Polyfaces: The Film - Stanthorpe Little Theatre

Polyfaces: The Film - Stanthorpe Little Theatre


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Sat 21 May 2016

On Saturday 21st May commencing at 6.45pm, the Stanthorpe Little Theatre will host a screening of Polyfaces the Film .

The story is about one Australian family who spend their life savings to travel to the United States so they can document a style of farming that hopefully will help change the face of humanity. Polyfaces Farm is guided by the World's most innovative farmer – 'Time' who does not use any chemicals yet feeds over 6,000 families while also supplying many restaurants and food outlets within a three-hour distance around of their farm.

The backdrop for the film is the Shenandoah Valley in Northern Virginia USA and took over four years to be produced. The filming follows the fourth generation of the Salatin's family who grow their food and work the farm differently from other farmers. Their aim is to grow produce by working with nature, not against it. Food tastes entirely different when allowed to go through the seasons and not picked green. It really is quite concerning when food only lasts a couple of days outside the refrigerator or goes mouldy before you get it home. Can you imagine what it is doing to the inside of your stomach?

The film shows how to use animals to produce high quality nutrient-dense products, how to regenerate landscapes, local economies and most importantly soils. To maintain a healthier and happier lifestyle, how we produce our food what we eat is the first starting point.

As one who has a vegetable, herb garden and fruit trees that are seasonal, I think it is very important that each of us learns how important it is to rejuvenate the Earth's soil after years of destructive chemicals have been placed in it.

The cost of the film is $25.00 per person and this includes a complimentary glass of wine on arrival as well as a taste of seasonal local produce. Tickets can be purchased through their website or by telephoning Sonia on 0411 145 508. There is also a shop on their website where notebooks, plaques and t-shirts can be purchased.

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