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Posted 2014-07-25 by Mila Woodfollow
Theologically, pre-destination is a doctrine that states, that whatever happened in the past, and whatever events that will occur in the future is God's will. Predestination, in a physical perspective, such as a discussion of time travel, can be referred to as fate, destiny or an inevitable event that can happen anywhere and anytime.

This movie is based on a classic story 'All You Zombies' by Robert A. Heinlein and is one of the best short stories of a sci-fi genre that has been written so far. Predestination is a fast movie that leaps into action from 1945 to 1993. It centres on a temporal government agent portrayed by Ethan Hawke, a covert "Temporal Agent" who moonlights as "The Bartender"; a professional who travels through different time zones, pursuing criminals, preventing catastrophes from happening, thus changing history to save lives.

Before he can be 'de-commissioned", his final assignment is to prevent the massacre of 11,000 people, but first he must find a terrorist dubbed "Fizzle Bomber". The story begins when a young man ventures inside a bar. He claims to be a writer for a magazine called True Confession, adapting the pseudonym "The Unmarried Mother" He befriends the "Bartender" and starts confessing his complicated and strange life story. He goes on to say that when "she" was a young girl growing up in an orphanage"!

Yes! This movie is full of exciting twists that will make you take heed and focus on every word she says. The Unmarried Mother says that she always felt different from the rest. She is stronger, more intelligent, and as she grew older, her outstanding ability to be the best at everything she does made her stand out from the rest of her peers.

Then, one day, a couple of representatives from a government agency visited the Orphanage, searching for the best of the best to join their workforce. Unbeknown to the Unmarried Married, it will catapult her into a series of mind-boggling events that can either make or break her spirit.

Predestination is such an exciting theory and this film will fire up your imagination, with a series of twist and turns, intertwining sequences, that will mesmerise and intrigue. This movie is a must watch. For those of you out there who are sci-fi devotees, you will not be disappointed.

Directed by Spierig brothers, these Australian directors, producers and writers were born in Germany. They made their directing debut in 2003 with Undead. Their second film Daybreakers, starring Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe, won the Best Visual Effects at the Australian Film Institute Awards. Their most recent film, Predestination, was filmed in Australia in the spring of 2013.

Ethan Hawke characterisation of "The Bartender" is compelling and mesmerising. The Academy Award winning film Dead Poets Society launched Ethan's career. Twenty years on, he has gained a reputation as an artist who is not afraid to try his hands at anything, thereby earning utmost the respect from his peers.

He is not only an actor but he has also curved a career as a novelist, screenwriter and a director. Ethan had received a Tony Award nomination for his theatre work, as well as Academy Award nominations as an actor and a writer.

"The Unmarried Mother", played by Sarah Snook, is as complex as it gets. The nature of the role calls for both Male and Female. She was born in 1987. Sarah hails from Adelaide, South Australia and has since forged an enviable career in stage, television, and film. In this movie, she indeed plays her role with great conviction.

The rest of the cast are equally great in their chosen roles.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. And although it left me wondering, if I could travel back to December 1980 and, evade an unpleasant experience, would I have turned out to be a better individual as what I am now?

Nevertheless, as a practicing Catholic, I do believe in God's will and "The Great Divine" moulded me for what I have become.

So, make sure you mark the 28th of August on your calendar. And remember, decisions you make today, may shape your future tomorrow.

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