Power Outage Backup Plan

Power Outage Backup Plan


Posted 2021-02-22 by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneofollow
Batteries are so in need during winter power outages. Be prepared. Simply buy batteries ahead of a predicted storm at your local dollar store. You need to have appropriate batteries for:

Flashlights are good to have in case you need to walk up and down steps.

Radios are good to have for communication.

Lanterns are nice to have to light up the whole room.

Clocks are nice especially if you do not have a watch.

There are also other necessities. Be prepared.

Candles are nice to have but I fear they might result in a household fire.

Drinks are good to have because one never knows when the power is going to be out or if your water pipes freeze. Personally, I have a place in my house where I keep seltzer and other drinks.

Food is also a necessity. Of course, have food which is not going to spoil. For example, I keep pretzels.

Work or have something to do especially working on a craft. Doing so takes your mind off of the winter storm. For example, I have a section in my house where I keep scrap fabric wreath supplies. I would rather be productive than to just sit there and worry. How about exercise?

Warm blankets are also needed. I am guilty of not having a warm blanket. The blankets I have found at dollar stores are just too thin for me. I have just reminded myself to search online for a warm blanket.

Have a vape pen if you are a smoker, which is just my opinion.

If you have anxiety, as many people do when there is no power, take deep breaths, think of a place you would love to be. For example, there are times when I think of a quaint cottage or a walk at the beach.

Study hygge and learn how the Danes handle their dark days. They actually celebrate!

I hope that I have helped you in some way. You can do it!

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