Pirrama Park Kiosk

Pirrama Park Kiosk


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, a small café with a large overhanging canopy, overlooking White Bay Cruise Terminal, is the go-to eatery in the Pyrmont locale. The seated area has unobstructed views of the gorgeous waterway.

Families strolled in the sun and the warmth of the day, kayakers took advantage of the calm water, mums and bubs swam in the non-enclosed pool and walking groups chatted on the nearby grassed area.

Two magnificent cruise ships glistened in the morning sun, acting as sentinels at White Bay. The enormous P & O Pacific Adventure with its prominent water slide on the top deck, with the smaller yet lavish Viking Mars which gently swayed in the water.

It was not our intention to visit Pirrama Park but a forgotten item left at the nearby Maritime Museum resulted in a visit to this beautiful area. Our drive from the Museum revealed a stunning foreshore of shaded parks, quiet streets (I drove leisurely, no cars behind tooting at this 'slow coach'), and less commotion the further we drove from Pyrmont. There was plenty of ticketed parking, at $5.60 per hour on weekdays and $3.60 at weekends. It was not far to walk across the shaded playground to , otherwise known as PPK.

The area around Pyrmont has transformed, overtaking the CSR Sugar mill, goods yards, wool stores and other foreshore industries from decades past. The area has been redeveloped into high-rise apartments looking out to Anzac Bridge and White Bay, a dazzling panorama.

The two of us arrived at PPK just before lunchtime and took a prime seated position with direct water views. The two chairs were very comfortable, with a small table that was large enough to accommodate our drinks and food.

Their menu is sizeable and I spent some time deciding on the all-day breakfast options or the lunch options which begin at 11.00am, or the All Day Fun Stuff. The Porridge with balsamic roasted strawberries, hazelnuts, honey and chia seeds seemed interesting. I was curious about a dish called Hello Me with smashed avocado, slow roast tomato, grilled halloumi, poached egg, and Italian glaze on sourdough or in a wrap. The other option which tempted me were the Donut Pancakes with balsamic roasted strawberries, maple syrup, and pistachios, with ice cream over hot cinnamon doughnuts. Mmm, sounds delicious.

There is a range of burgers, fish and chips, pies and chicken dishes on this menu. An assortment of wine, beer, cocktails, freshly squeezed juice, milkshakes, smoothies, teas, coffees and hot chocolate are also available. See the menu below for all their options.

The one selection which caught my eye (and my taste buds) was the Donut Sandwich, two hot cinnamon doughnuts with soft serve vanilla ice cream served in between the doughnuts. "Have to try this one", I said to my husband. While we waited for the freshly made doughnuts, my husband's hot chocolate and my strawberry smoothie arrived. They were lovely and refreshing while we sat captivated by the vista before us.

The Donut Sandwich arrived with an extra serving of ice cream on top and a serving of pistachios sprinkled through the mix. Delicious. Hot crispy doughnuts flavoured with cinnamon and cold ice cream, a stimulating counterbalance of hot and cold in one dish, with a Middle Eastern zing of cinnamon. The Donut Sandwich was original. It was sensational.

The service at PPK was excellent, the food arrived promptly and the location is mesmerising. I will definitely return to this lovely café and its beautiful outlook.

After your meal, take a walk around the pool and along the boardwalk. A surprise awaits with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Crown Towers at Barangaroo. Make a morning of it or a day of it. You won't be disappointed.

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