Planta Queen, Fort Lauderdale

Planta Queen, Fort Lauderdale


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Planta Queen, recommended and visit hosted by the Fort Lauderdale CVB, provides an open, inviting, airy tropical paradise in which to enjoy plant-based dining. Favorite daughter would love everything about this restaurant from the ambiance to the food selection and I expect she'll be here promptly when we return to Fort Lauderdale.

Did you know that less than 10% of people establish goals or declares their values?

But those that do, and especially the 3% that write them down in detail, are 99% more likely to accomplish them. While the exact number on the statistics changes based on the study you read, the bottom line becomes that setting your goals and values makes it more likely you'll succeed with them."Our mission is to make an impact by celebrating the power of plants. We work tirelessly to continuously expand our influence, championing plant-based living as a way to better our health, our communities, and our planet." – from the Planta Queen website

It's easy to get behind the stated Values of the Planta Queen:Always CHASE Perfection Champions: We plan to winHumble: We make mistakes and own themAuthentic: Be the best version of yourselfSustainable: We think long-termExperiences: We build real relationshipsDevelop Curious, Courageous & Inclusive LeadersPlant an ImpressionDo What's Right: For Our People, Guests, Company & Environment

The website shares that its Founder and CEO Steven Salm and Executive Chef and Co-Founder David Lee created this wonderful concept restaurant back in 2016. Six years ago plant-based dining was treated more as a fad than a lifestyle and their acceptance of the lifestyle does help "reimagine, reinvent, and revitalize, providing flavorful proof that the power of plants can change the world."

With 150 seats, including indoor and out, the vibrant rose gold blends with tropical colors to increase the positive energy of this space, perfect for leisurely brunches, lengthy multi-course dinners, or a quick bite to eat.

The Bar & Lounge section, where we ate, has seating for 40. The Bar itself, visible upon entry to the restaurant, has two large pyramid cutouts on either side of a rectangle that allow you to see through to the main dining room and working kitchen.
If you are a sushi lover, you'll probably enjoy the unagi eggplant nigeri, ahi watermelon nigeri, crispy rice, torched and pressed avocado with miso truffle glaze, baked crab roll, dragon roll, California roll, or spicy tuna roll.

Or, if you have a taste for chilled and raw items, choose between the sunomono salad, baby gem salad, Queen Caesar, avocado lime tartare, or Pad Thai slaw. They offer four types of dumplings: spinach shiitake, crispy gyoza, potato truffle, and sweet corn. Then nine types of wok and noodle dishes, Including two that are rice-based, appropriate for celiac diet.

For family-style dining or a lighter appetite, we really enjoyed the small plates. They have bao sliders, jackfruit wings, wonton soup, Bang Bang broccoli, steamed edamame, cauliflower tots, and Japanese sweet potato.

For celiacs, only a few items need to be ignored: the dumplings, spicy tuna sushi, chili peanut noodles, Dan Dan Noodles, wonton soup and Bao slider. Anything else is either gluten-free or can be adjusted to accommodate the medical condition. It's unusual to have that few restrictions and a testament to the mission accomplished.

My colleague shared with me "the Japanese sweet potato tastes like a potato wedge, the hint of sweet potato, and it's just delicious. Perfection at its best. It's the best format of any kind of sweet potato I've ever had. It's really good."

Cilantro and basil sprinkled atop the dish, which has been torched, on purpose, so the hint of miso sauce is burned so barely noticeable. She told me the kimchi added both taste and texture. I'd never heard of furikake and learned it's a crunchy, salty seasoning that adds a nutty flavor due to sesame seeds.

The edamame layered with soy sauce and a light dusting of salt served al dente in an attractive bowl with each soybean popping in your mouth. They're light and deceptively filling … you may not realize until half hour after the bowl is complete that you're full.

Taro root chips beautifully served in a mother of pearl colored dish are crisp and light, so thin there's only a quick snap as they break.

It's easy to see how Planta Queen builds community based on the social activities they offer, from a Maki Monday, to a Pour Decision Wednesday, to disco and dumplings Friday (after 5:00 PM), and a weekend brunch. Their sense of humor and generosity for the big appetite encourages people to extend their visit to this festive restaurant.

Their drinks menu is as vast as their food menu, with cocktails such as "Herb Your Enthusiasm," free spirits like "Been There Thai'd That," and juices & fizz "Emperor Strikes Back." This in addition to white, red, and rose wines, four beers or ciders, and six one-cup sakes as well as five large format sakes allow ease with choosing the perfect flavor profile to accompany your meal.

Walking out, you feel as though you've been well fed knowing you're sustaining the planet for future generations. It's a great combination. They've certainly planted the idea for a return visit.

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