Pickle in the Middle - Unley Cafe

Pickle in the Middle - Unley Cafe


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One of the cafes located along Unley Road in Unley, Pickle in the Middle is a cafe with a focus on plant-based dishes. They prepare many of their ingredients in-house. It was a popular place, there was a crowd of a good size when we visited.

The beetroot-cured salmon in the Salmon Poke Bowl had a texture similar to smoked salmon, and the cucumber ribbons and edamame beans had a nice bite to them. A hint of tanginess was provided by the pickled onion and chilli, and the ponzu dressing gave the dish an Asian flair. We were able to have the rice substituted for extra salad ingredients when we ordered the dish.

Salmon Poke Bowl (Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

While the slices of pastrami in their Rueben were cut fairly thick, the pastrami was not too tough. Sauerkraut made from red cabbage provided something different from what most people are used to, and horseradish aioli provided some heat. The smoked mozzarella balanced the tanginess of the sauerkraut. While not apparent from the menu’s description, the dish came with a small serving of salad.

Rueben (Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

The roasted mushroom in the Roast Mushrooms in Rosemary & Garlic was juicy with the rosemary imparting them with its distinctive flavour. The fried cornbread was fried to golden brown and had a soft interior. The capsicum pesto partnered nicely with the mushrooms. We chose to have the truffled goat’s curd served on the side so we could add as much as we wanted to. Extra ingredients like chorizo can be added for an extra cost.

Roast Mushrooms in Rosemary & Garlic (Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

Despite what its name suggests, the appearance of the Fig & Ginger Pudding is more similar to a cake. The pudding was soft with a bit of chewiness provided by the figs. The ginger flavour was not too overwhelming. Served with the dish was butterscotch sauce.

Fig & Ginger Pudding (Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

The decor of the cafe gave it a cosy feel. There was sufficient lighting to prevent it from feeling gloomy. Some of the ingredients used in their dishes can be purchased by customers to take home.

(Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

(Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

(Photographed by Jonathan Phoon)

Website: https://pickleinthemiddle.com.au/
Phone no: 08 8172 1083
Address: 134 Unley Road, Unley, SA
Opening hours: 6:30 am – 3pm (kitchen opening hours 7 am – 2:30 pm)

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