Prague Czech Beer Restaurant

Prague Czech Beer Restaurant


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If you've ever been so hungry you could eat a horse, then perhaps you should pay a visit. They don't have horse on the menu, but they do have huge servings of meat that could fill anyone's stomach. Prague isn't recommended if you're concerned with portion control, but for those nights when you feel like indulging, this could be just the place to go.

They call themselves the Czech Beer Restaurant, but perhaps they should consider the title the Czech Beer & Meat Restaurant. If you're vegetarian, this probably isn't the place to go, and if you're vegan, you have no hope. The main dishes on their vegetarian menu included crumbed edam cheese, baked broccoli (with cheese), and crumbed camembert. It's great if you really like cheese, but probably not topping any vegetarian's list of places to eat.

If you're a meat eater, then you're in luck. Traditional dishes like roast pork neck, beef goulash, roast pork buckle, and golden roasted young duck are all huge servings, and very tasty. There are also other options like schnitzels, stuffed chicken, and a shared meat platter. Unless it is cabbage or potato, then you won't have many vegetables on the side. This aside, Prague do some incredible delicious red cabbage and sauerkraut. If you have room, there is also dessert on offer, with some interesting choices.

Beer is the other important thing on the menu. They have a range of beers on tap, as well as some international bottled beers. For $7.90 you can have a beer tasting, which comes with small serves of four different beers for you to pick a favourite. There are other drinks including some quite tasty cocktails for under $15, alcoholic coffees, and Kopparberg pear cider.

has its downsides, not only is there a small choice in vegetables, but service can be quite slow and the choice of music outside feels a little like they are trying to recreate the feel of a Czech night club. Saying this, everyone is friendly, and the atmosphere is warm, and you definitely won't leave here hungry.

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