Q and A - Prinnie Stevens

Q and A - Prinnie Stevens


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Thu 04 Mar 2021 - Sun 07 Mar 2021

Australia's own RnB Soul artist Prinnie Stevens is ready to wow Adelaide Fringe Festival audiences with the world premiere of Lady Sings the Blues. Incorporating elements of storytelling, cabaret, and music into this intimate and eclectic show, Prinnie hopes to inspire her audiences with a sense of empowerment. Expect to see a performance that will bring together a carefully-selected playlist of songs to capture the essence of the journeys of women of colour.

Having co-written and produced the show, Prinnie's debut performance at Adelaide Fringe 2021 will run for a limited series of just four nights at the oldest standing theatre - the majestic Queens Theatre. In anticipation of her participation at the Adelaide Fringe, I was able to chat with Prinnie about her show - have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Can you please tell us a bit about yourself, Prinnie?
Prinnie: I'm a singer/dancer/ actress that prides myself on not just performing but telling heartfelt stories through song. I have done TV, film, musical theatre, pop RnB Soul and have lived a full musical life that I'm now wanting to share with the world.

Tema: What is your show Lady Sings the Blues about?
Prinnie: The show is about women, their pains and hardships and how they have used music not only to tell their stories but to heal. If didn't have music, I would be in a very different place in my life. It has saved me and so many before me.

Tema: What motivated you to come up with the concept of the show?
Prinnie: The world is changing. For women, for people of colour, for anyone that doesn't fit within the confines of this world. But it's an exciting time to be a part of, to see individuals thrive in their uniqueness unapologetically. I want to speak on the stories behind the songs that were released when times were not so liberal! I also hope to speak their truths and bring them into the now!

Tema: Can you please tell us a bit about the selected singers whose covers you will be performing for the purposes of your show?
Prinnie: When I say Billie to Beyonce, I literally mean that! I open with Billie Holiday - a career that battled segregation, addiction and racism and then I close with Beyoncé who has taken her fame and used it to make political statements to bring to light the issues that still exist within the world today. Along with others who have done the same: Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Etta James, Diana Ross, Chaka Khan and more.

Tema: What do you hope for your audiences to experience from attending your show?
Prinnie: I want to challenge my audience. I want to leave them with questions that they need to answer and apply to their everyday life. I want them to walk out woke!

Tema: What encouraged you to apply for a spot in the Adelaide Fringe?
Prinnie: I have done many, many shows and tours in Adelaide! I love Adelaide but have never been a part of the festival. I am very proud to be world-premiering this show in Adelaide. The audiences are like no other city - they truly love cabaret and have seen the world's best. The Fringe creates a true buzz in town that I want to be a part of.

Tema: Is there a reason why you decided to do a limited run of your show (March 4 - 7) at the Adelaide Fringe?
Prinnie: It's an intimate show, for a limited season. Deliberately. It has purpose and meaning. It is a powerful show, and will be taxing on me each and every night.

Tema: What about the Queens Theatre in particular attracted you to the venue?
Prinnie: It's the Queens! What better place to sing a night full of women than at the Queens Theatre - it's so fitting! It also has a history and a presence that I know will only add to the electricity of the show.

Tema: How has COVID-19 shaped your passion for the performing arts?
Prinnie: It has strengthened my love and passion for what I do. I appreciate every single performance and due to restrictions and limited numbers, it has forced me to go back to my first love - cabaret. It's where I started and where I'm most comfortable! And man, it feels good!

Tema: What are you hoping to achieve from your participation at Adelaide Fringe?
Prinnie: I just want to be a part of the buzz that it creates here in Adelaide. I also want to fill a space I believe has not been done before. I can't wait for audiences to come and experience soul and blues with a whole lot of heart and purpose!

Tema: In addition to running your own show, what are some other shows that have caught your interest this season that you hope to attend?
Prinnie: I recently starred in HAIR the musical alongside Hugh Sheridan, whom I adore! I can't wait to see him in his high energy show HUGHMAN . Paulini was also in the same production and I'm looking forward to seeing her shake her groove thing with TIMOMATIC in their Disco bonanza !

Tema: Is there anything else that you'd like us to know about yourself and the show?
Prinnie: I am looking forward to seeing audiences in Adelaide from March 4th to 7th! Expect a night of female songs that will make you smile, make you laugh and make you want to dance! Hit after hit after hit!

Lady Sings The Blues will be performed at the Queens Theatre from March 4 - 7, 2021, as part of the Adelaide Fringe. Tix can be purchased here .

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