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PortAventura Park


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Located an hour's drive away from Barcelona, is one of the most popular amusement complexes in Spain. Divided into six thematic areas, it features rides and games for all ages as well as restaurants, playgrounds, shops and many entertaining shows.


The welcoming area of the park, Meditteránia succeeds to recreate the typical charm and tranquillity of the Mediterranean fishing village.

Meditteránia's main attraction is Furios Baco – the fastest rollercoaster in Spain and the 2nd fastest in Europe. Don't let the peaceful surrounding vineyards and the friendly monkey that accompanies you during the ride fool you.

Furios Baco offers a unique experience featured by high velocity, a lot of zig zag curves, and many surprises. After being propelled towards the sky in only 3.5 seconds at a speed of 135 km/hour, you will hang above the ground, cross twisting tunnels, and feel the crashing sensation while skimming the water of Meditteránia Lake.

Meditteránia also provides easy access to other areas of the park. From Estació del Nord (North Station) you can take the train (Ferrocarril Tour) and get off it at Sesamo Aventura Station in Sésamo Aventura, or at Penitence Station in Far West. Drassana Port is the departure point for a scenic cruise that allows you to sample some of the parks thematic areas.


Skillfully recreating the landscape and atmosphere of the tropical Polynesian islands, this area of the park provides enchanting adventures for all ages. With Canoes, the little ones (under 1.40 meters) can get the taste of a waves hopping adventure. The pirate themed Kon-Tiki Wave takes the daring explorers into the middle of a storm. Tutuki Splash faces adventure seekers with another devastation force of nature – a seemingly dormant volcano that erupts out of a sudden. Sea Odyssey is a 4D show featured by water steam and other amazing special effects that takes visitors to the underwater world. Another attraction in Polynesia is the Aves del Paraiso (Birds of Paradise) show. Its colorful tropical birds and talking parrots make the kids' delight.


An area featured by Imperial China's vivid colours and mythological characters, this thematic region of Port Aventura is simply fascinating. If you don't want to go through the entire park, you can reach this area by boat. The cruises departing from Meditteránia make a stop in Waitan Port.

The great advantage China offers to families travelling with toddlers is the infant playground. A bit older kids can take their first driving lessons in a funny and colourful miniature car. The Tea Cups Ride is an attraction for all the family. It involves a lot of spinning, but you can adjust the speed yourself. Although it is not the most thrilling ride in the park, the gracious dance of the rotating tea cups can be funny. Another attraction for young kids Cobra Imperial – an enormous snake that takes sudden turns at an amazing pace.

The stars of PortAventura's Chinese area are Shambhala and Dragon Khan. Holder of three European records (for height, speed and length of the fall), Shambhala is actually a train ride that takes you above the Himalaya Mountains as well as through underground secret tunnels. Dragon Khan means total immersion in a Central Asian décor and atmosphere. The roof bears mythological motifs. The speed, the reptile sound effects and the wind add to the fun.


This area is set almost exclusively in pre-Columbian Mexico, featuring typical elements like Aztec temples, arches, sculptures, the Great Pyramid, and the Grand Mayan Theatre. Adrenaline junkies will certainly enjoy the falling from the sky sensation of Hurakan Condor. Young explorers can have fun while riding a mine train (El Diablo) or a pony (Los Potrillos) through the park.

Those who love spinning and dazzling speeds have the Yucatan. If you are travelling with kids, you should know that Los Armadillos is a replica of the Yucatan especially designed for the park's youngest visitors. Serpiente Emplumada (Feathered Serpent) is another ride you can take in Mexico. Taking the Mexican rituals and the Mayan ruins as pretexts, it combines authenticity and speed in a very original way.

Far West

Featuring 11 rides, Far West is the place for some American style entertainment. You can get here by crossing all the other areas of the park or by train. In Far West you will find bumping cars (Buffalo Rodeo and Wild Buffalos Ride), spinning Crazy Barrels (the Western replica of the Chinese Tea Cups), the classical Carrousel and its stylized version ingenuously called Volpaiute, a maze filled with evil surprises (Laberinto Black Smith) and two wooden coasters (Stampida and Tomahawk). Those who want to feel their heads spinning and to get into the water should go for Grand Canyon Rapids or Silver River Flume.

Sesamo Aventura

This is the smallest area of the park. Its attractions are aimed especially at young kids. Accompanied by their beloved Sesame Street characters, they can ride an infant rollercoaster (Tami Tami), play their favourite games in the Enchanted Garden, enjoy a free fall (El Salto de Blas), or fly a funny looking plane (Coco Piloto).

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