Playgrounds in Lyons

Playgrounds in Lyons


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Lyons is a relatively new suburb. It was established in 2014 on the northern side of Darwin. There is a lot of construction for new properties, especially around the western part of Lyons. Lyons will be home to many families with young children and developers have created a recreational area around this suburb with playgrounds.

The biggest playground that you can find in Lyons is the one at Garanmanuk Park on 25 Damabila Drive. This playground is very special as you can see a lot of Larrakia artists' works around this playground. Paintings on play equipment, etchings on benches and sculptures decorate the playground with stories about Larrakia culture. The Lyons area is where the Larrakia people came to camp with their families. You can see some paintings of turtles on play equipment, as turtles are a significant creature in Larrakia culture and Larrakia people believe that it's up to them to look after this creature.

There are two play areas in this playground, one is more for little children and the other for bigger children. The playground is covered with soft-fall mat and shades above it. There ae shaded picnic tables and also a drinking water fountain.

To go to this playground from Damabila Drive, you have to pass the little creek. Please make sure to keep an eye for children playing around the playground, even though it is shallow.

Not far from the playground at Garanmanuk Park is Lyons Community Centre . There is one compact playground in this community centre area with shade. This playground is one facility offered by the Lyons Community Centre for people that hire this place. The playground at Lyons Community Centre is well-fenced with sand on the ground. Play equipment is suitable for little and bigger children.

Among the residential area in Lyons, there is another playground at Matla Park on 58 Matla Cres. Dominated by green color, this playground surrounded by a green garden. There is bike track around this playground and some seating area. A climbing frame, swinging bridge and slipper slide are some of theplay equipment that you can find here.

There are some more little playgrounds around Lyons area, such as at Dangoerra Park on 2 Dangoerra Street, at Bilingga Park on 10 Bilingga Street and at Tommy Lyons Park on 17 Dawarra Cres.

If you want to find out more about these playgrounds, you can give Darwin City Council a ring on their telephone number (08) 8930 0300.

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