Personal Demon - Book Review

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Posted 2023-05-04 by PerthKelfollow
Personal Demon is an enthralling addition to Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series. The novel follows the story of Hope Adams, a chaos demon who is trying to find her place in the world and escape her chaotic past. However, trouble follows her wherever she goes, and she is soon swept up in a dangerous case involving a series of supernatural thefts.

The story follows the protagonist, a young journalist named Hope Adams, who is secretly half-demon. Hope is part of the "Committee," a group of supernatural beings who police their own kind to prevent humans from discovering their existence.

The plot of the book revolves around a series of mysterious deaths in the supernatural community. Hope is tasked with investigating the murders, and she enlists the help of a powerful werewolf named Karl Marsten. As they work together to solve the case, Hope and Karl find themselves drawn to each other despite the fact that they come from different supernatural backgrounds.

Meanwhile, Hope struggles to keep her demon side hidden from the Committee, especially from her mentor, a powerful sorceress named Robyn Peltier. Hope's demon half is more powerful than she realizes, and it threatens to break free and wreak havoc on the world around her.

As Hope and Karl dig deeper into the murder investigation, they uncover a dark conspiracy that threatens not only the supernatural community, but also the entire world. The two must use all their skills and powers to stop the evil forces at work before it's too late.

One of the strengths of Personal Demon is the way in which Armstrong continues to develop the supernatural world that she has created. The intricate details and lore add depth and richness to the story, making it feel both believable and immersive. The well-drawn characters are another highlight of the novel, with Hope and the other characters continuing to evolve and grow in fascinating ways.

The plot of the novel is fast-paced and suspenseful, with multiple storylines that eventually converge in a satisfying way. The focus of the novel is on Hope's attempts to solve the case and stop the thief, which leads her to work with a powerful sorcerer named Karl Marsten. The tension is high throughout the novel, with the stakes being not only the lives of Hope and her friends but also the future of the supernatural community.

One of the themes that Armstrong explores in Personal Demon is the nature of evil and the challenges faced by those who are considered "others." Hope, as a chaos demon, has to deal with the mistrust and discrimination she faces from humans and other supernatural beings. The novel also explores the complex relationships between different supernatural groups, highlighting the challenges and mistrust that often exist between them.

The emotional depth of the story is another strength of Personal Demon. Hope's struggles with her identity and her place in the supernatural world add a layer of complexity and depth to the story. The exploration of different types of love, including the love between friends and family, is also well-crafted and adds an emotional richness to the story.

Armstrong's writing is engaging and well-crafted, with vivid descriptions and well-developed characters. She has a talent for creating intricate and nuanced stories that delve into important themes in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. Her attention to detail and world-building add a richness to the story, with the supernatural world feeling both believable and immersive.

In conclusion, Personal Demon is a captivating and enthralling addition to the Women of the Otherworld series. The complex plot, engaging characters, and well-crafted writing make it a standout in the series. The exploration of important themes and the emotional depth of the story make it a novel that is sure to stay with readers long after they have finished reading it.

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