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Princess Thai


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If you are near the Clayfield or Airport area and are craving a bit of Thai, is the place to go. They are popular with takeaways as well but it would be a shame not to dine in the beautiful seating area where you will be treated like royalty.

The restaurant has parking areas right in front and is off the main Sandgate Road. If you stop by for dinner (like we did), you will be greeted by a large building with a thatched hut-style roof, lots of romantic blue lights, and a glimpse into the beautiful décor inside.

The walls are adorned with paintings and sculptures and photographs of Thai royalty. We thought we had stepped into a grand, expensive restaurant but a quick glimpse at the menu proved that prices were actually quite reasonable.

Our waitress New greeted us warmly and brought us to our seats next to a giant wooden Thai painting and shimmering glass that reminded us of an icy cold waterfall. Rattan chairs and drop-down chandelier-like lighting added to the holiday atmosphere. You can almost forget that you are just off the bustling main Sandgate Road.

We ordered the deep fried soft shell crab ($8.90) as an entrée, green curry chicken ($16.90) and BBQ chicken served with special sauce ($17.90) as our mains. The deep fried soft shell crab was delicious. Soft shell crabs are normally quite hard to find and this crispy, tasty entrée in particular was definitely enjoyable. If you really like soft shell crabs, you can order them as mains as well either soft shell crab curry stir fried ($20.90) or soft shell crab with salt and pepper ($20.90).

I was a bit hesitant at first when my dining partner ordered the barbeque chicken as I wanted to taste authentic Thai food and I was worried it may end up tasting like ordinary barbeque sauce. My worries were unfounded as the chicken had a distinct Thai flavour to it. It reminded me of Thailand's famous pandan chicken, just without the pandan leaves, and it was rich in spices and taste.

[ADVERT]Unfortunately, we did not enjoy the green curry very much. Perhaps it was because I have tasted better in other restaurants or because the other two dishes raised my expectations. However, two hits out of three is enough to make me want to come back. I

haven't come across some of their more interesting dishes in the Chef Speciality menu before, such as salmon larb (grilled salmon topped with lemon juice, chilli, grounded rice and thai herbs) and salmon in Choo Chee Curry and will try these out next time.

offer a delivery service as well for $5 if you do not want to leave your house. They sometimes run promotions with a buy one main, get one free coupon and unlike some establishments, they actively promote that they accept them at their front counter.

All in all, a wonderful dining experience at 752 Sandgate Road Clayfield, Brisbane. You can call them on 07 3262 4794 if you want to make a reservation or visit their website .

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