Pigeon Hole Cafe

Pigeon Hole Cafe


Posted 2012-08-19 by Kathleenfollow

Sigh. This morning I fell in love with a café that is far away from my usual home. In west Hobart, on the corner of Molle and Goulbourn Streets, sits . In the rain I set out to find it and promptly walked in the wrong direction, and it wasn't until after I'd trekked up a big hill that I realised my error. Turning around and heading back the other way and having to conquer another hill before I'd even had a whiff of caffeine passed my nose, I am sure you can understand that I was feeling unimpressed and thinking to myself this place had better be worth it.

Thankfully, it was. From the cute little bike and wooden tables out the front, and the charming little emblem of the café adorning the wooden stools inside, (someone had even doodled it on the copy of The Australian I was flicking through, whether staff member or customer I'm not sure) Pigeon Hole has a fabulous vibe. I was alone and I felt no discomfort. I was told by a very friendly waitress to have a seat and she'd come grab my order.

It's only small and so I ended up sharing a large table with another lady but we both just did our own thing, and even though we weren't speaking to one another it didn't feel unfriendly or as if I was intruding.

Pigeon Hole has been featured on Gourmet Traveller as having one of the best breakfasts in Australia, and so I took the person who wrote that article's advice and ordered the vegetarian baked beans on sourdough that's made on the premises. Did I mention that the café is also an artisan bakery? It is. Anyway, the beans come sprinkled with raclette. I also ordered a skim latte. The coffee came first and was heavenly. If I could've bathed in it I probably would've.

Then came the beans. Oh. My. God. They were divine. I had high expectations and they didn't disappoint. They had a slight smokiness but it wasn't overpowering, and a somewhat sweet tomato flavour that the raclette cut through nicely. The sourdough was delicious too, although it was a little soggy because the beans were on it. Usually slightly soggy bread would make me feel icky but it didn't really bother me today. I just mention it because I know it could put some people off.

I polished them off quickly and felt good knowing that I'd given my body something relatively healthy and wholesome to face the day ahead. Some places just have a great atmosphere and you feel instantly welcomed and Pigeon Hole is one of those places for me. And, at $12.60 for the beans on sourdough and the coffee it's not pricey either.

If you like rustic cafes with friendly service and delicious food like I do, then Pigeon Hole is worth the trek up a hill, or two if you have my terrible sense of direction.

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