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Posted 2024-04-09 by Jenfollow
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Sunday is family day in our household. Having moved from Perth to Melbourne, it's when my small family gathers together with our huge adopted Melbourne family and go places, catch up, have a natter, enjoy a meal, and 'live' music together every Sunday. However, we've been at our favourites for too long, and that's easy to do because it's never about the place but the fact that we all get together and have fun. I wrote about the Marquis of Lorne recently as one of the pubs/restaurants recommended by our north side friends as having great food, and we sauntered there the Sunday before and were more than surprised at how wonderful the food was. In the article, I also shared a list given to us by our aforementioned friends, of a few other restaurants we are yet to get to.

We went rogue the Sunday we went as one of our friends mentioned a restaurant that came across his feed and that it looked interesting. Going 'off list' we drove to 59 Cambridge Street in Collingwood for our 2pm brunch booking at Pincho X Disco , for their Sunday Parrillada at $65 per person. This traditional Argentinian BBQ or Parrilla (pronounced pa-REE-ja) is on, every Sunday from 12-4pm, and only started on 7 April 2024. If it interests you, you can make a booking here . I do have to tell you, the oysters (in the image) you see below are not included, but somehow we got lucky, with the chef sending out a plate for us. I normally love plain fresh oysters, already perfectly salted by the sea from Aptus Seafoods at South Melbourne Market, with no dressing. However, the dressing at Pincho Disco has won me over. It was fresh, light and spicy without taking away much from the taste of the oyster.

Parrilla is a practice that celebrates the art of grilling over a smouldering stack of coals. Originating from the Argentinian gaucho, or cowboys, the cooking style maximises flavour and turns any meal into a shared event. A masterclass in Argentinian grilling, for your dollars, you'll indulge in 2 starters, family-style mains and a selection of sides. Our menu card had Cheese and Corn Empanada; Flat Bread, Cafe de Mexico Butter; Wood Fired Provoletta, and Chimchurri - for Starters. On the Parrilla - Chorizo; Morcilla; Beef Shortrib; Lamb Cutlet; and Grilled Port Neck. Sides were a Wedge Salad, Salsa Verde, Corn; and Provencal Potatoes, Parmesan, Garlic and Parsley. Sangria Jugs were on offer for $40; one with White Wine Sangria - refreshing, fruity and crisp, and Red Wine Sangria - aromatic, sweet and booze. We went with the red and the four of us ended up having two jugs and a couple of wines.

The Red Wine Sangria was obviously a good choice and had three varieties of fruit juice in it, yet the wine component was still strong enough to be a little boozy. Overall let me say first up, there was so much food and it was so filling we all concurred it was well worth the dollars, taking into consideration the quality of the food, taste, and presentation - all set in a lovely spacious venue with high ceilings. It was mostly tables and chairs on the side we were on, with the seats up against walls being long upholstered bench seats. On the other side of the divided room were bar stools on one side up against the bar; and on the other side, a long communal table the length of the passageway, which led up to the kitchen. The colours were muted deep turquoise greens which married well with pops of pink hues in its geometric patterned fabric upholstery. It's said to be a Latin American-inspired decor that embraced Collingwood's modern eccentrics, with a nod to its gritty past.

A relatively new restaurant (Nov 2023), the venue is from the Kickon Group (The Terminus Hotel, The Continental Sorrento), and the interior was designed by Studio Tate. It features 6 lovely spaces over 2 floors, and there are plans afoot to tempt your tastebuds. Just check out the 'what's on' section of the website . You now know Sunday Parrillada is available every Sunday as aforementioned. Aperitivo Hour specials are available from Tuesday to Friday from 5-6.30pm where you'll get $8 beers and wines and $14 spritzes. There are more exciting celebrations on the horizon as follows, which will kick in soon, as per given dates below. Do note some are ongoing and some one-off events on specific dates. You'll find all the details via the given links.

  • From 16-20 April - Window Into Mexico - Book early as only limited seats available for $149 per person. Take your tastebuds on a journey to Latin-American at the Chef’s Window, where you get to interact with the chef as they personally serve you through the window. It's the best seat in town.
  • From 27 April - Pincho Vinyl Nights - On every Saturday, kicking off at 6.30pm until the early hours. It's party time with late-night drinks, good times, great food, and a live Vinyl DJ spinning the tunes.
  • Fri 3 & Sat 4 May - Cinco DeMayo Weekend - Get $18 Margaritas and pair it with mouthwatering weekend specials of tacos and aguachiles. There are two different bookings available; the other at $79pp for 2 hours of bottomless drinks, which includes legendary margaritas, house wine, and tap beers. Craft your own tacos from a provided platter of lamb shoulder, rainbow trout, short ribs and delicious sides to fill your own tortilla, as you feast to the sounds of a Mariachi band and a DJ spinning tunes.
  • Sun 5 May - Cinco De Mayo - As above weekend, just a little different.

  • The only reason I'm writing this article as I did the Marquis of Lorne is because the food moved me with its flavours, and I'd love for you to experience it. Cheese and corn empanada - filling, cheesy, and who doesn't love corn? The flatbread that looked more like a big mounded doughnut oozing with Cafe de Mexico butter was the perfect accompaniment to scoop up the cheesy wood fired Provoletta and chimichurri. It may not be great for the waistline, but it sure was worth the flavours for that moment on the lips. When the meat platter came out, we were in awe with how much was on it, because by the time it got to us, we were already pretty chokkas with food. The platter you see and the sides of lettuce and potatoes - were servings for two; so with four of us, we got two sets - ooh lala.

    Let me just say the meats were all tender, melt in your mouth. Some of you may not love black pudding but I do. The lamb, the steak - the list goes on. Everything is perfectly cooked over an open fire. The skills needed to cook over an open fire were well displayed. I was enamoured with the way the generous dressing of salsa verde, corn and a sprinkling of sesame seeds were scooped onto a layered cup of lettuce. That's how I'm going to serve my lettuce next time I entertain at home. It was visually exciting and the generous dressing made it a delight to eat. Perfectly cooked Provencal potatoes with parmesan, garlic and parsley followed; ending on a high note of a good foodie experience.

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