Power Plant Cafe

Power Plant Cafe


Posted 2016-06-25 by Justine de Jongefollow
A lot can be said in a name and is no exception. offers a lengthy menu, all powered by plants. This vegan establishment in Templestowe delivers the plant-based goodies, from tempting short-order lunch choices, to cold-press juices, raw desserts and some of the best coffee in town.

The powerful role that plants play in our daily wellbeing is well-documented and entrenched in our minds, so a stop-off at can ensure you leave well-nourished, revitalised and ready to tackle your busy day. There's ample room in which to sit, from the sun-drenched sprawling floor space indoors, to the sunny decking for those milder days when the weather is tame enough ouside. All the makings for a healthy, empowering and delicious meal prepared with sustainable ingredients.

Living by the law 'more veggies the better' is a ritual I have lived by for as long as I can remember, so the macro bowl suits anyone seeking a veggie boost. The bowl is packed with wilted kale, bright brocolli flowerettes and fluffy brown rice, mashed sweet potato. Added to the meal is a side of almonds and sweet grated beetroo relish, dotted with plump sultanas. The crown of the bowl are strips of marinated tempeh and a petite dish of cashew ginger and miso sauce. The fun and yum is in this dipping sauce - simply fork up a mouthful from the bowl and lightly dip; a fresh and fulfilling way to start any lunch.

For those seeking something a little warmer is the black bean and corn burger, brimming with tomato slices, frilly lettuce leaves and mango salsa. The side of house cut chips is big enough to share with your table guests and chipotle mayo for dipping brings a tasty tingle to the tastebuds.

It's advised to stay a little longer if these lunch choices need some time to digest, and there's plenty to keep you anchored at your table if you're seeking a sneaky sweet treat. Have a leisurely wander over to the counter where a dessert cabinet brimming with choices to set your sweet tooth soaring with delight. If you happen to spot a round of matcha green tea and white chocolate raw cake, don't hesitate and order one right away! A modest round such as this is sure to give you a sweet indulgence without being too big to tackle.

If you feel that you may just share a dessert with your lunch buddy, then scan the menu for a slice of chocolate mousse cake. Demand more than one spoon as you'll feel the need to share. This rich - and decadent - dessert needs to be eaten to be believed. With its light dusting of cacao powder, and garnished with nuggets of honeycomb, edible blooms, rosy strawberry quarters and a smearing of syrup, you'll be left wondering if this dessert is vegan (albeit a little naughty!). All power goes to the vegan food - found and devoured - at !

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