Pioneer Gardens Nursery

Pioneer Gardens Nursery


Posted 2013-08-22 by Elysia Tsangaridesfollow

On Sunday I was driving down Nicholson Rd in Canning Vale, when, what did I spot but a great big nursery sign beckoning me to enter. Tired of the overpriced plants at 'the big hardware stores' (not to name any names), I have been meaning to check out some smaller, independent nurseries to see what I could find. And what I found at Pioneer Gardens was a little piece of floral heaven.

Specialising in camellias and azaleas, the place was absolutely blooming in flowers. Tall plants, short plants, some with lovely little flowers, others with flowers bigger than my whole hand. This was my first experience with camellias and azaleas and I was absolutely in awe. You see, there's a house around the corner I often walk past with the dog and in the yard is a tree covered in massive breakfast-bowl sized flowers. I'd never seen anything like it and not being too up to speed on my flower varieties, I kept thinking 'wow, how beautiful - what on earth is that?' I now know, that is a camellia. And even better, I now have two lovely varieties of my own, thanks to my stopping at Pioneer Gardens!

Pioneer Gardens had about 100 different varieties of camellias and azaleas. You can easily spend an hour or more there admiring, smelling, touching and of course buying beautiful flowers.

No idea about camellias and azaleas? Neither did I! The staff are super friendly and a great source of information on all things pottable, plantable, indoors, outdoors and fragrant. They've even got some information sheets to help you choose the right variety for your planting purposes.

Of course they stock other things too, there's quite a variety of frangipanis and a few succulents and indoor plants.

And the prices are fantastic! I walked away with two bags of potting mix, a set of three pots, a container of slow release fertiliser, two flowering camellias (about 1.2m high), two lovely azaleas and two pots full of succulents for $120.

Beautiful flowers at brilliant prices.

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