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Posted 2023-08-22 by Roy Chambersfollow
Bradbury Park is a little park in Kedron on the border to Chermside that packs in a lot. The latest expansion has to be the best kids' playground in Brisbane, but there is more to the park than just that playground - there is also fun for younger kids, teenagers, and adults, as well as dogs .

Welcome to Bradbury Park's new 10 million dollar playground

About Bradbury Park

Starting just behind the Chermside Bowls Club and the Kedron Lions Netball Club off Rode Road, Bradbury Park runs down on a gentle slope to Kitchener Road and the Lutwyche Cemetery which will queue the dad jokes about how people are dying to get into there. Not that long ago it wasn't much more than a grassy area with some patches of gumtree bushland. But it has rapidly developed and has become one of the most popular parks in the Chermside area.

The New Playground

At a cost of $10 million dollars the new playground towers over the park and puts the playground built at the 7th Brigade Park in Chermside a mere 10 years ago to shame. On its opening, people have quickly migrated to taking their kids here over the other playground, though I think that will even out over time as parents cycle their kids across the different spots.

The Playground at Bradbury Park

The Council claims that the playground is aimed at kids aged between 10 and 15 years old, but mostly I think it is most interesting for kids from 5 to 10, as no self-respecting teenager or tweener is going to be seen in a kids' playground. But the space, and the park, allow for all sorts of play so everyone can have fun here.

There are multiple levels of play at the Bradbury Park Playground

Ignoring the buzzwords thrown about by the Council, it is basically a giant climbing fort for kids to explore. Underneath, the soft spongy material protects kids from some falls and encourages risk play. The fun starts on the ground and works its way up through various spaces, walkways and activities that can be accessed in a free-play manner.

The fun starts at the ground level

Then of course there is a slide heading down from the very top, but I noticed that kids are more interested in exploring the space than using the slide. Kids are not often physically challenged these days, and the move towards townhouse and apartment living, plus constant supervision, means that places, where kids can just run, climb, crawl and so on, are very welcome.

This is the coolest slide I have seen outside of a tech company office

In fact, even the area around the playground has little things that can be used in different ways. Take this log. Is it a seat, a balance beam or something you jump over? That is up to the kids to decide.

[IMAGE1154667 Is this a balance beam, a seat or something to jump over? Your kids will decide for themselves?]

Barbecue & Picnic Spots

The area around the new playground includes toilets, barbecues, benches, picnic tables and shelters, making it an ideal spot to have a family and friends picnic and barbecue. There are also some tables and shelters back towards the old playground area.

Bradbury Park is also a great place for a barbecue or picnic with the family

The Old Playground

There is also an old-school playground area in the park. You know the type with a little slide and monkey bars. This may be better for little kids to explore if the big playground is crowded or rowdy.

There is still a small old school playground in the park

The Magic Forest for Young Ones to Explore

Before the new playground was built, one of the main attractions was The Magic Forest . This magical world hidden in a copse of trees is great for young kids to explore and seek out various hidden features, like rabbits in little alcoves or land sharks patrolling the ground.

Little kids will love to explore the Magic Kingdom hidden in a small copse of trees

Scooter Track

The scooter track is reasonably popular with lots of little features and obstacles for kids to ride their scooters or bicycles through, over or around. There is a doorway to slip through, rings to duck under and you can even use a hand pump to fill up a water obstacle and make a splash to the consternation of your parents who just cleaned the car seats....sigh.

It wasn't that long ago a key attraction in the park was the cool scooter track, and it remains popular for kids with scooters

Basketball Half Court

Older kids who have been dragged along with their younger siblings to the park should remember to bring a basketball to shoot some hoops on the half-court. It is not uncommon to see people playing here on busy days, but there is still a good chance of finding it free.

If you are dragging your older kids to the park along with your younger kids, don't forget to bring a basketball so that they can shoot a few hoops

Cricket Net

There is also one cricket net for those who want to practice their batting and bowling. There is not really enough space in the park for cricket outside the nets though.

It is good to know there is a cricket net for anyone who wants to practice their batting or bowling

Dog Park

With a dog park this nice, it is tempting to get a dog just so you can use the dog park. Not sure why this dog park is not as popular as some others, as it is the nicest I have seen in the area. Maybe it is because there are much nicer dog walking areas in and around Chermside and Kedron, while Bradbury Park and the surrounding area is great for dog walking.

Despite having one of the best dog parks in the area, it is not as popular as some others

Exercise Equipment

There are not one but two sets of exercise equipment for those who want to start or finish their daily run or walk with some incline sit-ups, box jumps, pull-ups or other exercises. But overall the park is not the best area for going for a run in, so they don't get that much use.

For those trying to get fit there are 2 sets of exercise equipment in Bradbury Park

Open Space

There is a reasonable amount of open space left in the park for those people with kids who love to run around. Not really enough flat space though for people who want a game of soccer or touch football, but enough to at least throw a frisbee around.

[IMAGE1154676 There is some open space in the park for kids (or adults) to run around if they like]

Bushland Patch

There is still a little bushland patch in the park. With so much in the park, you don't see kids exploring this area anymore.

There is still a small patch of bushland in the park

Netball Courts

There are also a whole lot of netball courts up at the Kedron Lions Netball Club. I am not sure if you have to pay to use the courts, but when the matches are not on they are usually free. During netball season though, they are packed for most of the weekend.

Chermside Bowls Club

Bowling at the Chermside Bowls Club is also an option for people of all ages and is fun for the whole family. The club s also a convenient spot to have a meal with the family after enjoying the playground.


Bradbury Park has gone from an underutilised green space to the most popular park in the Kedron and Chermside area, especially for kids. It is a great example of what can be done with smaller green spaces. If you have kids of any age, this is one of the places you have to take them for some fun and recreation.

Chill out at Bradbury Park while your kids play

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