Peterson's Creek Walking Track, Yungaburra

Peterson's Creek Walking Track, Yungaburra


Posted 2017-01-02 by Lisa Morganfollow
We were in Yungaburra, a small village just outside Atherton on the Tablelands when we spotted Allumbah Pocket's walking track and decided to take a look. It turned out to be quite the adventure.

The kids disappeared down the path and found Lloyd's Suspension Bridge which sported a warning sign stating no more than 10 people on the bridge at one time.

This resulted in a minor freak out from one of our kids who thought the swaying bridge was very dangerous indeed and would only go on it after everyone was off. The bridge ended up being exciting for everyone else though.

A quick visit to the old steam pump gave us all a piece of interesting history. The remains of the original coal-fired boiler was pulled out of the creek and housed next to the creek. It is thought to be potentially the only boiler of its type left in the world.

Further along at William's Weir, we found an ancient turbine (also recovered from the creek) next to a recently built water wheel driving a small piston pump. Volunteers reforesting the area use this pump to water the newly planted trees. This was very interesting to observe water power in action and there was some discussion sparked over this with the kids.

We did not spot any wildlife other than the occasional scrub turkey and birds on the track despite keeping our eyes peeled for tree kangaroos. Eventually, we came to a quiet clearing next to the creek where some of us spotted a platypus.

The wildlife spotting highlight however, was spotted by our 5 year old daughter who was ahead of us on the path. She came running back down the path saying excitedly "Look Dad! A HUMAN!". Everyone was quite interested in the human who took it all in his stride fairly well as he passed us.

The kids favourite location was the picnic area at Frawley's Pool. The water beckoned the young ones in and the 2 year old did not wait. She just stripped right down and jumped in! There is a sheltered table/bench seat area for rainy weather. No tap water, no BBQ so make sure you bring your own.

Two of us made it out to the old Railway Bridge past Frawley's Pool, but there was not much to see there as it has been fenced off to prevent accidents. As it was getting dark we didn't continue on but instead headed back to Allumbah Pocket and the car.

It is a great walking track and our 2 year old managed the round trip mostly on her own two feet. A good family outing for all concerned and very shady (so no boiling hot sun). We will certainly go back again for the enjoyment of the area.

To get there from Atherton, swing a left off the main street in Yungaburra onto Cedar St and then another left onto Penda St to find Allumbah Pocket at the end.

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