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Poet's Corner Cafe


Posted 2014-03-04 by Louis Famelifollow
While up in Queensland earlier this year, I had the chance to visit Poet's Corner in Montville. Poet's Corner quickly established itself as one of the most picturesque cafés I have ever seen, with a décor (inside and out) that draws the eye. Located on a busy street in the Hinterlands town, it has an old-fashioned style that presents a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

While visiting I opted to try the lemon meringue pie, which came recommended by the staff. Looking delicious, it was a struggle not to taste it before getting a picture! Served alongside a side of whipped cream with a strawberry garnish, it was a picture of dessert perfection. When it came to taste, the pie featured a crisp base, filled of course with marshmallow-like meringue that had a crisp top layer. It was sweet without being sickly and had the ideal texture you're looking for when after a meringue dessert.

For my beverage of choice, I decided to try the chai latte, a favourite of mine. The Poet's Corner version of a chai is exactly what you would expect of a place such as this. Creamy, flavoursome and extremely well presented, the drink was fantastic. One of the benefits many places such as Poet's have is of course access to a range of local produce, which doesn't hurt when it comes to creating flavour-filled food and drinks. The chai was served with honey alongside, allowing me to add that little extra sweetness.

My fellow diners tried the lemon curd tart, which was equally as flavoursome and delicious as the meringue pie. Again, this dessert was an example in taste and texture when creating sweet foods. I'm also told the coffees were equally as pleasing as my chai latte.

[ADVERT]Poet's Corner also offers a range of savoury dishes, all of which sounded comparable to the sweet treats myself and my fellow diners sampled.

The décor and setting at Poet's Corner create a relaxed and charming atmosphere. Adding to this, the staff are friendly, and deliver quality service as well. Something I noticed was that patrons receive table service, something not always common among cafés on this ilk, but a very welcome part of the dining experience.

All in all, if you find yourself in the area and after a bite (or even if you are not particularly hungry and just after a coffee), pay a visit to Poet's Corner.


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