaurant and there are ten thousand things on the menu and you don't want any of them? Paris C... [more]
Nobu is like a ballet: precise, refined and choreographed. The effortless perfection which appears in front of you is th... [more]
Fast Eddy's has been a late night fixture in Perth since the late 1970s, and I remember visiting the one in Perth City i... [more]
At first glance, the art installation on the wall outside Caffissimo at the Art Gallery (aka The Art Gallery café), is a... [more]
Ladies, long before there was Manolo and Jimmy, high heels used to be the domain of the lesser sex. That's right - men i... [more]
It may sound like the place where Rat and Mole got together to cause mischief, but it's not. Based on the Japanese and Z... [more]
Queenslanders are having a tough couple of years, first with floods then cyclones and then more floods. What happens if ... [more]
McDougall Park in Como happens to be the park closest to where my Grandma lived, which means I spent a lot of my childho... [more]
In so many cafes and restaurants, the courtyard is an afterthought; merely a space where a few wrought iron tables are p... [more]
Completely updated for 2018 Everyone knows the saying 'to give the shirt off your back'. But what if a shirt is all y... [more]
Welcome to the ninth edition of the Secret List. A list of fun, different and unusual things to do with your kids in Pe... [more]
01/02/2013 - 28/02/2013
I don't know the exact number of times you must visit a place before you can call yourself a 'regular', but I have been ... [more]
You're a good person. You want to help people: it's just that you don't have any spare cash. No worry, you won't end up ... [more]
Sometimes you really want to give back, but you have no money to actually give. Perhaps you have an old pair of pres... [more]
Hands up who made some New Year's Resolutions this year? Well I can't help you lose weight, get that boy you think i... [more]
Picture this. A cherubic little baby sits alone in an empty room. She is wearing little more than a nappy and a smile. A... [more]
To reach for the brass ring is to strive for one's best, or reach for the unattainable. It's a rather old-fashioned phra... [more]
We can't all be Nigella Lawson. For a start, no one in the real world can lick that many spoons and not end up the size ... [more]
Sometimes cafes and restaurants look a little uninspiring from the front: you can walk past and not even notice they are... [more]
When I was growing up in Perth and looking for a take-away meal, we had the choice of Chinese, chicken and pizza. Fast f... [more]
Welcome to the eighth edition of the Secret List. A list of fun, different and unusual things to do with your kids each... [more]
01/01/2013 - 31/01/2013
Somehow I found myself offering to host a Christmas Party for my daughter and all her pre-primary friends. Ten little gi... [more]
'First impressions are a funny thing…' intones the voice of the unseen narrator in the children's DVD Lost and Found. In... [more]
I totally get that kids' shows are meant to be educational. Useful lessons like 'don't run with sticks' and 'always brus... [more]
When I was a kid we had some awesome neighbours who would invite us around for Steamboat. She would place a simmering po... [more]
Sometimes you find the most incredible things where you least expect. It's always when you aren't looking and you find y... [more]
Welcome to the seventh edition of the Secret List. A list of fun, different and unusual things to do with your kids eac... [more]
01/12/2012 - 31/12/2012
Forget about raising kids, writing my novel, or saving the planet, sometimes I think my purpose on earth is to find the ... [more]
It's all about your perspective. Whether you see something as rude or merely a misunderstanding can sometimes be a ma... [more]
It's easy to assume that a place like the Hard Rock Café will just be one giant cliché. It's easy to assume the staff wi... [more]
One of the good things about being friends with the locals when you are visiting far-flung cities, is that usually they ... [more]
It reminded me of my Grandma's House. If my Grandma had been taking acid. A gorgeous old cottage, gutted to fit in a fun... [more]
Recently, my husband and I – who are normally quite sane – thought it would be a good idea to take our three children ac... [more]
Do you remember what it used to be like travelling to far-off cities before you had kids? You could jump in and out of c... [more]
The plates themselves were rough and rustic. Mottled grey and brown colours, irregular edges, a jagged vein of clay runn... [more]
Let's be clear. Bean sprouts do NOT belong on a pizza. Even if you are trying to be healthy. Or arty. Or you want to... [more]
If you've got a sizeable family and have the bucks to spend, then Meriton World Tower might be the place you are looking... [more]
Kids: we love 'em, but travelling with them makes for a logistical nightmare. When you have small children, you are ... [more]
Every now and then you are at a restaurant, you look at the dessert menu and you feel totally uninspired. Same old choco... [more]
I wonder what it's like having a reputation that constantly means words like 'icon' and 'famous' and 'must-visit' are th... [more]
I had high hopes for the Master, the new film by Paul Thomas Anderson starring Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffma... [more]
09/11/2012 - 09/12/2012
Welcome to the sixth edition of the Secret List. A list of fun, different and unusual things to do with your kids each ... [more]
01/11/2012 - 30/11/2012
Forget facial hair, November is the month for novel writing. NaNoWriMo may be a very awkward way of saying National Nov... [more]
01/11/2012 - 30/11/2012
I picked up the phone to call reception. 'Can you recommend a good fish and chip shop in Busselton?' I asked the woman m... [more]
It's a bit difficult to venture within 100 kilometres of Margaret River and not actually visit the Margaret River Chocol... [more]
When I suggested to my friend we have dinner at the Hyde Park Hotel, he looked sceptical. He remembered what it used to... [more]
The south west is dotted with family oriented resorts, all with self-contained cabins or units, pools and playgrounds, e... [more]
When you think of life in the country you probably think of cows and sheep, mud and hay, lakes and wildflowers. But do y... [more]
Are you one of those people who tend to eat the same food, at the same place? Or if you go somewhere new, you order the ... [more]
It's nice to know that bang in the middle of Perth, surrounded by constant development and noise, Herdsman Lake hasn't c... [more]
Anyone who lives within cooee of a kid under twelve probably already knows that it is not long til Christmas. The first... [more]
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