Port Arthur Historic Site

Port Arthur Historic Site


Posted 2019-12-22 by PerthKelfollow
The story of the Port Arthur is a story of many people, places and moments.

Over its long history, Port Arthur has been a place of hardship and punishment, a place of opportunity, and a place of leisure. Now it is one of Australia's most important heritage destinations, where the story of Australia's colonial history is written in stone and brick.

Visit us to meet some of the people who have passed through this place, walk where their stories unfolded, and learn about Port Arthur's evolution from a feared convict settlement to a World Heritage-listed Historic Site and world-class tourist destination.

Having never visited the site before I jumped at the opportunity when it came up. It's not a short drive to get to from Hobart itself - couple of hours - and the road a windy, narrow, hilly and full of pot-holes (we found a decent one in our little hire car)

When you arrive, the entrance is very new and modern, but once you step out into the site itself, you are taken back in time, with many buildings - although some incomplete now - as they were all those years ago.

is a large site holding a great many stories. Places like the Penitentiary, which was originally constructed as a flour mill and granary in 1843, before it housed hundreds of convicts in dormitories and solitary cells; or the much-feared Separate Prison, where harsh physical punishment was replaced with punishment of the mind; and the unconsecrated Convict Church, where authorities sought to reform Port Arthur's convicts through a regime of religious instruction and worship.

Also when you first arrive, you are given a playing card which links in with either a convict or local business person from around the area - it's fun finding out about 'your' person and the other people who called the area home. This was my colourful character;

You are welcome to explore the grounds on your own, or partake in a walking tour or 'Escape from Port Arthur' tour. My advise, pick one or the other as I did both and the escape tour did repeat some of the stuff that was talked about the in the other walking tour. You also get a boat trip included, which goes around the inlet of Port Arthur and has a talking tour as you head around the small islands there.

It a very enjoyable place to lose yourself for a few hours but I will make one note, if you are wanting to find out about the events if 1996, all you will find is a small memorial garden dedicated to the people that passed away, nothing else and the staff there don't really speak of it.

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