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Platform Eighty Two Cafe


Posted 2017-08-21 by Priyankafollow
Is it all about the idea or all about the execution? I reckon in Concord West has nailed both of them very well. This breakfast innovation has had residents of the suburb and visitors queuing up for over an hour at times, just to get a table at this highly talked about cafe.

First things first, don't let the queue discourage you. It does move I promise. If you are there at 7 on a weekend when the cafe opens, you'll walk straight in, however, a lazy weekender like me only gets there at 9:30 and does a 45-minute stint in the queue. But there was no discouraging me.

Once we were seated, it was a breeze from there on. The lovely staff explain the menu options to first-time platformers and we were convinced that the breakfast platter was for us. Within 10 minutes our 3 layer platter arrived. Nutella crumpets and ice-cream in a cone on the top. 4 poached, 4 fried and 4 scrambled eggs delivered the protein fix for us. It was accompanied by slices of toast, grilled tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, spinach, avocado and hash browns. Bacon and meatballs were served on a separate plate on the side for us (as we preferred it that way). We did have the option of adding smoked salmon or halloumi to the side too.

I enjoyed the generous serving of all the items on the platter and the fact that we were not rushed to finish it and vacate the table. The wait staff constantly checked on us and ensured we were well taken care of. The line outside only grew longer and we decided it was time to let the others enjoy what Platform Eighty Two had to offer.

At $32 pp, this is more dear than a usual cafe breakfast (especially since you'd pay extra for coffee) but they are kind enough to let you takeaway anything on the platter you haven't eaten. Beyond midday, they serve the lunch platter which I'm told is equally exciting as the breakfast one. There are other items on the menu to order from if you don't feel like the big platter, however it is hard to go past the platter and its presentation.

There are only 2 kinds of people, those who have eaten at Platform Eighty Two and those who haven't.

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