Princes of the Night - Crown Melbourne - Review

Princes of the Night - Crown Melbourne - Review


Posted 2023-08-23 by Jenfollow

Sat 26 Aug 2023 - Sat 16 Dec 2023

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Princes of the Night at Crown Melbourne , 8 Whiteman St, Southbank, have relaunched and are celebrating their 21 years of longevity at the casino and entertainment complex. They return with a fresh cast and a show that celebrates their past while giving you a glimpse into their future. Be sure to Book early to see this fresh new lineup for the rest of the year. They've already sold out the 19 Aug tickets, so your next glimpse will be 26 August, 2023 onwards, with shows every Saturday from 26 Aug to 16 December this year. Keep in mind with the festive season upcoming, and the warmer weather bringing on more weddings (more hen's nights), get in early and book the dates you want so as not to be disappointed. Stay in touch via their Facebook page for updates, and get to know this new cast. Crown is always super strict about ID before entering a show, so be sure to bring a valid one eg. driver's licence etc.

Always a pleasure to be greeted by the wonderful Juliette at the door, who is engaging, effervescent, and definitely the cheer squad and MC with the mostest of the night. She's the glue that keeps it all together with her professionalism that's a little bit naughty and nice on stage that ensures things run smoothly and seamlessly. She has the greatest introductions that gets the crowd hyped up and ready for the boys. A show that's very entertaining, it's best viewed with happy, party people, who know how to have a good time. There's always a few brides-to-be and birthday celebrations in the mix, that get their moment on stage with the Princes. It's no surprise because this is the perfect show for a hen's night and an all girl night out, with girls who just want to have fun, and photo opportunities with the Princes' at the end of the night. With two drinking stations/bars on the premises, you can get refreshed anytime during, after, or during the interval of the show. I do wish they'd sell some snacks like chips and peanuts because there's certainly the customer base on the night. But then again with girls screaming and jaws on the floor, I guess it's no time to think about food.

Two members short on the night (according to Juliette) the six on stage still managed to occupy all of the space on it, dancing, peacocking, teasing, gyrating, and performing their hearts out. Compared to last year's show , I couldn't immediately tell which parts were new - my memory failing me; and also because a lot of last year's show was still a part of the new one. That's not a bad thing as the Princes' walking in as knights is impressive and formidable indeed. All new faces, none I recognised from last year, bar one, were a mixed bag of looks, height, personality and stature that would appeal to the different personalities in the audience, and that they did, judging from the screams and raucous nature of the crowd.

One thing that was obvious, and I did enjoy was that the show of old has moved away from culminating in a strip tease, to a more polished and classy burlesque/cabaret. There was none of that tiresome performance of old, where they'd get up close, face to crotch with an audience member on stage, while wrapped (the performer) in just a towel, which was a little boring and predictable. Having said that, on the night, I did think the performance with the box (I'm not going to spoil it for you by explaining it) was a little stale. Personally, I'd prefer to have seen a scanty peek-a-boo Tarzan-like loin cloth, coupled with a lot of smoulder and tease and moving parts that would set women afire. This is but a small personal opinion of mine, as the crowd spoke otherwise. They were drinking up every bit of the entertainment, and under the master stroke of Juliette at the helm, orchestrating, leading and being suggestive, preparing us all for a good night, you had no hope but to give in to the night and have a good time, and even get up and dance at your seat.

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