Possum Magic @ GPAC

Possum Magic @ GPAC


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Sat 25 May 2013

We all have a favourite book from when we were young children. It was the one that was read to us every night before we went to sleep, and became such a firm favourite that we eventually could recite every line from memory. Some of our favourites were long, and some were short, but all were entertaining and allowed us to put on voices as we 'acted' out our favourite parts of the book.

One picture book that was popular with young Australian audiences, Possum Magic , has since become a classic, and an on-stage adaptation of the story was created as a result. Now Mem Fox's beloved story is taking its final bow on stage, with the popular show ending its 23 year presence in children's theatre. The farewell tour will be showing right across Australia, and the city of Geelong will see its final two performances on Saturday 25 May at 12pm and 2.30pm, at the Magic Geelong Performing Arts Centre (GPAC).

If you're not familiar with this Aussie classic, Possum Magic tells the story of a possum named Grandma Poss and her granddaughter Hush who live in the Australian bush. Grandma Poss is well-known for her bush magic, where she can turn the native animals into different colours and make them smile or shrink. But her best magic is the one that turns Hush invisible so that she can have adventures and avoid the dangerous snake. One day, Hush decides that she wants to be visible again, and Grandma Poss sets out to find the remedy for the spell. She looks through all her magic books but can't find the solution anywhere, much to her dismay. Then she remembers that it has something to do with 'people food'. Grandma Poss and Hush then embark on a quest around Australia, trying all sorts of people foods like Anzac biscuits and steaks. They eat their way from capital city to capital city, until they come across the three 'magical' (and iconic) Australian foods that make Hush visible again.

This delightful story (which was illustrated by Julie Vivas) comes to life on the stage, with a dedicated troupe of actors and puppets playing the roles of Grandma Poss, Hush, and an assortment of Australian native animals in a musical journey Down Under. Possum Magic: The Musical is, to date, one of the most firmly established and successful musicals for children and families, and this will be your last chance (in Geelong, anyway) to see the popular show performed.

Tickets for the show are $19 each and are available from GPAC.

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