Practical Points to Ponder

Practical Points to Ponder


Posted 2020-04-02 by Kate Blakefollow
Nobody likes a crisis but it does force us to examine our values and where we'd prefer to be. Now is the time to reassess, research and reach for the lifestyle that fits you better.

These are crucial practical points to ponder during the lockdown as we deal with our new 'normal'. With so much time on our hands, reviewing these points can be a very healthy constructive distraction.


Diet – check what you stockpiled and reflect on how you usually eat ... is it a balanced diet? Treats are okay but don't over indulge. Now is the time to write up a healthy grocery list. So when the shelves are restocked, you have more control over that impulse buying or the tempting specials that you may not normally eat.

Exercise – we all need it and the internet provides many options to choose from such as yoga, stretching, aerobics, cycling, walking, swimming, dancing, stairs … you may not be able to do all of them during lockdown but it's wise to be doing some daily form of movement. Reconsider your options to build two different forms of exercise into your weekly routine once we escape.

Sleep – anxiety, fear, anger all those disturbing emotions affect our sleep and at this time, we need deeper sleep to boost our immune system. So review your habits and limit your device time especially before sleep. Try to read and relax at the end of the day. Limiting one's caffeine intake also helps eg. coffee, tea, chocolate and alcohol.
Stress Reduction** – we already have our own form of relaxation, from music, gardening, cleaning out cupboards, exercise, yoga, meditation and tai chi. So use yours and try some new ones to keep the monkey mind from being too frantic. Less stress boosts our immune system and this is the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves right now.

Mental Well-Being – those with diagnosis and meds hopefully already have a network and swag of tools for support. This is for those of us feeling the squeeze with things beyond our control, living in such close proximity is not normal, anxiety and fear mount as we hear more bad news. Confusion and doubt can escalate, so please find your way to "chill". Turn off the news, use distraction, positive thoughts and gratitude.


Housing – does your home really suit your lifestyle or do you need to downsize? Time is ripe to do a Marie Condo on your wardrobe, cupboards and shed. Cull sort and organise and have that family discussion – Is the mortgage manageable? Do you have the space required? What are your viable options? ...

Location – is this where you really want to live; Is your regular commute okay? Do you have a sense of community? Are you bushfire/flood safe? These are vital questions. If you have dreamt of relocating, then now is the time to have that discussion without the usual busyness and interruptions of our normal life. Think, talk and work through your priorities.

Employment – ouch, this might be a painful topic right now for many but now is the time to check out further on-line education; contemplate that career change; negotiate conditions that suit your lifestyle better. You've tried working from home, so now you know if you have the discipline needed. Check all your options, work out your priorities and prepare to make viable changes.

Education – Are your children attending the school that suits your budget and location? Would further studies enhance your own career options? Now is the time to search online for free or paid courses to take control and make the changes you'd prefer. Be honest with each other about your sincere ambitions and see if you can find a way to make this happen.

Are you living as sustainably as possible? Minimizing waste, recycling and repurposing.

Goal setting - Last but maybe the most important point.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

What are your dreams and what steps do you need to take to get there. Life is very short with no guarantees, so we need to coordinate and plan where we want to go … career-wise, education, holidays, lifestyle. This is the time to work it all through, in order to take more calculated steps to get where you'd prefer to be.

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