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Posted 2022-06-08 by Jonathan Phoonfollow
Established in 1925, along Tynte Street in North Adelaide offers a wide range of baked goods, many of which are baked using original family German recipes and locally sourced ingredients. For those that like a bit of variety, the bakery offers a few specials along with the items available daily.

Made from steak sourced from Tynte Street Quality Meats next door to the bakery, the size of the chunks of steak in their Chunky Steak & Mushroom Pie was quite generous and partnered nicely with the mushrooms. The gravy binding the filling together did not taste too creamy and the pastry had a nice flaky and crisp texture.

Streusel Cake is a cake originating from Germany that is notable for its crumble-like topping. The cake was not too dense and the blueberries mixed throughout the cake had the right amount of sweetness. The crumble topping added a lovely crunchy element and had a buttery taste. Aside from blueberry, the bakery also offers apple and apricot Streusel Cakes.

As its name suggests, the Thai Chicken Sausage Roll featured a filling inspired by its namesake. While the degree of spiciness was fairly mild, it still had the flavour that you would expect from the dish. It was also baked sufficiently to give it a lovely golden-brown colour.

We were delighted that the gravy in the Pepper Steak Pie had a good amount of peppery flavour and the steak was done as well as that in the Chunky Steak & Mushroom Pie. A topping of cracked black pepper enhanced the peppery flavour and made it easy to tell it apart from their other pies.

While the Kransky sausage in the Kransky Roll contained cheese, its creamy taste was actually quite mild. The Kransky sausage gave the pastry its smoky and slightly spicy taste which was contrasted nicely by the crisp pastry encasing it.

Compared to the pastries used in their pies, the one used to make their Cornish Pasty had a slightly softer texture. The beef mince used in the filling was cooked just right and the vegetables provided extra texture.

Their Chocolate Brownie had a rich chocolatey taste, with the texture leaning towards that of fudgy American Brownies. In addition to chocolate chips, raspberries were also included. Its slightly tart flavour helped to cut through the rich chocolate flavour.

While primarily catering to takeaway orders, there are a few tables outside the bakery for those that want a dine-in option. Customers who choose to order coffee get the pleasure of an accompanying mini gingerbread man to enjoy with their drink.

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