Pizza Hut Concept Stores in Waterloo & Marsden Park

Pizza Hut Concept Stores in Waterloo & Marsden Park


Posted 2018-02-06 by Lisa Wfollow
All-you-can-eat pizza. Now that's got your attention! How about we throw in some free buttery popcorn and unlimited ice-cream with toppings? Can life get any better than that? So where can you land smack-bang in this pizza paradise? Well, you may be surprised to hear its at none other than the old faithful Pizza Hut - but with a big difference.

Pizza Hut Gets A Makeover

This fast-food chain has re-invented itself with the launch of its first dine-in concept stores in Waterloo , near Sydney's CBD and now also in Marsden Park, in North West Sydney. The idea behind this is to inject a modern twist into the traditional family pizza feasts that we remember fondly from our childhood.

The cafe has a stylish American diner flavour with red and white chequered tiles and an open kitchen. The kids loved sitting on the bar stools and watching the team making the pizza (on a side-note, the chefs were super generous with the toppings). There are a few tables inside and out. so if you're planning to dine in, it's probably best to get there early to grab yourself a seat.

There is colouring-in for kids, a digital jukebox and free popcorn brought to your table as you sit down.

More Than Just Pizza

The menu is peppered with some delicious options - way beyond the conventional margherita. There are the signature Mac & cheese croquettes and other tapas-style starters. The speciality pizza includes the Mac and cheese pizza which has a crust stuffed with macaroni cheese with a cheese sauce base, finished with crispy onions.

We went for a more traditional choice - garlic bread - which was delicious, Cheese Lover's pizza with hand-pulled base for the kids, chicken tenders and the deep pan margherita for the grownups. The bases were crispy and chewy at the same time and the cheese was stretchy and simply scrumptious.

Dessert Buffet

The dessert menu is decadent - ooey-gooey cake, cookies and more, but the real winner is the Dessert Hut. It's only $5 a cup for unlimited top-quality ice-cream or frozen custard plus toppings (sprinkles, syrup and moreish salted caramel balls). The kids ate until they could fit in no more.

Terrific Value For Money

The prices were a happy surprise - a large Classic pizza for $9 - that's fantastic value. The all you can eat special is unsurprisingly popular and costs $19.95 and $9 for kids and includes unlimited ice-cream and frozen custard. Kids Under 5 eat FREE! This offer runs every week Monday to Thursday from 6-10 pm at both the Waterloo and Marsden Park stores.

As the kids hopped back to the car, we were relieved to see a cute playground nearby, so they played off the sugar before heading home happy and full to the brim.

I'm thrilled Pizza Hut has made a comeback - it's a fun, family-friendly and inexpensive meal out and I'm sure there'll be more concept stores popping up all over the place. 

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