Poked, Healey Lane

Poked, Healey Lane


Posted 2018-01-12 by Meiri Sfollow

I was lucky enough to work around the corner from a little Poked. After watching many work colleagues bring back an awesome looking salads at lunch, I finally decided to try it. Once I tried it though, I said to my colleagues that I'd wish I'd tried it sooner! It was instant food love. And as long as there is a Poke around, I will happily have a relationship with it!

Poke, thankfully, has a couple more stores in the CBD. There is one near Southern Cross station and another at the Australia Post Square on Bourke Street (the Spring Street end). I'm not sure if they have opened in Collins Place quite yet, but that is in the making.

Poke, said po-kay, is an original dish that heralded from Hawaii. It started as sashimi on rice with a mix of salad. What makes it distinctly Hawaiian as opposed to Japanese is that it usually comes with a pineapple salsa. It originated from fishermen who used to come back from sea and eat their catch on the ship's dock. If you are averse to sashimi, Poke have a menu that includes you. The menu includes delicious sous vide steak, prawns, salmon and chicken. They haven't forgotten the vegetarians/vegans either, as there is a tofu Poke too.

If you have been reluctant to try sashimi or sushi, this would also be a good place to start. The quality, care taken and efficiency in the delivery by the Poke staff is exemplary.

The menu is simple and delicious. They also cater to those of us that are carbohydrate averse. Every time I've been, they have graciously replaced the rice with salad, and not questioned me for not wanting the edamame. It's one of those places that no matter what you order, it is delicious. It's an easy price range to with $9.95 being the lowest and $13.95 is the highest. You can also get it made as you like it.

Usually at lunch there are long queues, so if you can UberEat and get it delivered I'd recommend it. The queues usually snake outside the shop at lunchtime.

You can use chopsticks but they do have forks available if you need them! My favourite Poke's are raising the steaks, and surf and turf.

What's your favourite Poke?

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