Perth Veg Food Fair - Second Round

Perth Veg Food Fair - Second Round


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Sun 25 Nov 2018

[b]They're back!**

The Dao Ji Association will be holding their second and final food fair for 2018, so make sure you attend this one. Having attended the last lunch put on by this association (which you can see here ), I personally will be eagerly awaiting this event. The food was so good and if you are not a vegan or vegetarian, I can promise you the food is excellent and really worth a try. Furthermore, it is very inexpensive, so you could go with the whole family, a group of friends or just another friend!

This time around, the event will be at a larger venue, which is great as there will be more room for everyone and an even bigger choice of menu. At the time of writing this article, the total menu has not yet been confirmed, however, the food will be tasty, excellent quality and all homemade.

It will be held at the Cannington Exhibition Centre and Showgrounds, corner Albany Highway and Station Street, Cannington. The date is 25th November 2018 and times for the lunch are from 10.30 to 3.30 pm. There is off street parking at this Exhibition Centre and also some parking within the complex.

As well as having a larger hall and holding more people/food, there is also a grassed area where people can sit down and have a picnic while enjoying the tasty food.

As usual, everything is vegetarian, with a large proportion of food also being vegan. The good part of all this is that each dish will be clearly marked as to what ingredients are in it, as well as the type of food. This will ensure that if you need to keep a gluten-free diet or if you cannot tolerate nuts, it will all be clearly marked.

As is their normal practice, Dao Ji is again offering pre-sale of coupons which must be purchased before the cut-off date of a week prior to the day of the food fair. To purchase these or find out more, please message them at their Facebook page. Having these will save you having to pay at the door when you arrive.

Although the full menu is not yet available, as mentioned, here are some of the confirmed items that you will be able to devour on this fabulous day!

  • This was one you will see in my above article - and it was so delicious and actually looked like duck.

  • This is rice noodles in soup, and topped with vegetables, sliced soy meat and chunky soya balls. This noodle soup is always in demand and this time it will be back!

  • These are filled finger food in the shape of a bag. This finger food is originally from Thailand and it was named thus as it imitates the shape of traditional money pockets. This finger food is filled with a mixture of minced vegetables and tofu and wrapped in a crunchy pastry skin.

  • A small meal of yum cha. Some people call it "yum cha", whereas others call it "dim sum". But they basically refer to the same thing: a Chinese style breakfast consisting of a few sets of small bite-sized delicacies. It is not easy to find vegan yum cha in Perth, and this set contains vegetable dumplings (shown in the photo - with white skin), bean-curd rolls, and siew mai (yellow round shape dumplings).

    There will be cakes again, though this time they will be slightly different - they will have Ferrero and pandan cakes. Ferrerro cakes have always been the most sought after at these fairs and always the quickest to run out of!

    They used to sell the pandan cakes years ago and will bring them back for this fair. Pandan has always been an important ingredient in a lot of Malaysian/Indonesian sweets because of its fragrance and distinct taste.

    There will also be some new dishes this time such as:

  • Vegan Spaghetti Green Curry: fusion between spaghetti noodle and Thai green curry. The chef making this signature dish used to work at the Heavenly Plate Cafe - a vegetarian restaurant that used to be open in Applecross.

  • Fish and chips: the mock fish is made of soy and gluten and is totally vegan.

  • Quinoa salad: quinoa mixed with seasonal vegetables and special dressings. Once again, vegan and a great option for the warmer weather.

  • [b]About Dao Ji Association[/b]
    The Dao Ji Association is based in Orange Grove. Their main activity is to teach philosophy - or how to understand life, oneself, and how to be a decent person as part of a family and society.

    Most of their members are vegetarian and some are vegan. Being vegetarian is also part of their ideals, as well as one of the ways to practice having compassion for all living beings. The philosophy that they teach is not just for their members but is taught to anyone who is willing to learn! You can contact them if you want to learn more, by clicking on this Facebook link, where you can also learn more about the event.

    The main aim of their food fairs is to promote meatless eating, and also to practice compassion even in relation to animals.

    They also want to get the message across to the general public, that eating either vegetarian or vegan is not boring like eating plain vegetables or legumes all the time. I can certainly relate and vouch for this, as that is exactly what I thought before attending their last lunch! All the food is plant sourced and can be made into delicious meals as long as people know which herbs, spices or seasonings to put in each meal.

    Funds from their events go towards spreading their philosophy teachings.

    As they are trying to reduce the use of plastic, it is suggested that you bring your own dishes/containers as well as clean cutlery. There are some dishes, such as meals with gravy and curry, that organisers will need to use plastic with, however, they have been using biodegradable bowls for noodle soup and similar for many years.

    [b]Do make sure you mark this in your phone or diary, as, being bigger than ever, it is well worth going to.[/b]

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