Permeate Exhibition at Belconnen Arts Centre

Permeate Exhibition at Belconnen Arts Centre


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Fri 27 May 2016 - Sun 19 Jun 2016

Permeate is Belconnen Arts Centre's group exhibition for Emerging Artist Support Scheme (EASS) recipients, running from 27 May to 19 June 2016. Visitors to the Art Centre can enjoy work from artists including: Ned Bott, Hannah Gason and Clare Peters, Janis Lejins, and Madisyn Zabel.

The EASS is an ANU School of Art initiative that provides various prizes and awards (including residencies, exhibitions, cash, materials and subscriptions) to graduating students. The awards are designed to assist emerging artists break into the Canberra art scene.

Permeate consists of the following collections of work displayed throughout the Arts Centre:

**Peripteros, Janis Lejins
** In the gallery, Janis Lejins presents Peripteros – "an immersive experience of light, colour and sound". Drawing inspiration from computer programming and the online world, Lejins' new-media installation work combines experiences from our physical and online worlds.

Shift, Madisyn Zabel
In the Foyer, Madisyn Zabel explores "the spatial relationships between three-dimensional objects and their two-dimensional representations" in Shift. "I am captivated by the visual collision of opposing forces; positive and negative, volume and flatness, light and shadow. The tension between these binary forces is the influence for my studio practice," says Zabel. Zabel's installations consist of traditional craft techniques, as well as and digital technology. Zabel explains that "By combining glass and string imagery, my work explores the possibilities of shifting perception within and between object and drawing".

Five Fathoms, Ned Bott
Fascinated by the concept of "risk", Ned Bott believes that the "Physiological effects caused by the chemical reaction within the brain when exposed to risks induce a state of heightened awareness, concentration and euphoria." Bott's response to this reaction inspires him "to make artworks that constitute tentative settings. Within the settings of heightened awareness I am able to create spaces of insecurity and intrigue to both excite caution and attraction. I reflect upon the idea of 'body mapping' wherein people become more aware of their intricate physical self and in turn, their actions and effect on the surrounding environment." Check out Bott's intriguing sculptures using natural materials in the Outdoor Gallery.

Insight I Perspective, Clare Peters and Hannah Gason
Clare Peters and Hannah Gason believe that a person's unique perspectives and insights of the world are developed through their own experiences. Insight | Perspective is a reflection of Peters' and Gason's "personal journeys and responses to the world around us". Works consist of stunning glass pieces, including Peters' mesmerising glass cubes which disperse and reflect light, and Gason's layered glass panels, which showcase a variety of patterns and colours. Peter's and Gason's work will be exhibited in the Arts Lounge.

David Broker, Director Canberra Contemporary Arts Space will host a Think Tank Talk with artists at 2pm, Saturday 28 May 2016. The artists will reveal their challenges and triumphs throughout their journey so far.

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