Photography Events in Singapore This March

Photography Events in Singapore This March


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This month it is a treat for photography lovers!

Stories That Matter: Talk & Screenings with VII Photographers Ed Kashi and Sim Chi Yin.

Ed Kashi, a veteran photojournalist cum documentary filmmaker with over 30 years of experience, made his first trip to Singapore. He has been assigned many times by Times Magazine and National Geographic to cover many social issues worldwide.
Together with his wife, they also made some documentaries and fighting the causes they believe, and they would like to focus on solutions too. He will sign his autograph if you made a purchase of his book on site. Find out more here .

Sim Chi Yin is the first Asian and Singaporean to be a member of VII. Find out more about her here .

Dying to Breathe by Sim Chi Yin / Singapore / 15 min / PG
Sim covered a story on a dying ex-miner who suffer from lung disease in China. Over the years many of this guy's compatriots had died one by one after worked in illegal gold mines. He miraculously survived each time he was about to die including a suicide attempt. She then helped to rally for fund in order for him to seek proper treatment as he and his family have little access to healthcare and limited resources like many other villagers.

The Ninth Floor by Jessica Dimmock / USA / 13 min / M18
It focused on three young drug addicts who lived on the 9th floor of an apartment in Manhattan. They had driven into despairs and suffered from depression. It made us ponder the power of drugs.

Syria's Lost Generation by Ed Kashi / USA / 15 min / PG
Kashi collaborated with Talking Eyes Media captured the chaos of civil war with focus on its young people. Many were displaced and lived in a limbo suffering from hunger and have little access to education and healthcare.

Both photographers will speak after the film screening of their short films. Dimmock had canceled her appearance in Singapore due to unforeseen circumstances.

Admission: by donation, please register here .

Double Vision Art Exhibition
Location: Objectifs - Centre for Photography and Filmmaking, Lower Gallery,155 Middle Road, Singapore 188977
Time: Until 11 March 2016 (Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 7pm, Sunday 12pm to 4pm, closed on Monday)
Admission: Free

Marina Zuccarelli and Junie Tang are first timers in showcasing their works to the public through "Double Vision" which connects their two different themes to forge a singular double vision.

Zucarelli presents 'Trial Version' where she mixed current images and the old images. Her subjects of photographs were often portraying a child or two kids with a building or a room in the background.

Tang presents 'Public City' which she used Holga camera to show the effect of double exposures on images she had captured. Some of her subjects are various buildings and scenes in Chinatown.

'Nomade: A Travel Photography Showcase'
Both photographers Ranjan Ramchandani and Julien De Salaberry and artist Subina Aurora Khaneja present their travel photography images.

Ramchandani and Salaberry present their photography while Khaneja presents her artworks in a vivid life in India.

Ramchandani is an amateur turned professional photographer who started to learn photography by the age of six years old.

Salaberry is a multi-talented individual specialised as healthcare innovation evangelist, he also dabbles as a speaker, a blogger, an author and a photographer.

Khaneja was born in India and has lived in Singapore for over 20 years. She is a veteran in media industry before turning to be an artist. She is influenced by the philosophies of life through Vedic and western schools of thought.

Location: The Right Side - 81 Loewen@Dempsey. 75e Loewen Road. Singapore, Singapore 248845 SG
Time: Now until 19 Mar 2016 11am to 7pm
Admission: Free

Talk on Using Lightroom by Salaberry will be held on 19 March 2016.

If you are interested to listen to the talk, please send your query directly to [email protected]

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