Pia's Place Whiteman Park

Pia's Place Whiteman Park


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Pia's Place is the new state-of-the-art, all abilities, fully enclosed play space at Whiteman Park and officially opened on 15th December 2019. I am convinced it will be your new favourite place to hang out with the kids as this place is amazing and should hold the 'Best Play Space in Perth' award (if there is such a thing!)

It is located opposite the enclosed dog parks at Mussel Pool East.

The nature-based play space spans a whopping 8,000 square meters and is designed to encourage inclusive play. The whole place is designed to be accessible to children of all abilities, including children with mobility issues and wheelchair users, and those with cognitive, sensory or social and emotional challenges.

It boasts never-seen-before play equipment like this quirky standing swing.

There are also the usual sand and water play stations, flying fox, slides, swings, tunnels, nests and walkways.

But they also have several large role-play structures including the carriage below plus a boat and a train.

Pia's Place features quiet nooks, cosy corners and perch points which allow kids to observe before they dive in and play (I as a parent love this).

The centrepiece of the park is the lighthouse which beckons everyone to come and explore! You can get amazing views over the park from the top, but for those who can't or don't want to climb, you can also see the view inside the tunnel on screens!

The whole place is filled with plants of different textures, colours and smells provide a sensory experience for all to enjoy.

There are a few places where you can even build a cubby or two!

The wheelchair-friendly roundabout.

There is a labyrinth of tunnels and climbing equipment to conquer and also apparatus for the younger explorers too.

There are BBQ's to enjoy with seating and picnic benches dotted around the park. You can also hire a shelter for your special occasion.

There is plenty of grass to sit on with some big trees creating some shade and the toilets are located just outside the park.

Pia's Place has it's own tram stop so you can park at the main Village in Whiteman Park and take the tram to the new park. What an adventure your young explorers will have and that is before they get to the park! Alternatively, there is plenty of free parking adjacent to the park by the enclosed dog parks.

I highly recommend this space for children of all ages. Stay for the day or just a couple of hours, you will not be disappointed.

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